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article Facebook’s New App Wants Sports Fans Looking at Their Mobile Phones
(Internet) -- Facebook has created an app that’s designed to lure the eyeballs of sports fans from their televisions to their mobile devices. The app, dubbed Venue...


article Facebook gambling group organizers charged in central Pa.
(Pennsylvania) -- Two Cambria County women are facing charges after state police say they were running an illegal gambling group on Facebook. Brittany Winings, 32, of...


article Facebook wants to build on what may be a former indigenous village
(California) -- In November 2012, The Almanac published a short news item reporting that construction crews working in Menlo Park had unearthed two human skulls while...


article Facebook In Trouble Yet Again After Exposing Minors To Gambling Ads
(USA) -- Facebook has reportedly marked hundreds of thousands of children as interested in gambling and alcohol products and services. This could potentially expose them...
article Facebook May Have Been Used To ‘Brainwash’ Children Into Gambling
(Internet) -- Facebook is the greatest system of cognitive and behavioural manipulation the world has ever seen. Over the years, it has allegedly influenced the outcome...


article Children 'interested in' gambling and alcohol, according to Facebook
(UK) -- Facebook has marked hundreds of thousands of children as “interested in” adverts about gambling and alcohol, a joint investigation by the Guardian...


article Facebook expands new tool aiming to shrink ‘news deserts’
(USA) -- Facebook is trying to coax “news deserts” into bloom with the second major expansion of a tool that exposes people to more local news and...


article The FBI wants to build a data dragnet on Facebook
(California) -- On Wednesday, Rob Price published a nice scoop about a San Francisco marketing agency that had been slurping up millions of public posts from Instagram...


article AMC Grand Chief Arlen Dumas goes on leave to 'heal' after Facebook allegations
(Manitoba) -- The leader of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs is temporarily leaving his role to "heal" just days after being accused of inappropriate...


article Facebook Just Made a Huge Announcement About Its Diversity Hiring Goals
(California) -- Facebook on Tuesday published its sixth-annual diversity report, showing that the company has made only modest gains in its ambitions to bring more...


article Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency 'poses risks to global banking'
(UK) -- Facebook’s plan to operate its own digital currency poses risks to the international banking system that should trigger a speedy response from global...


article OP/ED: Instagram or Insta-racist? How Instagram silences Natives in favor of racist R--skins
(Indian Country) -- The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) is the owner of Indian Country Today and manages its business operations. The National Congress of...


article Facebook rejects ads for traditional Inuit knives, calling them 'weapons'
(North Canada) -- An artist in Yellowknife says Facebook is culturally discriminating against Inuit after the site rejected his ads selling uluit, the plural of ulu, a...


article Advocates say Facebook tricked kids into in-game purchases
(Internet) -- A collection of children's and privacy rights groups is accusing Facebook of intentionally duping kids into running up charges for playing games on the...


article Facebook removes fur hat posts by Alaska Native artist
(Alaska) -- Facebook is continuing to remove posts by an Alaska Native artist selling items made of sea otter fur despite the social media company stating the problem...


article Facebook let kids rack up huge bills in games because ‘friendly fraud’ produced revenue: report
(California) -- In Facebook’s parlance, little kids racking up huge bills by making purchases in Facebook-based games using their parents’ credit cards were...


article Facebook apologizes for removing posts selling sealskin products — again
(Canada) -- Facebook users in the North say they're frustrated the social media giant is removing posts selling sealskin products — again. Gerri Sharpe said it...


article Facebook temporarily bans woman who called out store name with anti-Indigenous slur
(Alberta) -- An Alberta woman found herself temporarily banned from Facebook this weekend after she called out a business owner whose company name includes a racial and...


article Facebook restores mom's account after she posted photo of kids in traditional Native American clothing
(Oklahoma) -- Facebook has restored a Sequoyah County mother's account after she posted pictures of her adopted children wearing their traditional Native American...


