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Georgia Gaming

article Casino Companies Seek Foothold in Georgia, the U.S.’s Last Big Untapped Gambling Market (2/23/2017)
(Georgia) -- The world’s largest casino corporations have set their sights on Georgia this year, hoping state legislators will consider opening up one of the...
article Georgia casino bill hits snag in Senate committee; not dead yet (2/23/2017)
(Georgia) -- The legislation that would pave the way for Georgia voters to decide if they want casino gambling in the state was put on life support Thursday morning in...
article Odds Looking Long For Casino Bill in Georgia (2/23/2017)
(Georgia) -- All bets are off on casino gambling in Georgia. A preliminary vote on a bill that would legalize casinos in the state has been scrapped, with at least some...
article Senate casino hearing cancelled; bill’s future in doubt (2/23/2017)
(Georgia) -- Today’s planned Senate committee vote on a bill to allow casino gambling has been cancelled leaving the bill’s future in doubt. Sen. Rick...
article Big week for casinos ahead for General Assembly (2/19/2017)
(Georgia) -- This will be a pivotal week for the latest effort to legalize casino gambling in Georgia. The state Senate is expected to begin work on a constitutional...
article Reworked casino bill to see first vote next week (2/17/2017)
(Georgia) -- After months of talk and enough rewrites to paper a blackjack table, Georgia’s casino bill is coming to a committee vote near you next week.
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Mining & Drilling

article Out west, MAGA means steamrolling local perspective in favor of oil driller greed (2/23/2017)
(New Mexico) -- In the northwestern corner of New Mexico, inside a makeshift cave deep within a winding canyon, there is a spiral carved into the sandstone.
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Bears Ears

article Chaffetz questions National Park tweet about Bears Ears (2/22/2017)
(Utah) -- Republican U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz launched a probe into a tweet that a national park sent a day after then-President Barack Obama designated a new national...
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Dakota Access Pipeline

article Trump team puts hold on pro-tribal and pro-treaty Dakota Access legal opinion (2/22/2017)
(Washington D.C.) -- A legal opinion that tribes have been using in their fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline has been suspended by the new Trump administration and...
article Army ends study of pipeline crossing (2/19/2017)
(North Dakota) -- The Army on Friday formally ended further environmental study of the Dakota Access oil pipeline's disputed crossing beneath a Missouri River...
article How Will Native Tribes Fight the Dakota Access Pipeline in Court? (2/17/2017)
(North Dakota) -- On Feb. 8 the US Army Corps of Engineers reversed course and issued an easement allowing the installation of the Dakota Access Pipeline under Lake Oahe...
article Tribes File New Lawsuit to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline as Drilling Begins (2/17/2017)
(North Dakota) -- The Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Sioux tribes have filed new lawsuits in yet another legal effort to stop a 1,172-mile, 570,000 barrel-per-day...
article US Army formally ends study of disputed pipeline crossing near Standing Rock reservation (2/17/2017)
(North Dakota) -- The U.S. Army on Friday formally ended further environmental study of the Dakota Access oil pipeline's disputed crossing beneath a Missouri River...
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Eastern Band of Cherokee

article Cherokee chief vows to fight impeachment (2/22/2017)
(North Carolina) -- The chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is vowing to fight an impeachment attempt, saying some Tribal Council members are engaged in a...
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Fantasy Sports

article Gambling expert urges Canadian provinces to dive into daily fantasy sports (2/22/2017)
(British Columbia) -- A gambling researcher is calling on Canada's provincial lottery corporations to enter the controversial business of daily fantasy sports,...
article Nebraska Legislature bill endorsed by Fan Duel, DraftKings would hurt small fantasy sports companies, critics say (2/19/2017)
(Nebraska) -- Fantasy sports has traditionally been a hobby for sports geeks. A dozen or so friends get together, draft teams made up of professional athletes and track...
article The House gaming bill and Florida fantasy sports (2/18/2017)
(Florida) -- A new omnibus gaming bill appeared in the House this week. That bill, however, does not include provisions relating to daily fantasy sports.
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First Nations Politics

