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Havasupai Tribe


article Flooding cancels hundreds of trips to coveted waterfalls
(Arizona) -- Hundreds of tourists who booked coveted overnight trips on tribal land deep in a gorge off the Grand Canyon will have to reschedule after heavy flooding...
article Havasupai Flood: Firsthand videos, photos and quotes
(Arizona) -- On Wednesday evening and early Thursday morning, heavy precipitation over the Havasupai reservation deep in the Grand Canyon caused massive flash flooding....


article Flash floods force evacuations, closures on Havasupai Reservation
(Florida) -- Monsoon-related flash flooding that hit the Havasupai village of Supai on Wednesday and Thursday have forced the closure of the popular Grand Canyon...


article In the Grand Canyon, Havasupai parents want to regain control over failing school
(Arizona) -- The Havasupai wanted their school back. Sixteen years had passed since the tribe handed control of Havasupai Elementary School to the federal government....

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