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Sports Betting

article Week In Sports Betting: CO Handle Up, MI And TN Keep Truckin' (9/25/2020)
(USA) -- It’s information overload everywhere, and there’s not time enough to sleep and eat and stay fully apprised of what’s happening on this crazy...
article SportsHandle: That was the week that was in US sports betting - September 18, 2020 (9/18/2020)
(USA) -- SportsHandle and friends deliver another round-up of the week’s big developments in US sports betting.
press release Gradual Re-Introduction of Professional Sports is a Boon for the Betting Industry (9/16/2020)
(Wall Street) -- Casinos and gambling have been large markets for many years, but sports betting has a been a slow growing segment; until recently.
article Gambling on Sports In a Pandemic World (9/2/2020)
(USA) -- New Jersey took in $315.1 million dollars during the month of July in sports betting. That number was up from June, when the state brought in $165 million. A...
article The Week In Sports Betting News: ‘Good’ And ‘Bad’ Actors, Rejoice! (8/31/2020)
(Internet) -- Happy Monday, everyone. News flow was dominated by sports betting stories out of Illinois last week, which is on its way to becoming a very important...
article The Week In Sports Betting News: When Losing $161 Million Is OK (8/17/2020)
(USA) -- Happy Monday, everyone. Sports betting appears to be back in full swing after the news that two states saw significant growth in July with limited major events...
article The Week In Sports Betting News: Making A Big Mess Even Bigger And Messier (7/27/2020)
(USA) -- Happy Monday, everyone. Major sports are back with MLB‘s return last week, but sports betting enthusiasts are waiting impatiently to see what the news of...
article Circa Sports CEO Derek Stevens Confident Of 2020 Sports Betting Boom (6/29/2020)
(Las Vegas) -- When Las Vegas was set to reopen on June 4, there was no one more optimistic and/or grateful than Derek Stevens, CEO of Circa Sports and owner of the...
article BLOG: Sports Gambling Today: Is there still value for Sports Bettors in Futures Wagering? (6/11/2020)
(Internet) -- For many of us the words, “save your money for a rainy day” have been ingrained in our heads from birth. With all the uncertain times still...
article Content Keeps Bettors Nearby as Gambling Companies Wait Out Hiatus (6/2/2020)
(USA) -- As the coronavirus pandemic shut down sports across the globe, theScore saw its sports betting handle dry up. Still, theScore CEO John Levy said engagement on...
article BLOG: Off A Big Weekend, Sportsbooks Are Optimistic For Momentum Through The Summer (5/20/2020)
(USA) -- The sports gambling world came back to life last weekend thanks to UFC, NASCAR and golf being on TV again. One of these days or weeks, there will be summer NBA...
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Cultural Appropriation

article BLOG: Age of Empires 3: DE changes Native American, First Nations civs’ mining to a marketplace (9/17/2020)
(Internet) -- If you’ve checked out our recent Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition interview, you’ll know that the devs behind the remaster have made...
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Online Gaming

article BLOG: Why the US online gambling model is counterproductive (9/14/2020)
(Malta) -- The US online gambling licensing process is slow and complicated, leading to many operators not even trying. We take a look at why this is and what may need...
article LSR Q+A: Phenix CMO Says Latency Costs Sportsbook Operators Billions In Handle (5/21/2020)
(Internet) -- The lack of low-latency streaming in sports betting causes billions in lost handle, according to Jed Corenthal of Phenix. Corenthal, the chief marketing...
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article eSports: a close look at industry growth and future trends (9/8/2020)
(Internet) -- While the eSports industry is enjoying a recent surge in global popularity, the concept is actually nothing new. Competitive gaming has been popular since...
article Esports in a pandemic desert - oasis or mirage? (7/23/2020)
(Internet) -- The absence of live traditional sports during the pandemic forced many through the open gates of esports, but while the surge in activity is now over for...
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Sports Leagues

article The Week In Sports Betting News: DraftKings Dominates Pre-NFL Chatter (9/8/2020)
(USA) -- Happy Tuesday, everyone. Sports betting news is about to turn much more positive this week with the long-awaited return of the NFL season this Thursday.
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New York Gaming

