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Mechoopda Tribe


article LETTER: Mechoopda will rise above painful past
(California) -- In his recent letter to the editor, Rex Burress uses an image of a “wild, free American Indian” to oppose the Mechoopda Tribe’s plan to...


article LETTER: Pastoral land the wrong place for casino
(California) -- Driving from Oroville to Chico with my landscape architect daughter, we were admiring the open space and pastoral scene along Highway 149, and she...


article Casino inches forward
(California) -- For over a decade, the Mechoopda Indian Tribe has been entangled in court over plans to build a casino south of Chico. Its opponent: Butte County. Last...
article Editorial: Butte County’s wrongheaded and expensive fight against casino must end
(California) -- The federal government has spoken. Several sets of federal judges have spoken. Now it’s time for Butte County and the Mechoopda Indian Tribe of the...


article Mechoopda Tribe looks forward to casino after securing victory in court
(California) -- The Mechoopda Tribe plans to move forward with a long-delayed casino in California after securing victory in court. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals on...


article Another Casino may Soon Come to the North State
(California) -- Another casino will soon be coming to the North State. After many years of appeals and legal battles, the Mechoopda Tribe got the green light to start...


article Casino to Butte County
(California) -- aj abell has the story... aj the casino will go in.. in that big open space behind highway 149 and highway 99...... though a washington dc circuit...


article Mechoopda win Butte County’s federal court appeal on proposed casino
(California) -- Butte County has lost an appeal in federal court in its attempt to prevent a new casino from being built near the intersection of highways 149 and 99 by...


article Mechoopda win Butte County’s federal court appeal on proposed casino
(California) -- Butte County has lost an appeal in federal court in its attempt to prevent a new casino from being built near the intersection of highways 149 and 99 by...


article Calif. County Questions Tribe's Roots In Casino Spat (sub req)
(Washington D.C.) -- A D.C. Circuit hearing turned into an anthropological studies course of sorts Friday as California’s Butte County sought to convince the...


article Appeals court schedules hearing in long-running Mechoopda Tribe gaming case
(California) -- A federal appeals court is hearing arguments next month in a long-running lawsuit that has kept the Mechoopda Tribe has from opening a casino on...


article Last ditch effort by county to stop Mechoopda Tribe proposed casino near Chico
(California) -- Arguments will be heard next month by a federal appeals court in a 15-year legal battle that has prevented the Mechoopda Tribe from opening a casino on...


article OP/ED: Waste of money, insult to tribe
(California) -- Why has Butte County wasted over $600,000 in court costs fighting the federally granted right for the Mechoopda to develop a casino on the tribe’s...


article Calif. County Says DOI Took Liberties With Casino Land Ruling
(California) -- A California county urged the D.C. Circuit on Wednesday to overturn a lower court ruling backing the U.S. Department of the Interior's decision to...


article DOI Says Calif. County Can't Upend Tribal Casino Land Decision [sub req]
(California) -- The U.S. Department of the Interior urged the D.C. Circuit on Tuesday to uphold a lower court ruling backing the department’s decision to take land...


article County Asks DC Circ. To Nix DOI's Tribal Casino Approval [sub req]
(Washington D.C.) -- A California county urged the D.C. Circuit on Monday to overturn a lower court ruling dismissing the county's bid to block a proposed casino for...


article Letter: Citizens, tribe should demand accountability
(California) -- Your editorial objecting to county intrusion in the Indian gaming market is a superb example of responsible journalism. For one thing, gambling...


article EDITORIAL: Supervisors vote to shed no light on expensive casino fight
(California) -- Well, so much for transparency. Two Butte County supervisors tried to force a public discussion on the justification for spending $600,000 to fight a...


article Calif. County Appeals Dismissal Of Tribal Casino Challenge [sub req]
(California) -- A California county told a D.C. district court Monday that it is appealing to the D.C. Circuit the recent dismissal of its request to block a proposed...


article Letter: New casino would just create more problems
(California) -- I agree 100 percent with the Butte County Board of Supervisors in their opposition to a new casino down off of Highway 149 near Chico. This area doesn...


article Expensive Week: Butte County Legal Bill Tops $600,000 to Stop Mechoopda Casino
(California) -- Last week ICTMN explained in detail the hoops that the Butte County Board of Supervisors are jumping though in order to block a casino that is being...


article Mechoopda Tribe offers olive branch on casino but county refuses
(California) -- Officials in Butte County, California, will keep fighting the Mechoopda Tribe even after Chairman Dennis Ramirez offered to discuss their concerns about...
article OP/ED: County’s legal bill in losing fight tops $600,000
(California) -- Butte County supervisors have decided to spend $600,000 — and counting — on a losing battle, but they’ve yet to have an open, public...


article Butte County will continue lawsuit against Mechoopda casino
(California) -- Butte County isn’t budging in its pursuit of stopping a new casino at the intersection of Highway 99 and Highway 149, even after a federal judge...


article California tribe wins land-into-trust court battle
(California) -- In northern California, the federally-recognized Mechoopda Indian Tribe Of Chico Rancheria could finally be allowed to open a casino after a federal...


