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Opioid Crisis

article OP/ED: I lost my son to an opioid overdose. COVID-19 will only bring more deaths of despair. (9/29/2020)
(USA) -- I always admired the courage and fortitude of grieving parents who turn tragedy into advocacy. This is especially true for Joe Biden. As a young man, Biden lost...
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Supreme Court

article OP/ED: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s last dying wish and the threat to the legitimacy of the court (9/29/2020)
(Washington D.C.) -- Among my fondest memories working at the Supreme Court was the sight and sound of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Justice Antonin Scalia, shoulder...
article OP/ED: A sensible pick to settle SCOTUS fight (9/25/2020)
(Washington D.C.) -- As a woman, the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg feels overwhelmingly profound. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I often find myself searching for a ray...
article OP/ED: RBG's Notorious Opinion in the Native American Sovereignty Case Is Also Part of Her Legacy (9/22/2020)
(New York) -- Many of my friends have a great deal of affection for US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. My own enthusiasm for the “Notorious RBG,”...
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Native Voices

article RICKERT: With Over 200,000 Americans Dead, It’s Insulting to Call Covid-19 a Hoax (9/27/2020)
(USA) -- Friday was Michigan Indian Day. It was a time to celebrate our American Indian heritage on a day set aside for each fourth Friday of September in 1974 by...
article An original essay: The Unconquered and Unconquerable (9/23/2020)
(Minnesota) -- The COVID-19 pandemic brought uncertainty and fear to everyone. It is no surprise that many people all over the world experience anxiety one way or...
article GIAGO: A disease that ravages Indian Country and America (9/7/2020)
(Indian Country) -- Many years ago I knew a nutritionist named Linda Biel. Her mantra was, “You are what you eat.” When one is young and healthy that mantra...
article TRAHANT: Lessons from a census past (9/7/2020)
(Indian Country) -- A friend writes: “The US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has announced that they have digitized 18,000 photographs from the...
article LETTER: Daines not standing with Native Americans (9/6/2020)
(Montana) -- Sen. Steve Daines’ track record on supporting Native American issues is patchy, to say the least. While serving in the House of Representatives in...
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New Mexico Gaming

article EDITORIAL: Plan to expand racino gambling will require very cautious consideration from lawmakers (9/26/2020)
(New Mexico) -- State lawmakers are at a monumental fork in the road now that racetrack casino owners have proposed a major expansion of their operations. And as...
press release COLUMN: Tracks seeking huge, destructive casino expansion (9/19/2020)
(New Mexico) -- The five New Mexico racetracks have enlisted a financial analysis from Union Gaming Analytics regarding a proposed massive expansion of gambling. They...
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New York Gaming

article COLUMN: Gaming, racing not 24/7 essential (9/26/2020)
(New Mexico) -- The Sept. 19 Journal carried pro and con articles on expanding gambling at the racinos in New Mexico. A little more information will help the argument. A...
article LETTER: New York state needs to legalize online sports wagering (9/25/2020)
(New York) -- Why has New York state lagged so far behind in the implementation of online sports wagering?
article EDITORIAL: Unfair to shutter NY’s commercial casinos while Native gaming thrives (8/30/2020)
(New York) -- We’ve tried to give the Cuomo administration the benefit of the doubt when setting the terms of reopening the economy during the coronavirus pandemic....
article Chairman: Seneca County needs del Lago to reopen (8/29/2020)
(New York) -- Dear Governor: The Seneca County Board of Supervisors wrote to you on June 30 urging you to fast-track the reopening of del Lago Resort & Casino. It...
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Wampanoag Aquinnah

article OP/ED: My bet is Vineyard gaming is coming (9/26/2020)
(Massachusetts) -- THE PURSUIT of a casino by the Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe on Martha’s Vineyard may be one of the most under-covered stories in Massachusetts. The...
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Black Hills

article OP/ED: Mount Morris meets Mount Rushmore (9/25/2020)
(South Dakota) -- I was standing at a scenic stop on Iron Mountain Road in the Black Hills of South Dakota when a few motorcycle riders approached me and the friend I...
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Cherokee Nation