article BLOG: Could New York Ever Replace New Jersey as a Top Gambling Destination? (9/2/2020)
(New York) -- New Jersey remains the king of online gambling in the US. but could the Big Apple of New York ever evolve to fully legalize gambling and steal this crown?
article BLOG: More NYS Racetracks Could Close Early without Racinos (9/2/2020)
(New York) -- New York State commercial casinos remain close for the time being even though there are some indications that they might see an updated timeline of their...
article BLOG: Why are only certain casinos open? (7/13/2020)
(New York) -- Our Good Question today comes from a viewer wondering about the status of casinos. A viewer named Andrew asked News10NBC’s Brennan Somers: What's...
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Las Vegas Gaming

article Win big money playing bingo in Las Vegas (8/24/2020)
(Las Vegas) -- Everyone has a dream of winning the big bucks in bingo, right? But does it really happen? Yes, actually it does. While bingo wins are usually modest...
article BLOG: The Reopening of Las Vegas Casinos During the COVID-10 Pandemic (7/7/2020)
(Las Vegas) -- Governor Sisolak authorized certain businesses, including restaurants, barbershops, hair salons, and most retail businesses, to reopen with limitations...
article Las Vegas a Tale of Two Cities as Market Research Shows Local Casinos Faring Better in Reopening (6/25/2020)
(Las Vegas) -- A report from a New York-based research and analytics firm shows that casinos on the Las Vegas Strip are seeing a slight improvement in the number of...
article Huge crowds line up as casinos reopen in Las Vegas for the first time (6/4/2020)
(Las Vegas) -- Crowds of people lined up across Las Vegas late Wednesday night as hotel casinos across the city began to open from midnight for the first time since...
article BLOG: Las Vegas casinos reopen after 78-day coronavirus closure (6/4/2020)
(Las Vegas) -- It was a quiet morning outside The Venetian Thursday, as about a dozen visitors and guests were waiting for the property to open its doors at 9 a.m. Eyal...
article BLOG: What Las Vegas casinos, restaurants will reopen and when (5/27/2020)
(Las Vegas) -- After more than two months into a state-mandated shutdown, a number of Las Vegas hotel-casinos and restaurants are planning to reopen their doors to the...
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article BLOG: Dan Bilzerian and BlitzPoker Confirm Takeover of India’s FTR Poker (8/20/2020)
(India) -- BlitzPoker, the soon-to-be Indian gaming site fronted by Dan Bilzerian, has named the platform it intends to acquire.
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Hard Rock

article Virgin Atlantic Files for Bankruptcy, Parent Company Behind Las Vegas Casino Hotel (8/5/2020)
(Las Vegas) -- Virgin Atlantic, the airline founded by British billionaire Richard Branson, has filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States amid the coronavirus...
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Native Voices

article Three Questions with Scholar Sarah Deer on Empowering Tribal Nations to Protect Native American Women (sub req) (7/31/2020)
(Indian Country) -- Sarah Deer is a Native American scholar, advocate and attorney. She’s also a citizen of the Muscogee Creek Nation in Oklahoma and a professor...
article LISTEN: Kasigluk Artist Golga Oscar (7/2/2020)
(New Mexico) -- Golga Oscar is a photographer and designer from Kasigluk. He graduated from Akiuk Memorial School in 2016, and is now attending the Institute for...
article Five Indigenous teens you should know (6/22/2020)
(Canada) -- A whole new generation is finding ways to make a difference in their communities and beyond. That generation consists largely of Indigenous youth, who are...
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article Coronavirus’ impact on Indigenous communities puts new focus on protecting elders, preserving language and culture (7/17/2020)
(Utah) -- In early 2019, as an editorial committee began working on a new Lakota translation of the Book of Common Prayer, two of its members died “right off the...
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Atlantic City Gaming

article BLOG: What – exactly – is a casino host? (7/13/2020)
(Atlantic City) -- It’s no secret that casinos employ “player development executives” – better known as hosts – to build relationships with...
article Decline In Atlantic City Casino Profits In First Quarter Bodes Poorly (5/26/2020)
(Atlantic City) -- The epic disaster that will be the Atlantic City casino industry’s 2020 second-quarter profits compared to the same period in 2019 already was a...
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Food Sovereignty