article Facebook adds Alaska’s Inupiaq as language option
(Alaska) -- Britt'Nee Brower grew up in a largely Inupiat Eskimo town in Alaska's far north, but English was the only language spoken at home. Today, she knows a...


article Facebook Is Removing More Than 5,000 Ad Targeting Options To Prevent Discrimination
(Internet) -- Facebook is planning to remove more than 5,000 ad targeting options in an effort to prevent discriminatory advertising. The bulk of the 5,000 targeting...


article Facebook Just Removed a Cluster of 32 “Bad Actor” Fake Accounts and Pages
(The Internet) -- As the midterm elections loom, it’s safe to expect Facebook to be a minefield of disinformation and fake accounts. But unlike after the 2016...


article ‘People Don’t Like It When You Call Them a Colonizer’
(New York) -- In a narrow industrial kitchen in late November 2017, a group of chefs and activists served a multicourse dinner to an overflowing crowd. Most of the group...
article Inuktut settings coming to Facebook by 2019
(North Canada) -- Facebook users could be clicking "piugijara" instead of the "like" button to show they support someone's post by next year. The...


article 'Help continue our language': Alaskan Inuit dialect added to Facebook
(Canada) -- Facebook added Inupiaq, an Alaskan Inuit dialect, as a language option thanks to a grassroots project started by an Alaskan man. Myles Creed is from the...


article 'Help continue our language': Alaskan Inuit dialect added to Facebook
(North Canada) -- Facebook added Inupiaq, an Alaskan Inuit dialect, as a language option thanks to a grassroots project started by an Alaskan man. Myles Creed is from...
article Posting about 'merciless Indian savages' can get you censored
(Internet) -- Mark Charles has been talking about the "merciless Indian Savages" in the Declaration of Independence for years but did you know that posting...


article Facebook flagged part of the Declaration of Independence as hate speech
(Texas) -- A small community newspaper in Texas wanted to recognize the Fourth of July with a history lesson about the United States Declaration of Independence –...


article How Facebook is stepping up its plans to immediately gratify gamers
(California) -- Facebook isn’t a game company, but it knows a lot about games and gamers. During last week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the big...


article Facebook introduces new portal for gaming enthusiasts
(California) -- Facebook on Friday unveiled a portal devoted to streaming video game play and commentary as it ramped up its challenge to Amazon-owned Twitch and Google...


article Louisiana Senate approves fantasy sports vote
(Louisiana) -- The Louisiana Senate gave final approval Wednesday night to legislation that would allow voters to decide whether to allow fantasy sports games in their...


article Facebook pulled down several pages pretending to represent Native Americans that push fake news. There’s more to go.
(USA) -- Facebook has removed multiple pages that pretended to represent Native Americans but were actually pushing fake news stories linked to websites seemingly from...


article Facebook Admits It Might Be Poisoning Democracy
(USA) -- Last week, Apple C.E.O. Tim Cook, whose company is inching towards a trillion-dollar market valuation, told a crowd at Harlow College in Essex, England, that he...


article Casino-style games on Facebook lure kids into gambling
(UK) -- Children are being lured into gambling by slot-machine styled games and apps through Facebook. Scientific Games, a US-based gambling company which supplies...


article Has Facebook become the game developer’s best friend?
(Washington) -- Gaming is better with friends. And gaming is important at Facebook. Those are the takeaways that Brian Boland, vice president of publisher solutions at...


article GYASI ROSS: Intent v. Impact: Of Mark Zuckerberg, Poverty Porn and Native People
(Washington) -- Mark Zuckerberg is visiting Native communities. Last week Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire founder of Facebook and also the subject of the 2010 movie The...
article Zuckerberg meets Native American poverty
(Montana) -- Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg visited the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana last weekend, and took to Facebook to shed light on how federal...


article How Facebook plans to make esports and game videos more social
(California) -- At its recent F8 annual developer event in San Jose, California, Facebook doubled down on its gaming initiatives, announcing the progress it has made...


