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Winnebago Tribe

article In $1 million suit, Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska's economic development firm says it was cheated in petition effort to expand gambling (1/14/2017)
(Nebraska) -- Like any good gambler, a major player in a push to develop casinos in Nebraska is seeking to offset its losses. Ho-Chunk Inc. — the economic...
article Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska To Vote On Membership Requirements (4/16/2016)
(Nebraska) -- The Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska will likely vote later this summer on changes to its membership policy. The tribe has a reservation that straddles the Iowa...
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Native Vote

article #NATIVEVOTE16 – Tom Cole Forges the GOP Case for Tribal Sovereignty (10/16/2016)
(Oklahoma) -- Early on I decided to focus this #NativeVote16 project on American Indians and Alaska Natives running for office. (Instead of a broader look at the...
article How a Utah County Silenced Native American Voters -- and How Navajos Are Fighting Back (6/19/2016)
(Utah) -- To understand why Wilfred Jones wanted an ambulance, you have to understand where he lives. San Juan County, in southeastern Utah, is nearly as big as New...
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Donald Trump

article Actually, Donald Trump's Immigration Proposals Are Nothing New (9/18/2016)
(California) -- Liberal Americans like to think of Donald Trump as an aberration and believe that his idea of building a great wall along the US-Mexico border to prevent...
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Lumbee Tribe

article All ‘natives’ among those counted for redistricting (9/4/2016)
(North Carolina) -- For those who did the math, yes, the total number of people counted as part of the process for drawing new district lines for Lumbee Tribal Council...
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Native Voices

article TRAHANT: Is Facebook Enough to Win a Senate Primary Seat in Alaska? (8/14/2016)
(Alaska) -- Could social media be a tool used to propel a successful candidacy? Of course not. At least that’s what people say. After all: Politics has always been...
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South Dakota Gaming

article S. Dakota Senate committee endorses letting voters decide whether Deadwood casinos add games (2/27/2014)
(South Dakota) -- South Dakota voters would decide whether troubled Deadwood casinos could offer roulette, keno and craps under a proposed constitutional amendment...
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First Nations Politics

article Chiefs shouldn`t be only ones voting in First Nations election, critics say (6/26/2012)
(Ottawa) -- As the Assembly of First Nations prepares to choose a national chief next month, some are demanding the organization allow each individual member of a First...
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Mashpee Wampanoag

article Taunton Residents Weigh Pros, Cons Of Casino Proposal (6/8/2012)
(Massachusetts) -- Taunton residents take to the polls Saturday to weigh in on the Mashpee Wampanoag’s proposed casino for their city.
article Taunton voters to decide today if they want a casino (6/8/2012)
(Massachusetts) -- David and Maria Pelletier munched breakfast with their grandson, Nelson, at Jimmy’s Restaurant and talked about the jobs and money that a...
article Voters to hit the polls for Taunton’s casino referendum today (6/8/2012)
(Massachusetts) -- Taunton voters will head to the polls today to weigh in on the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe’s proposed casino in East Taunton. Polls are open from 7...
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Other News

article Emphatic 'no' in Penghu casino vote (10/16/2016)
(Taiwan) -- In a referendum Saturday, Penghu residents gave an emphatic thumbs down to a proposal to build casinos on the island chain. Voter turnout was 39.56 percent,...
article Maine’s distinctive Electoral College voting system and the Native American who provided it (10/2/2016)
(Maine) -- Recent polls show Hillary Clinton out in front in Maine’s First District. They also show Donald Trump ahead in the Second. The state’s split...
article Santee Sioux members in tri-state area seek voting rights (12/13/2015)
(Iowa) -- Local members of the Santee Sioux Nation are frustrated with what they see as a lack of representation in their tribal government.

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