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History & Culture

Choctaw Nation

article Third annual Choctaw Country Region 8 All Indian Rodeo (8/23/2019)
(Oklahoma) -- The third annual Choctaw Country Region 8 All Indian Rodeo starts Saturday August 24 at the Bryan County Fairgrounds. You can enjoy rodeo events from bull...
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Canadian Land Issues

article After 15 years, final Yukon agreement signed to protect the Peel watershed (8/22/2019)
(Yukon) -- It has taken more than 15 years of consultations, protests, court battles and more consultations — and now a final plan for the future of the vast...
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Gun Lake

article Gun Lake Tribe to Celebrate 20 Years of "Re-Affirmation" (8/22/2019)
(Michigan) -- It has been two decades of growth for the Gun Lake Tribe. On Friday, it will be 20 years since the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians...
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article Schiele program to feature the ‘last wild Indian in North America’ (8/22/2019)
(California) -- In 1911, a man who was the last survivor of his indigenous American Indian tribe walked out of the wilderness and into modern society in San Francisco....
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Makah Tribe

article Makah Tribe celebrates culture in Neah Bay (8/22/2019)
(Washington) -- The Makah Tribe will host the 95th annual celebration of its culture and patriotism with Makah Days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This celebration...
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Suquamish Tribe

article CHAIRMAN FORSMAN: We continue to build on Chief Seattle’s legacy (8/22/2019)
(Washington) -- The Suquamish Tribe welcomed thousands of visitors last weekend to celebrate the legacy of one of our leaders, Chief Seattle. Neighboring tribes came to...
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Chickasaw Nation

article Chickasaw to provide cultural demonstration in Pontotoc (8/21/2019)
(Oklahoma) -- A game of stickball, presentations on culture, as well as archeological artifacts are part of the living history that members of the Chickasaw Nation will...
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Mascot Issue

article Native American mascots: Appleton among growing number of school boards to support ban of 'offensive' imagery (8/21/2019)
(Wisconsin) -- Appleton has joined a growing number of school boards across Wisconsin that already have – or will consider – supporting a proposal to retire Native...
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Mashpee Wampanoag

article Lessons in Native American culture at Martin House (8/21/2019)
(Massachusetts) -- This Sunday, Aug. 25, Martin House Farm will welcome the public for a presentation by a Wampanoag representative, beginning at 1 p.m. The Swansea area...
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article 'Totally shocked and surprised': Windsor Métis veteran presented with $20,000 cheque (8/21/2019)
(Windsor) -- The Rochon family was shocked when 93-year-old father Wilfred was presented with a $20,000 cheque last Sunday, commemorating Wilfred's service to Canada...
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St. Regis Mohawk

article St. Regis Mohawk Tribe receives federal grant for language preservation (8/21/2019)
(New York) -- The St. Regis Mohawk Tribe in Akwesasne has been working for years to save its native language. The number of Mohawk speakers has been declining for the...
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Wounded Knee

article At Sioux City Native American forum, presidential hopefuls denounce Wounded Knee Medals of Honor (8/21/2019)
(Iowa) -- A group of six 2020 presidential candidates on Tuesday weighed in on issues of importance to Native Americans in a Sioux City forum, and a Native man led off...
article Presidential candidates support rescinding medals for Wounded Knee Massacre (8/21/2019)
(Iowa) -- Some of the Democratic presidential candidates said they support rescinding the 20 Medals of Honor awarded to U.S. soldiers for the 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre.
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Yakama Nation

article Yakama linguist honored for a lifetime of reviving Native languages (8/21/2019)
(Oregon) -- A Yakama linguist has been honored for her efforts to preserve and breathe new life into the Native languages of the Northwest. Virginia Beavert, 97, has...
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Eastern Band of Cherokee

article Repatriated Cherokee Booger Masks entrusted to Museum (8/20/2019)
(New York) -- Two Cherokee Booger masks, used during the Green Corn Ceremony, are now in the expert and trusted hands of the Museum of the Cherokee Indian. The two masks...
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Land Issues

article When public lands become tribal lands again (8/20/2019)
(Oregon) -- The smell of scorched soil and burnt wood filled the air. Michael Rondeau, CEO of the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians, looked over the damage, clad...
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White Mountain Apache

article Tribe remembers Ronnie Lupe, ‘a man of compassion’ (8/20/2019)
(Arizona) -- The word that was used most frequently by speakers offering tribute to longtime former White Mountain Apache Tribal Chairman Ronnie Lupe was “...
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article The Minneapolis-founded American Indian Movement responded to the needs of urban American Indians (8/19/2019)
(Minnesota) -- The American Indian Movement (AIM), founded by grassroots activists in Minneapolis in 1968, first sought to improve conditions for recently urbanized...
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First Nations