article Gwich’in language revitalization campaign starts on facebook
(Northwest Territories) -- Jacey Firth-Hagen is trying to save one of the fastest dying Indigenous languages in the country. “I want people know that the Gwich...


article Bodybuilder who runs a Facebook gambling page that features piles of cash and tells members they can turn $50 into $50,000 is under investigation
(UK) -- A body builder behind an online sports tipping company that claims to turn $50 into $50,000 is being investigated by police for alleged fraud.


article Facebook suspends users over 'nude' photo of Aboriginal women in traditional dress
(Australia) -- Facebook has suspended the profiles of people who shared an article about Aboriginal feminism, because it contains a photograph of two Indigenous women in...


article Facebook Impacts Brain Similar To Cocaine, Gambling
(The Internet) -- Facebook impacts the brain in a similar way to cocaine, gambling and other substance and compulsive addictions, says a new study.


article Fantasy sports pursued as lottery
(Texas) -- Records show that for months, the Texas Lottery Commission aggressively pursued efforts to get the Texas lottery involved in the multibillion-dollar fantasy...


article AG Eric Schneiderman wants FanDuel and DraftKings to return losers' money
(New York) -- State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has upped the ante in his battle with daily fantasy sports sites FanDuel and DraftKings. In addition to trying to...


article Two gambling-themed game titles make Facebook's Web Games of Year
(Las Vegas) -- Scientific Games' "Hot Shot Casino" slots game and Playtika's "Vegas Downtown Slots" made Facebook's 2015 Web Games of the...


article Emergency hearing set for FanDuel, DraftKings
(New York) -- An emergency hearing has been scheduled for next week that could determine whether FanDuel and DraftKings will be forced to shut down in New York — a...


article Facebook launches youth safety guide in Cree, Ojibway and Inuktitut
(Canada) -- Facebook Canada and Media Smarts, Canada's centre for digital and media literacy, launched a resource guide today for youth in Cree, Ojibway and...


article Facebook will test improvements to its 'real name' policy in December Seating Chair
(New York) -- "It will also help us better understand the reasons why people cannot now confirm their name, informing potential changes we make in the future...


article Facebook kills proposed user data policy after game and app publishers panicked
(California) -- Facebook has reversed itself today on a major change it had planned to make on how it handles mobile user data, after running considerable opposition...


article Facebook users take bigger financial risks after a session, study shows
(Australia) -- FACEBOOK users who invest or gamble soon after browsing their feeds are more reckless with their money, new Australian research shows. The world-first...


article Facebook challenges legitimacy of some Native names
(South Dakota) -- When Lance Browneyes of the Oglala Lakota community in South Dakota was blocked from Facebook for using a "fake" name, he submitted proof of...


article Native American activist to sue Facebook over site's 'real name' policy
(California) -- A Native American activist plans to lead a class action lawsuit against Facebook over its “real name” policy, which has drawn the ire of drag...


article Native Americans fight to keep family names on Facebook
(Oklahoma) -- Many Native Americans say they have been forced to use fake names on Facebook because of a “real name” policy. The social media giant requires...


article Facebook Thinks Some Native American Names Are Inauthentic
(California) -- The social network is barring some Native Americans from logging in. If you’re Native American, Facebook might think your name is fake.


article Why Some Native Americans Say Facebook Is Biased Against Them
(California) -- There's a message many Native Americans have been getting from Facebook because their accounts were reported for having a fake name and thus...


article to pull sports betting app from Facebook
(The Internet) -- Online gaming operator is to withdraw its ‘Sportster – Bet and Win’ social sports betting application from social...


article Paddy Power to retire from Facebook
(UK) -- Paddy Power has announced that will be withdrawing its In-Play real-money social wagering product from Facebook.


article Counsellors Say Facebook Gambling In S’pore May Cause Actual Gambling Addiction
(Singapore) -- Counsellors working with problem gamers are all for the recently passed Remote Gambling Act in Singapore, blaming free-to-play casino-style social games...
article Hard Rock Hotel, Casino surpasses 12,000 Facebook fans
(Nevada) -- The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Lake Tahoe has reported surpassing 12,000 Facebook fans less than three months after launching its page on July 17, the same...