article BLOG: Keeping seed sovereignty local (7/7/2020)
(New Mexico) -- On a chilly February morning in 2018, the New Mexico State Capitol in Albuquerque bustled with activity as constituents from across the state gathered to...
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California Gaming

article BLOG: The Week In Sports Betting News: Will 2022 Be Golden? (7/6/2020)
(California) -- Happy Monday, everyone. Leagues continue to announce more and more news that suggests sports betting should be back in full swing by the end of the month...
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Tachi-Yokut Tribe

article Disney forced Dana White to scrap UFC 249 because of coronavirus pandemic and have a £1.2bn deal in the championship (7/3/2020)
(California) -- Dana White was willing to pull out all the stops to miraculously stage UFC 249 amid the coronavirus pandemic... until the highest powers at Disney got...
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Black Hills

article GOP congressman upset Sioux leaders want their sacred land respected (7/2/2020)
(South Dakota) -- A Republican congressman called out Native American leaders on Thursday, claiming they were "Marxists." His reason: They object to the Mount...
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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

article Becky’s Affiliated: How BSV “Bridge” tech fulfills the push for cashless casino ecosystems (6/25/2020)
(Internet) -- Just over a week ago, the American Gaming Association (AGA) issued a call for cashless transactions in casinos to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and...
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Georgia Gaming

article BLOG: Georgia Republicans Caved on the HOPE Scholarship in Exchange For Casinos (6/23/2020)
(Georgia) -- In Georgia, House Republicans have cut a deal with House Democrats to gut the HOPE Scholarship in exchange for casinos. Here’s what you need to know.
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False Idols

article 'Celebrate Resistance Not Conquest': Liberation Movements in Indigenous America and Palestine (6/19/2020)
(Worldwide) -- “It looks like the West Bank,” said Samia Assed, local Palestinian-American social activist. Assed was referring to a recent event in...
article Why Buffalo Soldiers Served Among the Nation's First Park Rangers (6/16/2020)
(Indian Country) -- Among the earliest stewards of the nation’s national parks were soldiers from segregated black regiments. Starting in the 1890s, the Buffalo...
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Cannabis & Casinos

article Opening the Pot: Vegas Cannabis Industry Moving Ahead Amidst COVID (6/17/2020)
(Las Vegas) -- One of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, Las Vegas is known for its sinful vices, gambling, strip clubs, and as of January 1,...
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UK Gambling

article BLOG: The Effects of the Economic Shutdown on the UK Gambling Industry (6/8/2020)
(UK) -- It comes as no surprise that the COVID-19, also known as the novel coronavirus, crisis has caused worldwide problems in the health, business and economic sectors...
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article Taking action with Indigenous women (6/4/2020)
(Alberta) -- I wear a red dress pin, right over my heart. The red dress symbolizes and honours missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. I wear this pin as a...
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Arkansas Gaming

article BLOG: Group forms to prevent casino in Pope County (6/2/2020)
(Arkansas) -- I reported Sunday the formation of a group to attempt to place a constitutional amendment on the November ballot to prevent a casino in Pope County.
article And speaking of petitions: Another casino amendment is in the works (5/28/2020)
(Arkansas) -- The federal court ruling easing some restrictions on ballot petitions likely will encourage others in the field with proposals. For example, a new casino...
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article BLOG: The Rebirth of Red Power (6/1/2020)
(Indian Country) -- On an early November morning in 1969, Richard Oakes, shirtless but with his boots still strapped on, leaped off the side of the three-masted boat...
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Muscogee Creek

article Exiled to Indian Country: Muscogee (Creek) Nation (5/27/2020)
(Indian Country) -- “Our language and ways are from where our strength comes,” said Dana Tiger, an artist and registered Muscogee tribal citizen. The...
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PASPA Decision

article Get A Grip: On The Death Of PASPA Two Years Later, Sports Betting And Sports Things (5/15/2020)
(USA) -- It’s information overload everywhere, and there’s not time enough to sleep and eat and stay fully apprised of what’s happening on this crazy blue dot of ours (...
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Other News