article HOSKIN, JR: Cherokee voters are critical voices in 2020 election (9/25/2020)
(Oklahoma) -- Cherokee Nation is committed to ensuring that all voting age Cherokees are registered to vote. Recently, we celebrated Cherokee Nation Voter Registration...
article HOSKIN: Cherokee National Holiday goes online for 2020 (9/4/2020)
(Oklahoma) -- This year’s Cherokee National Holiday will be unlike any other in our history. Since 1953, our capital city of Tahlequah has been the host to this...
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Tennessee Gaming

article OP/ED: Sports-betting operators shouldn't have to 'hold' 10% of wagers (9/25/2020)
(Tennessee) -- In November, Tennessee will join 19 other jurisdictions around the country where betting on sports through legal, regulated channels can occur. But it...
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article OP/ED: COVID-19 reveals deficiencies in IHS funding (9/23/2020)
(North Dakota) -- I am an enrolled member of the Oglala Lakota tribe from the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. I am fortunate to have grown up in a family with...
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Mining & Drilling

article OP/ED: Resignation of mining CEO after destruction of Aboriginal caves represents a tectonic shift in social investing (9/22/2020)
(Australia) -- Ten years ago — maybe even a year ago — it would be unlikely that the CEO of a major mining corporation would have lost his job for destroying...
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Sports in Las Vegas

article OP/ED: Big night for Raiders and their new hometown (9/22/2020)
(Las Vegas) -- As the light outside faded, the glittering casinos on the Las Vegas Strip came to life Monday evening through the giant lanai doors in the new home of the...
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Pamunkey Tribe

article LETTER: Norfolk should go with a casino group that has experience (9/20/2020)
(Virginia) -- Experience needed: I’m a proud Norfolk resident. But I’m not proud that our City Council chose the inexperienced team of Jon Yarbrough and the...
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Winnebago Tribe

article OPINION: Nebraska voters should approve casino measures (9/19/2020)
(Nebraska) -- For years, opponents have fought repeated efforts to legalize casino gambling in Nebraska, arguing it would lead to added bankruptcies and addiction. We...
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Arizona Gaming

article OP/ED: Arizona Coyotes stiffing Glendale? And this team wants somebody to build a new arena? (9/18/2020)
(Arizona) -- So I’m guessing the Arizona Coyotes won’t be finding any suckers, excuse me, I mean taxpayers willing to build the team a new arena any time...
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Penn National

article OP/ED: Penn prepares for its ‘one chance’ with Barstool (9/16/2020)
(Wall Street) -- Ground zero for Dave Portnoy’s big sports-betting adventure would appear to be Pennsylvania. Or, rather, Barstool shareholder Penn National...
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American Gaming Association

article OP/ED: Safe, responsible casino gaming supports state economies at crucial time (9/15/2020)
(Washington D.C.) -- Safely reopening businesses and ensuring patrons are protected are essential to reigniting the country’s economy. That includes the casino...
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Online Gaming

article BLOG: Why the US online gambling model is counterproductive (9/14/2020)
(Malta) -- The US online gambling licensing process is slow and complicated, leading to many operators not even trying. We take a look at why this is and what may need...
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Sports Leagues

article Opinion: the Blackhawks’ name has got to go (9/13/2020)
(Chicago) -- In my first team hockey photo, I’m nine years old and happily wearing a jersey emblazoned with the Chicago Blackhawks logo. Looking back at that...
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False Idols

article TARANGO: Now that Columbus’ statue is gone, let’s replace it with a Native American monument (9/12/2020)
(California) -- In July, a statue of Christopher Columbus was removed from the California State Capitol, part of a nationwide trend as Americans fed up with systemic...
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Illinois Gaming

article OP/ED: NFL season kicks off a new era of sports betting in Illinois (9/11/2020)
(Illinois) -- Despite beating Detroit twice in 2019, the Chicago Bears are three-point underdogs for Sunday’s season opener against the Lions.
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Nevada Gaming

article OP/ED: I-15 traffic is proof that Nevada tourism is recovering (9/11/2020)
(Las Vegas) -- The amount of traffic from Southern California on I-15 into and out of Las Vegas for the Labor Day holiday is yet another strong indicator that people are...
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article OP/ED: How The Post helped create a racial slur (9/11/2020)
(Washington D.C.) -- It’s not only owners of the Washington football team who should apologize for using the R-word, a term defined by dictionaries as “...
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Video Gaming

