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Jicarilla Apache Nation


article Leader of Jicarilla Apache Nation stepped down after remarks about 'loose women'
(New Mexico) -- The Jicarilla Apache Nation is choosing a new leader following the resignation of Levi Pesata as president. After five terms on the council, Pesata...


article Jicarilla Apache Nation hosting special election for new president after resignation
(New Mexico) -- The Jicarilla Apache Nation of New Mexico is holding a highly anticipated special election for president on April 17. The former President Levi Pesata...
article Jicarilla Apache Nation to Hold Special Election After President Called Tribal Women 'Loose'
(New Mexico) -- The Jicarilla Apache Nation will hold a special primary election on April 17 following the resignation of president Levi Pesata in mid-February due after...


article Jicarilla Apache Nation President Resigns
(New Mexico) -- Levi Pesata resigned Feb. 15 from his position as president of the Jicarilla Apache Nation. A Nation press release states he resigned due to personal...


article Jicarilla Apache Nation president resigns
(New Mexico) -- The president of the Jicarilla Apache Nation resigned late last week. Levi Pesata resigned from office on Friday, citing personal reasons, according to a...


article TRAPP: Active Nation Members Will Make a Difference
(New Mexico) -- The Apache Nation, Dulce School District and Apache Nugget Casino, all synonymous, are finally having a spotlight focused on them. This, thanks to some...


article Embezzlement Drives Apache President's Recall
(Arizona) -- Jennifer Muskrat climbed into the backseat of a mini-van parked on the east side of the Ishkoteen Judicial Complex in Dulce at 10:30 p.m., Aug. 1. She,...

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