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Kiowa Tribe


article Kiowa Tribe Builds Its First Tribal Park, Creating a Permanent Home for Sacred Rituals
(Oklahoma) -- With cries mimicking the red wolf, red and blue blankets draped across their shoulders and beaded moccasins on their feet, a procession of men raise their...


article Kiowa Casino’s annual toy drive brings in thousands of toys
(Oklahoma) -- Kiowa Casino is celebrating following a successful toy drive before Christmas. The benefiting organizations picked up their toys on Tuesday at the casino....


article Kiowa Tribe Princess Balances the Demands of Her Position – and Still Does Homework
(Oklahoma) -- Alyssa Granado paces nervously, the late-day sun blazing above. The American Indian Exposition begins in less than an hour, and hundreds of spectators have...


article Kiowa Tribe Tries To Preserve Native Language By Including In School System - Legislator
(Oklahoma) -- The Kiowa tribe is currently working with Oklahoma's State Department on making its native language a requirement for graduating from high schools as...


article Kiowa Tribe will hold an inauguration celebration
(Oklahoma) -- The Kiowa Tribe will host an inauguration celebration for its newly elected executive and legislative branch officials.


article Kiowa Warrior's Drawings of Captivity Bring $396,500 at Heritage Auctions
(Texas) -- A Kiowa warrior’s book of drawings documenting his captivity by the U.S. Army in 1875 sold for $396,500 in Heritage Auctions’ June 26 Ethnographic...


article Kiowa tribe breaks earth on dance ground
(Oklahoma) -- Ground has been broken and development is underway for new dance grounds behind the Kiowa Tribal Complex in Carnegie. For years, Kiowa Business Committee...


article Kiowa tribal voters will cast ballots
(Oklahoma) -- Kiowa tribal voters are preparing to cast ballots for the primary election of officers. The election will be Saturday to select the chair and vice chair as...


article Kiowa Casino opens hotel
(Oklahoma) -- After years of planning and construction, Kiowa Casino opened the hotel this morning. They are hopeful the new addition will help take their business to...
article Kiowa Hotel opens in Devol
(Oklahoma) -- Rooms are now available at the new Kiowa Hotel in Devol, Oklahoma after Friday's grand opening. Tribe leaders cut the ribbon for the 63 room hotel that...


article Kiowa Tribe prepares to debut new casino with more in the works
(Oklahoma) -- The Kiowa Tribe is opening a new gaming facility in Oklahoma next week and is looking to the Trump administration to help with future projects. The Kiowa...


article Kiowa casino to open Carnegie location
(Oklahoma) -- Kiowa Casino has announced the opening of its third casino location for the Kiowa Tribe in Carnegie, Okla. The casino is set to open on March 21st. “...

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