article Trudeau announces review of laws related to Indigenous peoples (2/22/2017)
(Canada) -- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Wednesday his government has assembled a working group of ministers to review all federal laws and policies as they...
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Illinois Gaming

article Champaign council taps brakes on gambling expansion (2/22/2017)
(Illinois) -- After detailed discussion, the city council passed an ordinance Tuesday that will temporarily halt the installation or operation of video-gambling...
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Pokagon Band

article Bill would cut off South Bend from riverboat gambling money (2/22/2017)
(Indiana) -- City leaders plan to fight a bill moving through the Indiana House that would cut the city out of riverboat casino revenue sharing because the city also...
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Trump & Tribes

article The Pruitt Emails: E.P.A. Chief Was Arm in Arm With Industry (2/22/2017)
(Washington D.C.) -- During his tenure as attorney general of Oklahoma, Scott Pruitt, now the Environmental Protection Agency administrator, closely coordinated with...
article Tribal sovereignty foe in charge of nation's environmental agenda (2/21/2017)
(Washington D.C.) -- A Republican who has battled tribes on sovereignty and other issues is now in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency. Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma...
article Montana tribal leaders: Trump's offensive remarks worthy of objection by Tester (2/20/2017)
(Montana) -- It wasn’t lost on L. Jace Killsback that President Donald Trump chose an offensive Indian stereotype to disparage Senate Democrat Elizabeth Warren....
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article Alaska is trying to slice some land out of ANWR (2/21/2017)
(Alaska) -- The state's current dispute over the boundary of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a place believed to have huge oil deposits, is partly based on a...
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article Northern California tribe to reinstate nearly 70 members (2/21/2017)
(California) -- A tribe in Northern California is reinstating nearly 70 members who were stripped of their status eight years ago.
article Lake County’s Robinson Rancheria re-enrolls almost 70 former members (2/19/2017)
(Washington) -- In a rare turnabout, a Lake County tribe is reinstating nearly 70 members who eight years ago were stripped of their tribal status and benefits, cultural...
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Navajo Nation

article Begaye wants tribes treated as nations (2/21/2017)
(Washington D.C.) -- In listening to the State of Indian Nations address given by National Congress of American Indian President Brian Cladoosby, Navajo Nation President...
article Tribes look to Trump to save their coal plant (2/20/2017)
(Arizona) -- On Navajo Nation territory near Page, Ariz., news about plans to shutter a hulking coal plant that has been the workhorse of the struggling local economy...
article Kirk confirmed as tribe's financial manager (2/20/2017)
(New Mexico) -- Navajo lawmakers have confirmed the appointment of Pearline Kirk as the tribe's top financial officer, according to a press release from the Office...
article Navajo official worries cuts under Trump will hurt tribal schools (2/18/2017)
(Arizona) -- The superintendent for Navajo schools said “alarming” calls for the Trump administration to eliminate Head Start funding could leave tribal...
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Native Voices

article TRAHANT: Bureau of Indian Education, Indian Health Service and Others Labeled As ‘High Risk’ (2/20/2017)
(Washington D.C.) -- Federal Indian programs, like Bureau of Indian Education and Indian Health Service, have been added to the “high-risk” category by the...
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Donald Trump

article Tribes hope Trump's 'America first' helps first Americans (2/19/2017)
(Massachusetts) -- Native Americans hope President Donald Trump doesn't forget America's first inhabitants as he promises to put "America first."
article Montana tribal leaders: Trump's offensive remarks worthy of objection by Tester (2/19/2017)
(Montana) -- It wasn’t lost on Jace Killsback that President Donald Trump chose an offensive Indian stereotype to disparage Senate Democrat Elizabeth Warren.
article OP/ED: Trump thumbs his nose at tribal sovereignty (2/19/2017)
(Indian Country) -- As President Donald Trump steamrolls his executive order machine across this country, trampling on civil liberties and upending environmental...
article Chris Eyre And Georgina Lightning Respond to Trump Calling Sen. Warren Pocahontas (2/17/2017)
(Virginia) -- At the beginning of February 2017, President Donald Trump directed a racially insensitive remark to Senator Elizabeth Warren when he rudely blurted out to...
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Pennsylvania Gaming

