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Alaska Gaming


article TEPTON: Casinos in Alaska? It won’t happen.
(Alaska) -- A lot of people have said we ought to start casinos up here and make a lot of money. But that’s a myth. Lower 48 Indians own more than 450 of them and...


article Tlingit & Haida tight-lipped about project near Eaglecrest
(Alaska) -- Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska remains mum over the purpose of an intensive land clearing operation on Douglas Island. It...


article Ask Juneau: Why can't I buy a lottery ticket?
(Alaska) -- Two viewers, Cherie Ball and Mark Allred, had similar questions that we’re answering this week: "Why doesn’t Alaska have a real lottery? Are...
article Bingo nights are a regular draw in Ketchikan
(Alaska) -- When the sun strides past Gravina Island, the Veterans of Foreign Wars transforms its second floor hall into a community staple that has entertained...


article Polar bears, growing desperate for food, threaten native Alaskans
(Alaska) -- While Carla SimsKayotuk was getting ready for work last year in one of the U.S. Arctic’s northernmost villages, she noticed her door wasn’t shut...


article Tribe explores ‘self-determination’ options in downtown Craig
(Alaska) -- Indian law is often complicated and obscure. But one bit of Indian law just got a lot more concrete for the Southeast community of Craig: the concept of land...

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