article LEGAL BLOG: Indian Nations Law Update - September 2020 (9/25/2020)
(Indian Country) -- The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2020, Public Law 116-94, provided $100 million for competitive grants to eligible Indian Housing Block Grant (...
article What happened to Native American tribes that once existed in North Texas? Curious Texas investigates (9/9/2020)
(Texas) -- Recently, a reader asked Curious Texas: “What happened to the Native Americans that resided in the North Texas area? When were they pushed out, and how...
article SportsHandle: That was the week that was in US sports betting - September 4, 2020 (9/4/2020)
(USA) -- SportsHandle and friends deliver another round-up of the week’s big developments in US sports betting.
article LEGAL BLOG: Indian Nations Law Update - August 2020 (9/1/2020)
(Indian Country) -- The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2020, Public Law 116-94, provided $100,000,000 for competitive grants to eligible Indian Housing Block Grant (...
article BLOG: Native Americans, It’s Time to Protest American Injustice (8/25/2020)
(Indian Country) -- Depending on one’s perspective, the “protests” or “riots” in the summer of 2020, forced the nation into a much-needed...
press release Is Florida the least haunted state in the country? An online poker company says yes. (8/13/2020)
(Florida) -- As a former star of Ghost Hunters International, Angela Alderman has investigated paranormal sightings throughout the world. She considers her home state of...
article Art of the Weave (8/12/2020)
(USA) -- The “home town” featured in Ben and Erin Napier’s hit show on HGTV, Laurel, Mississippi, is also the home of a treasure trove of American...
article Native American Culture: Across the Indigenous Lands of the Southwest (8/3/2020)
(Indian Country) -- From New Mexico’s 19 Pueblos to the land of Navajo, the American Southwest is a patchwork of Native Nations.
article Indian Country headlines for Tuesday, July 28, 2020 (7/28/2020)
(Indian Country) -- A round up of the day's news from ICT.
article BLOG: The Osage during the Louisiana Purchase (7/15/2020)
(Louisiana) -- “A Party of Caddo Indians lately returning from the Panis Nation were robed by a Party of Osages of 74 horses,” wrote John Sibley in 1807.
article OP/ED: End the tragedy of the American Indian Reservation (7/14/2020)
(South Dakota) -- There are 7 million American Indians in the U.S., one-fourth living and dying on reservations under conditions rivaling third world countries. Most are...
article Researching the history of Native Americans in Dover (7/7/2020)
(Ohio) -- Ken Keeler was born in Westlake around the city’s Sesquicentennial – 1961. He and his family have been longtime members of the Westlake Sportsman...
article BLOG: New Mexico Personal Injury Attorneys List Common Tribal Law Cases (6/25/2020)
(New Mexico) -- The New Mexico personal injury attorneys at Parnall & Adams Law released a blog listing out the most common tribal law cases. These cases can be...
article LSR Q+A: Cashless Gaming Speeds Up As Casinos Reopen (6/23/2020)
(Las Vegas) -- The coronavirus pandemic interrupted business for casinos and sportsbooks, but it also accelerating digital transformation in the industry. That’s...
article Despite hardships and racism, Native Americans find hope during pandemic (6/18/2020)
(Kentucky) -- A timely and sometimes painful discussion on the impact of COVID-19 and racism on Native Americans ended on a hopeful note Tuesday, with a panelist...
article BLOG: Cal-Berkeley called out for sitting on tribal artifacts (6/12/2020)
(California) -- The University of California system — including the liberal campus in Berkeley — has been called out for inconsistency and delay in...
article June 12: SportsHandle: that was the week that was in US sports betting (6/12/2020)
(USA) -- The Illinois Gaming Board approved seven casinos for Master Sports Wagering licenses Thursday, moving the Land of Lincoln another step closer to having mobile...
article Indian/Native American Slavery, An Unspoken History (5/26/2020)
(North Carolina) -- Sharon Holland, associate professor of English, African-American studies, and women’s studies at Duke University, spoke at Cornell April 28,...
article Regulation round-up: Italy's tax increase, sports betting exempt from Swedish restrictions (5/26/2020)
(Worldwide) -- The Italian Government has approved a temporary tax on sports betting turnover, as the nation attempts to recover from the coronavirus outbreak. The...
article BLOG: Today’s Google Doodle ‘Lotería’ Is The Perfect Cinco De Mayo Game (5/5/2020)
(Internet) -- For the past few days, Google has been giving everyone a little something to kill time with by re-releasing past Google Doodle games. I’ve caught a...

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