article Column: 'Fortnite' maker draws praise for fighting Apple, but lawsuits allege it rips off kids (9/11/2020)
(Internet) -- Epic Games, the creator of the stupendously popular video game “Fortnite,” has been winning praise for its stance challenging the strangleholds...
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Eastern Band of Cherokee

article OP/ED: How is there still litter? (9/10/2020)
(North Carolina) -- As you drive around the Qualla Boundary (aka Cherokee Indian Reservation), you will see beautiful mountains and streams, and you might be lucky...
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Marijuana & Hemp

article LETTER: Foreign workers causing problems (9/10/2020)
(Arizona) -- The unlawful hemp cultivation in Shiprock has brought an onslaught of foreigners working in hemp greenhouses. These people are of Asian descent who do not...
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Atlantic City Gaming

article Our view: Casinos should do what’s relatively easy to reduce COVID risk (9/9/2020)
(Atlantic City) -- Evidence is mounting that lockdowns weren’t a very helpful reaction to COVID-19 by governments and health experts with too little information on...
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Card Clubs

article Editorial: Why San Jose voters should reject cardrooms tax increase (9/9/2020)
(California) -- Measure H asks San Jose voters to approve a 1.5% tax increase on cardrooms in exchange for allowing addition of a total of 30 table games to the city...
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Native Vote

article OP/ED: Making Sure the Native Voices are Heard Through Native Votes (9/7/2020)
(Indian Country) -- Beyond the politics of choosing the next President of the United States, the American public faces some major differences during the 2020...
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Wynn Resorts

article SCHUETZ: What Wynn Did (9/7/2020)
(Las Vegas) -- Wynn recently did something that is terribly significant. Most women know that it’s terribly significant, but I would argue that many men do not...
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Canadian Land Issues

article CHIEF HENRY: Dudley George's death at 'Aazhoodena' galvanized my community (9/6/2020)
(Ontario) -- It's been 25 years since Anthony Dudley George made the supreme sacrifice while taking a stand for the right to return home. Much has changed in the...
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Mascot Issue

article COLUMN: The only good Indian mascot is a dead Indian mascot (9/6/2020)
(Oklahoma) -- The only good Indian is a dead Indian” is an American aphorism uttered by General Phillip Sheridan during the plains Indian campaigns of the 1860s...
article COLUMBIAN: Native American mascots are not a tribute (8/28/2020)
(Ohio) -- A proposal to retire the Chieftains nickname for Columbia River High School athletic teams is not a matter of political correctness run amok. It is simply a...
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Montana Gaming

article AUDIO: Above the Fold: Does gambling pay? The launch of sports betting in Montana (9/4/2020)
(Montana) -- In this episode, we focus on the initial launch of sports betting in Montana, take a look at how our sports betting law shapes up nationally and discus some...
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Kentucky Derby

article Kentucky Derby odds: Gambling on horse racing explained (9/2/2020)
(Kentucky) -- Ah, the Kentucky Derby -- one of the most celebrated and anticipated horse racing events of the year. This year -- one flipped upside down because of the...
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First Nations

article OP/ED: Public monuments should represent history and reconciliation, not celebrate Canada's colonization (9/1/2020)
(Saskatchewan) -- I have no objections to acknowledging important historical figures in public spaces, but that history — and those figures — should reflect...
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National Indian Gaming Association

article THE NEW NORMAL: Tribal Gaming and the New Normal: Doing Business During A Pandemic (9/1/2020)
(Washington D.C.) -- You are invited to join our next weekly webinar, Tribal Gaming and the New Normal: Doing Business During A Pandemic on Wednesday, September 2, 2020...
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Connecticut Gaming

article Henningsen: No talks on sports betting until tribes’ exclusive rights recognized (8/31/2020)
(Connecticut) -- Sportech, PLC's recent op-ed blamed the Tribes for “blocking" legislation to legalize sports betting. A more candid approach would...
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MGM Springfield

article OP/ED: For MGM Springfield, There’s Not Much to Celebrate (8/31/2020)
(Massachusetts) -- Suffice it to say that this is not the way MGM Springfield wanted to mark its second anniversary.
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Other News