article Facebook Gaming Gets Shut Down in Korea Until Further Notice
(South Korea) -- Facebook gaming has been shut down in Korea by its Game Rating and Administration Committee (GRAC) until further notice. While there has been no...


article South Korea Blocks Social Gaming on Facebook
(South Korea) -- In the most recent attempt to seize control of what they refer to as the 'social gambling industry,' authorities in South Korea have pulled the...


article Facebook Games Temporarily Blocked in South Korea
(South Korea) -- Right now, my wife is overjoyed that we do not live in South Korea. That is not an indictment of the nation or its people, it is just that last week...


article Success Elusive for Real-Money Gambling on Facebook [sub req'd]
(The Internet) -- Real-money gambling on Facebook has delivered only mixed results, with several high-profile launches failing in recent weeks in the run-up to a new UK...


article Gamesys to withdraw real-money Facebook app
(UK) -- Online casino and bingo operator Gamesys it is to withdraw its real-money Bingo and Slots Friendzy application from social network Facebook after less than two...


press release Atlantis Internet Group (ATIG) Partners With WikiBetting to Launch Social Sports Gaming on Facebook
(Las Vegas) -- Today Atlantis Internet Group (ATIG) (PINKSHEETS: ATIG) enters the social gaming market by partnering with WikiBetting to operate the Sportbook Exchange,...


article New Blackjack Game Goes Live on Facebook
(USA) -- A new table game has been launched online and it uses blackjack rules to determine the winner. BJX Entertainment has launched BlackJack eXtreme on Facebook as...


article Facebook games the gateway drug of gambling, says UK psychologist
(UK) -- Free Facebook games are the “number one risk factor” for adolescent gambling addiction, according to British psychologist and co-founder of GamCare,...


article Why one studio is still plugging away on new Facebook games
(California) -- The commonly held belief among industry observers is that gaming on Facebook is on the decline. Big companies like Zynga and King are still making money...


article How does Facebook affect Vegas?
(Las Vegas) -- Facebook has changed the way many people communicate, but the social network has also played a hand in how people gamble. At the recent Social Gambling...


article The Obama Administration Just Gave Nine Tribal Nations $7 Million To Fund Clean Energy Projects
(Washington D.C.) -- The U.S. fossil fuel boom has not been easy on American Indians. Pollution is one problem, hunger for coal is another. While the people of the Moapa...


article Stardust Resort and Casino lives again in Stardust Casino on Facebook
(USA) -- Social gaming company Win has announced the launch of its newest Facebook game, Stardust Casino, which looks to take players back to the golden days of the Las...
article STUTZ: Stardust casino lives again on free-to-play social gaming site
(Las Vegas) -- The Stardust is coming back. Kind of. And, as far as we know, without the mob. The Strip casino, which was the center of organized crime’s skimming...


article Clicking up €20,000 in online gaming charges is child's play
(Ireland) -- It's hard to imagine someone racking up a €20,000 bill when playing online games – yet this is exactly what happened to one man who played a...
article Facebook and Paddy Power Offer Online Sports Betting
(Ireland) -- The world is the marketplace on the internet and Paddy Power the iconic Irish gambling operator is taking that idea seriously. A recent report by the Sunday...
article Paddy Power links up with Facebook for live betting
(Ireland) -- Live cash betting will be available on the social network for the first time as Paddy Power teams up with Facebook on a sports gambling launch.


article Slots Club Social Casino Beta Version Performing Well on Facebook
(USA) -- Slots Club was launched in beta format back in June this year, but Diwip, the developer firm behind it, says there’s already lots of interest.


article After Zynga Agreement Ends, Facebook Gets Into Mobile Games Publishing
(California) -- Facebook is moving into mobile games publishing, the company announced today. There has been speculation that the social network would move into...