article Pennsylvania Poker Rooms Raking in Profits, Hungry for More (2/19/2017)
(Pennsylvania) -- Profits for Pennsylvania poker rooms continue to increase and the state is anticipating even more growth with passage of a gaming bill that is making...
article Do certain Pa. casinos need a multimillion-dollar tax credit? (2/18/2017)
(Pennsylvania) -- Casinos have a reputation as places with a license to print money, but state Sen. Pat Browne believes that at least a few in Pennsylvania may need a...
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Sheldon Adelson

article OP/ED: U.S. Democracy For Sale: Just Ask Sheldon (2/19/2017)
(Las Vegas) -- Mr. Sheldon Adelson is the personification of money in American politics today. Perversely, and most revealing about what really ails the United States,...
article Sheldon Adelson Influence Seeking Leads to Taped Convo by NGC Head (2/18/2017)
(Las Vegas) -- Here’s one of those tales from the depths of oligarchy-based influence peddling, showing the corrupt and the corrupted.
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South Dakota Gaming

article Old South Dakota town to get development funding (2/19/2017)
(South Dakota) -- Deadwood city commissioners have granted a request from the Historic Preservation Commission to update the Old West gambling town's improvement...
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Charity Gaming

article Cuomo wants to resurrect charity gambling in New York. Is it too late? (2/18/2017)
(New York) -- Gov. Andrew Cuomo embraced the spread of state-sanctioned gambling during his first six years in office, from expanded lottery and commercial casinos to...
article Mohawk Valley Health System backs Cuomo’s Charitable Gaming Act (2/18/2017)
(New York) -- Modifications proposed by the governor to state rules that govern — some say stifle — raffles and other fundraising games on behalf of non-...
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Florida Gaming

article Florida House Goes Conservative on Gambling Expansion with New Bill (2/18/2017)
(Florida) -- A gambling-focused bill emerged quietly in the Florida House of Representatives earlier this week.
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Indiana Gaming

article LaPorte County hiring casino lobbyist (2/18/2017)
(Indiana) -- LaPorte County and Michigan City are teaming up to hire a lobbyist to again fight proposed tax breaks for casinos that would come out of their pockets.
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Lumbee Tribe

article Tribal Council OKs Godwin’s pick for administrator (2/18/2017)
(North Carolina) -- The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina has a new full-time tribal administrator to oversee daily operations of the tribal government.
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Maryland Gaming

article OP/ED: Frosh should investigate casino money (2/18/2017)
(Maryland) -- I find it ironic that articles about Baltimore's schools needing millions of dollars and the expanded power for Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh...
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Online Poker

article New York Online Poker One Step Closer to Reality (2/18/2017)
(New York) -- A New York online poker bill is moving along at a rapid pace. The Senate Gaming Committee voted unanimously (11-0) to accept the proposal to legalize...
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Sixties Scoop

article How a Sixties Scoop survivor fought for justice and found her family again (2/18/2017)
(Ontario) -- Marcia Brown Martel was taken away as a child by a policy that separated Indigenous children in Ontario from their families. Now a chief in her community,...
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Sports Betting

article Dunlap: State Rep. Gets It Right With Sports Gambling (2/18/2017)
(Pennsylvania) -- Rob Matzie! What a guy. He’s a man after my own heart — and certainly after the hearts of many who just want to place a couple bucks down...
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United Keetoowah Band

article Native Americans talking casino in Cherokee County (2/18/2017)
(Georgia) -- A band of Cherokee Native Americans living in Oklahoma is planning to open a casino in Georgia and eyeing the northern part of Cherokee County as a...
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Other News