article Mi'kmaw Summer Games give Indigenous youth a chance to come together (8/19/2019)
(Nova Scotia) -- For Steven Googoo, a band councillor for Waycobah First Nation, the Nova Scotia Mi'kmaw Summer Games aren't just exciting — they're a...
article From beading to diaper making, incoming Yukon teachers learn First Nations basics (8/18/2019)
(Canada) -- The school year in Yukon is approaching but some teachers have already started working — learning about the territory's First Nations. Thirty-five...
article 'An important message': Heart garden planted at RCMP detachment in Whitehorse (8/17/2019)
(Canada) -- A bed of flowers in the shape of heart has been planted in front of the RCMP detachment in Whitehorse. The heart garden was unveiled on Tuesday. Its red and...
article P.E.I. heritage on display (8/12/2019)
(North Canada) -- Old Home Week has been an Island tradition for more than 125 years. In comparison, Diana Xia is a relative newcomer, but the week is something her...
article VIDEO: Culture week at Saskatchewan’s Wanuskewin Heritage Park (8/12/2019)
(Saskatchewan) -- Honey Constant with some of the activities taking place at Wanuskewin Heritage Park during culture week Aug 12-14.
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Fond du Lac Band

article 'Put everything back' is goal for Native American cemetery in Duluth (8/19/2019)
(Minnesota) -- The first indication that burial recovery is nearing an end was evident Monday at a historic cemetery in the Fond du Lac neighborhood of Duluth.
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Savanna’s Act

article Two years after Savanna's murder, family finds joy in 'miracle baby' (8/19/2019)
(North Dakota) -- Linda Shearer's home sits by the Red River, next to the bridge where it’s believed a hollowed-out dresser hiding the body of 22-year-old...
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Seminole Tribe

article 'Cutting-edge' tribal school puts emphasis on collaborative learning, Seminole culture (8/19/2019)
(Florida) -- Since around 1965, the Ahfachkee school on the Big Cypress Reservation has operated out of a few small trailers. This year, they got a whopping $15 million...
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article Researchers search for Bigfoot in Kisatchie National Forest (8/18/2019)
(Louisiana) -- ”In the middle of Kisatchie National Forest, a Bigfoot researcher who calls himself “Tex-La”, lets out four howls in an area that he and...
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Crow Tribe

article Crow Fair celebrates culture and history (8/18/2019)
(Montana) -- The Crow Fair Celebration Powwow & Rodeo is underway at Crow Agency. It began on August 14 and continues through August 19. The annual event includes...
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article Native American Tribes Are Wrestling With Decision To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage (8/18/2019)
(Indian Country) -- While across the U.S. same-sex marriage has been legal for four years, some Native American tribes still fail to recognize it. Tribes are empowered...
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Sixties Scoop

article 'I just want to hug her': Sask family works to reunite with aunt taken to Europe in 60s Scoop (8/18/2019)
(Canada) -- They were separated half a century ago by the 60s Scoop, but a Saskatchewan family is working on a reunion with their long lost aunt. Kimberly Lee Ann Settee...
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Tohono O’odham

article Western Women: Maria Chona was Tohono O'odham cook, basket weaver (8/18/2019)
(Arizona) -- When Maria Chona was born in Mesquite Root sometime around 1845, her birthplace on the Tohono O’odham reservation was not yet part of the United...
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Mescalero Apache

article Mescalero Apache perform blessing ceremony at White Sands Missile Range (8/17/2019)
(New Mexico) -- The Mescalero Apache conducted a recent blessing ceremony on its ancestral homelands at White Sands Missile Range for the first time in more than a...
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Navajo Nation

article A day to honor the Navajo Code Talker's legacy (8/17/2019)
(Arizona) -- The 14th Navajo Nation Code Talker Day Celebrations bring pride and recognition across generations. On August 14th, 2019, the Navajo Nation celebrated the...
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Bears Ears

article Monument Valley woman is running 330 miles across Utah with a piece of Bears Ears National Monument (8/16/2019)
(Utah) -- Before Davina Smith began her prayer run from Bears Ears National Monument to Salt Lake City, she traveled to the base of the 8,700-foot Bears Ears Buttes with...
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Cherokee Nation