article Facebook to offer real money social gambling in Italy and Spain
(Italy) -- Facebook, the social networking giant, will offer real money social gaming in Italy and Spain, reports the publication Telecom Paper and the Italian news...


article Pioneers stake claim to new territories
(Ireland) -- Bryan Dobson on the Six One News was talking to the man from the Rutland Centre about the Gambling Control Bill, the general scheme of which had just been...


article Gambling: Adding Another Addiction To Facebook
(USA) -- The popular online app company Zynga, is getting ready to launch a real money online gambling app for already media addicted Facebook users.
article Horse Racing and Football Betting Comes to Facebook
(USA) -- Facebook is to begin accepting real money betting on horse racing and football matches in addition to its slot machines. Over the coming week the new game,...


article Can Zynga get a spark through Facebook?
(California) -- Up until now, Zynga has been a company that I have not paid much mind to. It’s not like it has a small audience, though; this social gaming company...


article Facebook to introduce Paddy Power gambling service
(UK) -- Paddy Power is reassuring parents and campaign groups that no under 18s will be able to use its integrated gambling service on Facebook. Earlier this week, the...
article Online gambling on its way to Facebook
(UK) -- Zynga plans to bring online gambling franchises to Facebook in the U.K. Could it help clear the way for legalized online gambling in the U.S.?


article Irish Bookmaker Gambles on Facebook Betting App
(Ireland) -- An Irish bookmaker is set to become the first company to offer real-money sports betting on Facebook when it launches an app on the social networking site.
article Paddy Power Takes Real Money Sports Betting to Facebook
(Ireland) -- Irish bookie is the first to launch real-money betting app on FB. It seems that gambling news these days are filled with well-known companies taking...


article Facebook to allow users to place bets on horse races and football matches
(UK) -- Facebook will offer real money betting on horse racing and football matches in a major expansion of its gambling operations.


article Online Poker- Why Facebook Will Be The Big Winner
(Wall Street) -- With online poker now legal in Nevada, and currently legally able to offer the game to those within the state's borders, I predict...


article REPORT: Facebook To Discontinue Online Gambling Ads In The Netherlands
(Netherlands) -- Facebook users in the Netherlands will no longer see ads promoting online gambling following the social network’s agreement to comply with a...


article Facebook agrees to block gambling sites from targeting Dutch users
(Netherlands) -- Social media site Facebook has agreed to stop adverts for gambling sites targeting its Dutch users, according to the Dutch gambling authority...


article Facebook gaming may violate consumer rights
(Taiwan) -- The Consumers' Foundation (CF) is raising awareness among Facebook gamers of the agreements they accept before playing, as many terms and conditions may...


article French startup is bridging the gap between gaming and gambling
(UK) -- Facebook casino games are two a virtual penny, but what if you could bet and win hard cash on the social network? French entrepreneur Nadya Jahan is letting...


article Caesars Interactive launches WSOP game on Facebook
(Las Vegas) -- Caesars Interactive Entertainment has joined forced with Electronic Arts to launch a World Series of Poker-branded game for Facebook.
article Ladbrokes ready to gamble on social media with Facebook betting games
(UK) -- Ladbrokes on Thursday hinted it could join the world of social media and launch betting games on Facebook. ‘Social media is here to stay,’ the...


article LEGAL BLOG: Facebook Takes Steps to Expand Presence in Real Money Gaming
(USA) -- Facebook is quickly expanding its real money gaming platform. Net Entertainments has signed a license agreement with Bonza Gaming, which is a joint venture...


article Facebook will host online casino games
(UK) -- Facebook could soon become a hub for online casino gaming, experts have suggested. Already hosting popular online games, such as Farmville, the social media...


article Facebook’s Fastest Growing Online Casino Reaches One Million Active Users
(USA) -- Social Facebook app High 5 Casino has passed the one million mark for active users to become the fastest growing online casino on the world’s largest...