article Native Sun News Today: Tribes asked to participate in treaty 'land grab' in South Dakota (2/23/2017)
(South Dakota) -- Before South Dakota’s nine tribal chairs could respond to a letter asking their participation on an advisory committee for a state takeover of...
article The New Threat Threshold (2/23/2017)
(Canada) -- It was early November 2016 when Russell Diabo received a phone call from an APTN reporter, who told him that his was the only name that hadn’t been...
article As Buffalo Slaughter Continues, Opposition and Solidarity Grow (2/23/2017)
(Montana) -- Yellowstone National Park has been filling up livestock trailers nearly every weekday for the past two weeks, cramming them full of wild buffalo and turning...
article Lawsuits, border closures possible over protest bill (2/22/2017)
(South Dakota) -- Tribal leaders on Wednesday said they would look to sue the state and close down reservation borders and highways in South Dakota if lawmakers approved...
article Senate panel passes protest bill over tribes' objections (2/22/2017)
(South Dakota) -- Gov. Dennis Daugaard's bill to make it clear that the governor's emergency response powers apply to potentially destructive protests passed its...
article Murkowski tells Legislature she’ll consult Alaska leaders before voting on repeal of Medicaid expansion (2/22/2017)
(Alaska) -- U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski moved Wednesday to ease Alaskans' concerns about congressional Republicans' plans for the Affordable Care Act, telling an...
article In Yukon, Maxime Bernier suggests changing or scrapping Indian Act (2/21/2017)
(North Canada) -- Conservative party leadership candidate Maxime Bernier is the latest to suggest the Indian Act should be abolished, or changed. At a stop in Whitehorse...
article Staffing, budget shortages put Indian Health Service at ‘high risk’ (2/20/2017)
(Washington D.C.) -- There’s a sliver of good news for a stricken federal agency during the first alarming month of President Trump’s administration: relief...
article New education legislation for veterans, rural educators introduced (2/20/2017)
(Washington D.C.) -- Sen. Jon Tester was in Billings on Monday to introduce new education legislation. The senator introduced three bills; the Educational Development (...
article Zinke's a no-show in U.S. House while waiting for cabinet confirmation (2/20/2017)
(Washington D.C.) -- Montana’s lone voice in the U.S. House of Representatives has been silent for more than six weeks. Republican Ryan Zinke was still hanging...
article Tohono O'odham leaders confident Trump's wall won't rise on their border (2/19/2017)
(Arizona) -- Leaders of the Tohono O’odham Nation southwest of Tucson say they’re confident President Trump’s executive order to build a border wall...
article Tribal vote nears on Blackfeet Water Compact (2/19/2017)
(Montana) -- The Blackfeet Tribal Council is launching a public education campaign as a vote draws near on the Blackfeet Water Compact.
article Turning Fear into Fight; Peggy Flanagan (Ojibwe) Launches Her Campaign for Congress (2/19/2017)
(Minnesota) -- Timing is everything in politics — so Minnesota Rep. Peggy Flanagan is wasting no time in her bid for Congress.
article Kalispel Tribe’s Glen Nenema has spent four decades in charge, and he’s not done yet (2/19/2017)
(Washington) -- When most people reach 65 they start thinking about retiring, especially when they’ve spent almost 37 years at the same job.
article Concordia University makes Indigenous students feel more welcome (2/19/2017)
(Edmonton) -- Bachelor of arts student Dallas Cardinal felt intimidated when she first stepped on campus at Concordia University of Edmonton.
article Hunter responds to Closing the Gap 2017 (2/19/2017)
(Australia) -- Australia is not on track to closing the gaps between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians and one of the Hunter’s Indigenous leaders is...
article OP/ED: Australia's aboriginal policies (2/19/2017)
(Australia) -- The West Australian Government spends approximately £25,000 each year in caring for the blacks and half-castes within its borders.
article Betting Control and Licensing Board rejects tax proposals in Bill (2/19/2017)
(Kenya) -- The Betting Control and Licensing Board has rejected tax proposals contained in a draft Bill meant to regulate the growing gambling industry.
article My Voice: U.S. Army’s history with Native Americans (2/18/2017)
(Indian Country) -- The United States Army has never been our friend. In the past few weeks, what the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has done proves this point, that the U...
article ‘By request’ mascot bill gains legislative momentum amid opposition (2/18/2017)
(Massachusetts) -- In the weeks following the res­ponse to Senator Barbara L’Italien’s bill to stop the use of Native American symbols as logos,...

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