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article Senate wants answers from IHS about child sexual abuse
(Washington D.C.) -- The U.S. Senate wants answers from the Indian Health Service about sexual abuse accusations against physicians. At the center of the concerns is an...


article Rounds says Indian Health Service needs regular independent audits
(South Dakota) -- U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds (R-SD) on Feb. 14 sponsored legislation that would authorize an independent outside audit of the Indian Health Service (IHS), a...


article Violated: How the Indian Health Service betrays patient trust and treaties in the Great Plains
(South Dakota) -- Doctors pulled Kathy Boyd’s heart out of her chest. Hundreds of miles from her home on the Rosebud Indian Reservation, the 57-year-old wife and...
article Demonstrators want the federal government to remain in charge of Sioux San Hospital
(South Dakota) -- On Saturday people from the Native community took to the streets to voice their concerns about Sioux San Hospital. About 30 people rallied outside the...


article Congress Is Starving the Indian Health Service and South Dakota Tribes Are Paying With Their Lives
(South Dakota) -- BThe federal government’s refusal to adequately fund the Indian Health Service is slowly killing two South Dakota tribes. The Argus Leader...
article Violated: Inside South Dakota's Native American health care crisis
(South Dakota) -- Before South Dakota became a state, its original inhabitants were offered a promise. Trade tribal land and natural resources to white settlers in...

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