article Facebook to offer real money casino games under new deal
(UK) -- Facebook has caused controversy by offering real money Las Vegas-style casino games under a new deal with gaming company 888.


article Real money gambling app embarrasses Facebook
(UK) -- After the IPO debacle, the latest arrangement of Facebook with 888 Holdings to allow its users to gamble using real money in UK has not served any good purpose...


article 888 Partners with Facebook to Offer Real Money Gaming in UK
(UK) -- According to a recent PokerNews report, 888 Holdings Plc, the renowned international online gaming operator who owns the popular online poker brand 888 Poker,...


article 888 to Launch Real-Money Gambling on Facebook
(UK) -- Facebook has announced a new deal with 888 Holdings, one of the largest online gambling operators, to provide online gaming through the social network.
article Facebook accused of fostering a generation of gamblers
(UK) -- Facebook is accused of many ills, from inadequately protecting personal data to increasing commercialisation, but now a new complaint has entered that list...
article Facebook Looks to Real-Money Gambling With 888
(UK) -- Facebook is about to extend its reach into the world of real-money gambling, following a its new deal with 888 Holdings to offer online, bingo, casino and slot...


article Facebook casino gambles with children, say critics
(UK) -- The social networking giant entered into the agreement with 888 Holdings, the online gaming company, to offer bingo, casino and Las Vegas-style slot games to...
article Fury at Facebook online casinos: Social network is 'tempting young to gamble' with new betting games
(UK) -- Facebook has been accused of creating ‘tomorrow’s generation of problem gamblers’ by rolling out real money casino games.
article 888, Facebook Enter Deal to Offer Real Money Gambling
(UK) -- Online gambling firm 888 Holdings has inked a deal with Facebook to offer real money gambling on the world’s largest social network platform, becoming the...
article Facebook takes a gamble on 888 casino deal
(UK) -- Facebook is expanding its efforts to introduce real-money gaming to millions of British users after announcing a deal with the online gambling company 888...
article Facebook Doubles Down on Gambling
(Wall Street) -- Back in August, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) moved into the online gambling space. It struck a deal with UK operator Gamesys, which launched an app called...


article Best Casino Games of 2012
(USA) -- That sound you hear is exactly what the Scorpions told us about back in the 80s: The wind of change. It seems like just a matter of time until players...


article IGT's DoubleDown Social Gaming Casino
(USA) -- If you're a fan of social media, Facebook, twitter and the like, and like to play casino games online, them IGT have developed a real treat for you. Casino...


article Social Gambling Moving at Light Speed
(UK) -- The online gambling industry is always looking for ways to attract customers to the fold. The way some operators have approached the process is to get potential...


article The DeanBeat: How Gamesys is pioneering real-money gambling on Facebook in the U.K.
(UK) -- When Facebook announced recently the first real-money gambling game on the social network in the United Kingdom, it was a big occasion because it opened up a...


article Facebook bingo ads approved despite complaints they would appeal to children
(UK) -- Complaints that a gambling application on social networking site Facebook would appeal to children have been rejected by the Advertising Standards Authority.


article Facebook Sued as Social Game Monopolist
(Delaware) -- Facebook monopolizes the virtual-currency and payment-processing markets by forcing social-game developers to use its service, Kickflip claims in a federal...


article Facebook Tries to Extort $10,000 from Gambling Fan Pages
(USA) -- Facebook demands $10k a month for gambling fan pages and introduces a $30,000 minimum ad spending limit. According to a correspondence leaked on gaming forum...


article Virtual sports bets available on Facebook
(California) -- A San Francisco company is partnering with social-games giant Zynga to launch a Facebook game that lets players place virtual bets on sports teams.
article Virtual sports betting comes to Facebook
(California) -- As president of a company that just came out with a game on Facebook called "Sports Casino," Matthew Cullen is surprisingly OK with the...


article Can Facebook Really Verify Ages for Online Casino Games?
(USA) -- It has been confirmed that Facbook is going to release a new application that would allow players to gamble real money on casino games. This app is only going...