article OP/ED: How to call out racism without destroying your relationships (9/28/2020)
(Internet) -- Though it seems painfully obvious to some, the definition of racism isn’t so clear cut to others. The idea that racism is always overt, like calling...
article SCHUETZ: The Judge Who Does Not Judge (9/28/2020)
(Nevada) -- Sometimes a judgement can be a good thing, particularly when you are afflicted with a gambling problem. Richard Schuetz relates the experience of attending...
article The Long Con: Bill Pascrell talks about the growing US gambling market (9/28/2020)
(New Jersey) -- Bill Pascrell III is excited by the immense possibilities of the U.S. online gambling market. The lobbyist from the Princeton Public Affairs group sat...
article How anti-Indigeneity proliferates around the West and the world (9/25/2020)
(Worldwide) -- “By adopting the Declaration, we are also taking another major step forward towards the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental...
article OP/ED: ‘Lame duck to dead duck’ (9/22/2020)
(Montana) -- With great interest and appreciation, I studied the column recently provided by a fellow Native Sun News Today columnist Ivan Star Comes Out.
article OP/ED: Finding solutions to bring connectivity to Alaska, Indian Country (9/18/2020)
(Indian Country) -- As an Inupiaq, I grew up north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska, home to some of the most remote communities in the United States. Arctic living...
article OP/ED: Living in a smokehouse (9/16/2020)
(USA) -- This week has been like living in a smokehouse, with swirling masses of smoke blowing in from every direction. We are reminded of the value of what we take for...
article Plymouth’s ‘Mayflower 400’ festival sounds like 21st-century revisionist ‘history’ (9/16/2020)
(Massachusetts) -- There is, these days, much mockery about the use of the hackneyed adjective “diverse” in any sort of publicity; it usually shows a desire by the...
article OP/ED: University of Colorado deal with PointsBet is smart gamble (9/15/2020)
(Colorado) -- University of Colorado Athletic Director Rick George turned some heads last week when he announced the Buffaloes’ five-year deal with PointsBet, an...
article OP/ED: Years of Neglect Have Created Devastating Consequences for Tribal Colleges (9/14/2020)
(Indian Country) -- As students return to college this fall, Americans committed to racial equity and justice must awaken to the situation beyond the walls of their own...
article The Obstacles of Being a Native Law Student: How Attorneys Can Help Overcome These Obstacles (9/14/2020)
(Indian Country) -- While a board member of National NALSA during the 2018–2019 and 2019–2020 terms, I received input from Native students across the country about the...
article OP/ED: Tribal colleges need our help more than ever (9/3/2020)
(Indian Country) -- As students return to college this fall, Americans committed to racial equity and justice must awaken to the situation beyond the walls of their own...
article Mitch McConnell Saddles Up to End Doping and Address the Crisis in Horse Racing (9/1/2020)
(Washington D.C.) -- Thirty years ago, I wrote a magazine cover story about horse racing, arguing the pageantry and pomp that viewers glimpsed at the Kentucky Derby and...
article STUTZ: A crashed riverboat casino epitomizes the gaming industry’s year in 2020 (8/29/2020)
(Las Vegas) -- Hurricane Laura roared across western Louisiana with the strength to knock the Isle of Capri Lake Charles casino off its moorings. The storm sent the...
article OP/ED: Political correctness comes to Hangtown (8/27/2020)
(California) -- Placerville is a pleasant place to spend a day visiting wineries and touring historical buildings from the Gold Rush era. The small California city once...
article SCHUETZ: Regulatory Capture: Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You (8/27/2020)
(USA) -- The first tenet of regulation is to perform your duties in the “public interest.” But what happens when that public interest intersects with a more...
article SCHUETZ: A Failure of Regulation: Women’s Progress Stymied (8/18/2020)
(USA) -- Today, on August 18th, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, allowing women the right to vote. This event reminds us...
article GIAGO: The laws that impacted the lives of South Dakota Indians (8/17/2020)
(South Dakota) -- Voting rights has never been something that the men and women of the Sioux Nations took lightly. Before there was a United States government the Lakota...
article LAND BACK: Panel discusses Native and Indigenous issues (8/13/2020)
(New York) -- About 100 people gathered on Kalapuya land on Wednesday to demystify the concept of decolonization and better their understanding of Native and Indigenous...
article LETTERS: Benally: a Navajo Escobar? (8/13/2020)
(Navajo Nation) -- It is a good thing you (Dineh Benally) weren’t elected. The Navajo Nation would’ve been in a world of hurt, because you lack dignity,...

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