article 2019-20 Little Cherokee Ambassadors crowned (8/16/2019)
(Oklahoma) -- The 2019-20 Little Cherokee Ambassadors were crowned on Aug. 10 in Tahlequah, kicking off the first official event of the 67th Cherokee National Holiday.
article History caretakers want facility to save ‘sacred’ Cherokee documents (8/12/2019)
(Oklahoma) -- To protect aging records that include the Cherokee Nation’s most significant documents, an effort is afoot to fund and construct an archival building...
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Code Talkers

article How Navajo code talkers helped win the Battle of Iwo Jima (8/16/2019)
(Arizona) -- Thomas H. Begay didn't want to be a radio operator. In fact, up until he graduated from bootcamp, he thought he was going to become an aerial gunner for...
article A day to honor the Navajo Code Talker's legacy (8/16/2019)
(Arizona) -- On August 14th, 2019, the Navajo Nation celebrated the legacy and history of the Navajo Code Talkers. The event began with a parade that took the surviving...
article Navajo Nation Pays Tribute to Diné Warriors on Navajo Code Talker Day (8/14/2019)
(Arizona) -- Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer were joined by Navajo veterans, youth, elders, dignitaries, and many others on Wednesday...
article The Navajo weapon: Code Talker remembers WWII (8/14/2019)
(Arizona) -- Our country honors some of the brave World War II heroes on August 14, National Navajo Code Talkers Day. President Ronald Reagan declared the special day to...
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Lumbee Tribe

article UNCP, Lumbee Tribe have long history of collaboration that enriches all (8/16/2019)
(North Carolina) -- The University of North Carolina at Pembroke and the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina value the importance of collaboration. UNCP has remained deeply...
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Food Sovereignty

article San Antonio-born chef, filmmaker on a mission that uses tacos as diplomacy (8/15/2019)
(Texas) -- Adán Medrano spent the summer on an overseas diplomatic tour of sorts. As far away as Amsterdam and Moscow, the San Antonio-born chef, cookbook author and...
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Mohegan Tribe

article Mohegan Tribe holds Wigwam Festival Saturday and Sunday (8/14/2019)
(Connecticut) -- The Mohegan Tribe holds its Wigwam Festival this weekend, and the public is invited.
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Quapaw Tribe

article Absentee Shawnee Tribe showcases Native history at casino (8/14/2019)
(Oklahoma) -- The Absentee Shawnee Tribe is paying tribute to prominent Native Americans at one of its casinos in Oklahoma. The mural at the Thunderbird Casino was...
article Who was Chief Saracen of the Quapaw Tribe? (8/13/2019)
(Arkansas) -- Editor’s Note: With the groundbreaking for the Saracen Casino Resort taking place last week, there have been numerous questions sent to the Pine...
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Grand Canyon

article ‘Guardians Of The Grand Canyon’: The Havasupai Tribe’s Long Connection To The Canyon’s Red Rocks (8/13/2019)
(Arizona) -- The Havasupai Tribe is the only Native American tribe that still lives below the rim of the Grand Canyon. Here & Now‘s Jeremy Hobson talks to...
article 100 Years Of Grand Canyon National Park: How It Was Created And Carved Over Millions Of Years (8/12/2019)
(Arizona) -- The Grand Canyon became a National Park 100 years ago this year. Over the next few days, we're talking about some different aspects of the Grand Canyon...
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Mauna Kea

article UMD is part of a group advising a protested telescope in Hawaii (8/13/2019)
(Maryland) -- An indigenous people’s advocate recently called out institutions helping to advise the science behind a telescope on Hawaii’s highest mountain...
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Blackfeet Nation

article 1955: Blackfeet Indian Prospect With Morning Gun No. 1 (8/12/2019)
(Montana) -- Editor’s Note: This week we continue the story of the Morning Gun No. 1 well that was drilled near East Glacier, Montana in 1955. This week’s...
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Election 2020

article Iowa's powwow trail had a campaign stop (8/12/2019)
(Iowa) -- Three presidential candidates reached out to powwow goers Saturday and talked about tribal sovereignty, reparations and removing Andrew Jackson from the White...
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Other News