article 888 Wants Apart Of Real Money Gaming on FB Social Network
(UK) -- Gamesys has already made deals with Facebook in which they have become the first to offer real money games on the social network with Bingo and Slots Friendzy...


article Facebook enters gambling arena
(UK) -- You may never have to set foot in a land-based casino again – that is if you are in the UK and use Facebook – the world’s No 1 social network....


article Slot games on Friendzy attract diehard fans
(UK) -- In reality, a lot of players in Vegas casinos are pursuing slot machine games which are played for lower stakes but which are just as exciting. Slot machines, or...


article Facebook dips its toe in online gambling waters
(Washington D.C.) -- Facebook is placing a big bet on Internet gambling, but it’s one critics warn it might not be able to cover.


article Facebook’s Real Money Gambling, PokerStars $225m Payday & Casino Bonuses
(USA) -- Wow, I really lost track of time this morning playing Scarface online slots…that darn game is addicting! I guess I was hoping that the world would be...


article Facebook Gambling App 'Bingo Friendzy' Gives Hackers Reason to Attack
(UK) -- Not many days have passed since Facebook launched its first ever real-cash gambling app, Bingo Friendzy, and naysayers are already having a field day pulling it...


article MARKET WATCH: Facebook rolls the dice on revenue growth
(UK) -- Facebook (FB) has been under pressure to improve its revenue prospects. Now, it has borrowed an approach that has proven profitable for casino companies and many...


article Facebook Launch Real Money Bingo Game
(UK) -- Facebook has launched its first real money gambling game. As of this week UK members of Facebook will be able to play real money bingo and these will soon be...
article Facebook's gamble on the future
(UK) -- It's genius. Starting here in the UK, Facebook has launched an experiment with online gambling by unleashing a real-money gambling app. Like I've always...


article Facebook controls in place to ensure responsible gaming
(UK) -- Less than one day the official announcement more details are emerging about the first real money gaming product to appear on Facebook. Gamesys, Jackpotjoy gaming...
article Facebook Move Will Spur Regulator Scrutiny, Say Lawyers [sub req'd]
(UK) -- As Facebook launches its first real-money gambling app in the UK, experts believe the move will put social gaming “back on the radar” for regulators.


article Bingo! Facebook Gambles On Games Using Real Money, Not Credits, To Engage Users
(UK) -- For the last three quarters, Facebook has been struggling to move the needle on its payments business, but today a new game has launched that could provide a...
article Facebook allows online gambling on platform overseas
(UK) -- Facebook will allow users in Britain to wager real money on its service, opening its doors to gambling for the first time as revenue growth slows at the world...
article Facebook allows U.K. developer to launch real-money gambling app on platform
(UK) -- Online gambling company Gamesys today launches Bingo Friendzy for Facebook, the first casino title to incorporate real-money play on the social network.
article Facebook Debuts Real-Money Bingo In UK [sub req'd]
(UK) -- Facebook has taken the long-awaited plunge into real-money gambling, staking a claim in the UK market with an application called Bingo & Slots Friendzy. For...
article Facebook slammed for game that allows visitors to gamble with REAL money
(UK) -- Users of Facebook will be able to gamble on the site after the social networking giant introduced a game that can only be played using real money.
article Facebook takes a gamble with online gambling in the UK
(UK) -- You may never have to set foot in a casino again - if you're in the U.K. Facebook has begun to allow U.K. users to wager real money on the social media...
article Facebook's first real-cash gambling app launched
(UK) -- A real-money gambling app has been launched on Facebook - the social network's first. Developed by London-based online gambling operator Gamesys, the Bingo...
article Outcry over 'child-friendly' Facebook gambling app
(UK) -- Bingo Friendzy, developed by the British online gambling company Gamesys, was introduced on Facebook this morning. It allows players to stake cash in 90 bingo...


article Facebook ventures into online gambling
(USA) -- Facebook is venturing into the world of online gambling with the launch of its first application where punters can stake real money.

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