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Crazy Horse


article Monument of ‘Crazy Horse’ quietly taking shape
(South Dakota) -- A monument honoring Native American legend Chief Crazy Horse is slowly taking shape high above the Black Hills of South Dakota.


article Detailing the life of Crazy Horse
(Kentucky) -- "They'd kill us," Floyd Clown said solemnly, repeating exactly what his elders had told him as he and his family learned to survive in the...


article Culture kept alive at Crazy Horse Memorial Labor Day Open House
(South Dakota) -- People from all across the globe at Crazy Horse Memorial for a longtime tradition. "People would come and we want them to see what was being done...


article A Trip To The Crazy Horse Memorial Is A Lesson In Our Brutal History (And Capacity To Heal)
(South Dakota) -- South Dakota is an objectively beautiful corner of America. The seas of green grass that undulate in the wind, the ancient towers of the Black Hills,...


article Crazy Horse’s Family Shares His Story More Than A Century Later
(North Dakota) -- Crazy Horse is a Native American war leader who fought against the U.S. government in 1877 to protect the Lakota people’s land. More than a...

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