article Little House, Big Fans: These People Really, Really Love Laura Ingalls Wilder (8/23/2019)
(Indian Country) -- Midway through the three-hour-long Avengers: Endgame, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) meets his dead father, Howard (John Slattery). Their encounter,...
article AUDIO: New Exhibit Displays Dozens Of Indigenous Maps From 16th Century Mexico (8/23/2019)
(Mexico) -- An exhibition in Austin, Texas, displays maps from 16th century Mexico. They were created by indigenous peoples to help Spanish invaders map occupied lands....
article Nashville Indigenous community honors Luther Medicine Bird White Eagle (8/23/2019)
(Tennessee) -- On Saturday, August 17, the local Indigenous community honored Luther Medicine Bird White Eagle by the holding of a Memorial Dance marking his passing a...
article What are Indian tacos? Why this controversial food became a South Dakota food favorite (8/23/2019)
(South Dakota) -- Fry bread has a controversial role in South Dakota. While it's the state bread, it's a symbol of oppression for some American Indians, said Lisa...
article The George Washington murals were meant to make viewers uncomfortable (8/22/2019)
(Washington) -- At the height of the Great Depression, a Russian artist was paid by the US government to paint a series of murals in a San Francisco high school. The 1,...
article Carolina Indian Circle acknowledged that UNC was built on Native American land (8/22/2019)
(North Carolina) -- Long before Silent Sam was built, the land it stood on was home to the Native American tribes that inhabited North Carolina. Demonstrators gathered...
article Who writes the history? In Dartmouth, some say sign on historic garrison ignores Native American view (8/22/2019)
(Massachusetts) -- A new sign at a South Dartmouth historic site is eliciting complaints that it ignores — even erases — the Native American view of what...
article Battle of Pilot Knob Presents A New Exhibit: Before the Fort (8/22/2019)
(Missouri) -- Come to the Battle of Pilot Knob State Historic Site and experience its rotating exhibit of themed displays of artifacts relating to the site. Many of...
article Indian Relay Celebrates History And Culture Through Horse Racing (8/22/2019)
(Idaho) -- It's a windy, hazy summer morning on the Snake River plain in southeastern Idaho, and Shoshone-Bannock tribal member Trevor Beasley is hanging out near...
article Oklahoma City museum showcases Native American cultures through ceramic (8/22/2019)
(Oklahoma) -- An Oklahoma City museum will soon give guests a glimpse into the diversity of Native American cultures through beautiful, one-of-a-kind items. The National...
article OP/ED: Enslaved Africans landed in Virginia in 1619. USA TODAY is committed to telling the story, past and present (8/22/2019)
(Virginia) -- Nichelle Smith, an investigations team editor at USA TODAY, recalls attending a lecture at the Library of Congress in early 2018 where she listened to...
article The Rise and Fall of the Susquehannock Indians (8/22/2019)
(Maryland) -- Kyle Hayward, a public history major at Harford Community College, will be presenting an informative account of the Susquehannock Indians who lived long...
article What are Indian tacos? Why this controversial food became a South Dakota food favorite (8/22/2019)
(South Dakota) -- Fry bread has a controversial role in South Dakota. While it's the state bread, it's a symbol of oppression for some American Indians, said Lisa...
article Sculptor Edmonia Lewis Shattered Gender and Race Expectations in 19th-Century America (8/22/2019)
(Washington D.C.) -- Kidnapped, beaten and left to die, Edmonia Lewis, a talented artist with both African and Native-American ancestry, refused to abandon her dreams....
article At the Santa Fe Indian Market, Tradition and Innovation Collide (8/22/2019)
(New Mexico) -- The Santa Fe Indian Market in New Mexico has served as a creative hub for indigenous artists from a variety of tribes across North America to sell their...
article Native American Pow-Wow returns to Plug Pond (8/22/2019)
(Massachusetts) -- The annual Native American Pow-Wow will return to the Plug Pond Recreation Area the weekend of Sept. 7 and 8.
article New Mexico’s St. Kateri Tekakwitha Shrine honors patron saint of Native Americans (8/22/2019)
(New Mexico) -- Catholic architect Erik Boostma, a former parishioner of the Diocese of Arlington who now works and lives in Richmond, primarily works on churches and...
article Indian Relay Celebrates History And Culture Through Horse Racing (8/22/2019)
(Idaho) -- It's a windy, hazy summer morning on the Snake River plain in southeastern Idaho, and Shoshone-Bannock tribal member Trevor Beasley is hanging out near...
article Wolastoqew loggers face charges of unauthorized timber harvesting in New Brunswick (8/21/2019)
(New Brunswick) -- Three members of a First Nations firewood harvesting association are facing charges in New Brunswick provincial court of illegally harvesting timber...
article New tour app seeks to correct the Native American narrative in the nation’s capital (8/21/2019)
(Washington D.C.) -- Native Americans aren’t often depicted as equals in art throughout the U.S. Capitol, a building that is at the heart of representative...

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