article A Big Win for a Small California Tribe
(California) -- An important decision by a Federal judge has a small band of California Natives in excellent spirits this week. On Friday, Justice Frederick J. Scullin...


article Butte County should end fight with Mechoopda, start talking
(California) -- Butte County’s decade-long fight with the Mechoopda Indian Tribe can and should end now. We hope county supervisors get the strong hint —...
article Tribe on top: County’s legal battle over proposed casino shot down in federal court
(California) -- As council chairman for the Mechoopda Indian Tribe of Chico Rancheria, Dennis Ramirez has spent the better part of a decade defending his identity. The...


article Federal judge rules for Mechoopda in dispute with county
(California) -- Development of a casino by the Mechoopda Indian Tribe of the Chico Rancheria can move forward as a result of a U.S. district court ruling Friday. A...
article Mechoopda Tribe wins right to build California county’s 3rd casino
(California) -- A rural Northern California county has fallen short in its long fight against a proposed tribal casino near the city of Chico. In a marked defeat for...
article US Judge: Mechoopda casino OK to move forward
(California) -- A U.S. district judge denied Butte County's request to stop a casino from being built south of Chico on Friday. The ruling comes after a 16-year-long...


article Mechoopda Indian Tribe to build Chico campus, health clinic
(California) -- The Mechoopda Indian Tribe of Chico Rancheria announced plans Monday for a new three-building campus that will include a new Northern Valley Indian...


article In their eyes / New exhibit gives Mechoopda history from their perspective
(California) -- As I walked through the outstanding new exhibit in the north room of the Chico Museum, Mik ‘cupu dy [Mechoopda]: This Is Our Home, Here We Remain,...


article Federal Register: NIGC fee rate, Mechoopa Tribe land-into-trust
(Washington D.C.) -- There are two gaming notices of interest in today's issue of the Federal Register. The National Indian Gaming Commission announced the...


article Interior Approves Mechoopda’s Trust Land for Gaming
(California) -- A small California tribe will be able to move forward with its plan to develop an Indian gaming Casino on its land in the Sacramento Valley.


article Editorial: Ruling a victory for Mechoopda
(California) -- Our view: The county shamefully tried to argue the Mechoopda weren't a legitimate tribe, but the federal government ruled differently.


article Feds again back tribe's claim to land; plans for casino 10 miles from Chico uncertain
(California) -- The Mechoopda Indian Tribe received the go-ahead Friday to acquire 626 acres in trust in Butte County, with 91 acres of the site for gaming purposes.


article Feds again back Mechoopda claim to land
(Washington D.C.) -- The Mechoopda Indian Tribe received the go-ahead today to place 626 acres in Butte County in federal trust, with 91 acres of the site for gaming...


article Mechoopda Tribe lacks funding to continue with casino plan
(California) -- The Mechoopda Tribe of California has run out of money to defend its gaming land-into-trust application, Vice Chairwoman Sandra Knight said.


article Mechoopda unable to fight state opposition to tribe land trust
(California) -- After 13 years of battling for a federal land trust, the Mechoopda tribe no longer has funds to fight the state Attorney General's request that the...


article Casino battle still brewing / Mechoopda issued a blow in recent court ruling
(California) -- The Mechoopda Maidu were issued a blow on Tuesday (July 13), when a federal court ruled against the tribe’s plan to build a casino south of Chico.


article County wins split decision in ruling over Mechoopda casino
(California) -- Butte County's effort to prevent the proposed Mechoopda Indian casino from being built was successful in an appellate court decision Tuesday.


article Casino battle drags on in Butte County
(California) -- After years of debate and hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars spent fighting it, the proposed Mechoopda Indian casino doesn't look any closer...


article Not much new in Mechoopda casino struggle
(California) -- After years of debate and hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars spent fighting it, the proposed Mechoopda Indian casino doesn't look any closer...


article Mechoopda were original College Park residents
(California) -- The beginning of time started in a place known as Tadoiko. A raft, carrying Kodoyampeh, the maker of this world, and Turtle, first came ashore on soft,...


article Mechoopda chairman hopeful after Obama meeting
(California) -- President Obama seems to mean business about helping Indian tribes, Dennis Ramirez, chairman of the Mechoopda Tribe, said Wednesday.


article Mechoopda Tribe-sponsored potluck today kicks off retracing of Nome Cult Trail
(California) -- Today a group of walkers will be honored with a potluck sendoff before beginning to retrace the path of the forced 1863 relocation of local Indians to...


article County appeals judge's tribal casino ruling
(California) -- Butte County supervisors have decided to appeal a federal court ruling allowing the Chico Rancheria Mechoopda to build a casino between Oroville and...
article Mechoopda disappointed by appeal
(California) -- A decision by the Butte County supervisors to continue their legal battle against an Indian casino near the intersection of Highways 99 and 149 has left...


article Editorial: Drop the fight, resolve the issues
(California) -- Our view: It's time for the county and the Mechoopda to start talking. The dismissal of Butte County's lawsuit against the Mechoopda tribe in an...


article Judge rejects county effort to block Mechoopda casino
(California) -- After more than two years of legal briefs, arguments and counter-arguments, a federal court in Washington, D.C. has rejected a Butte County effort to...


article Court rules in favor of planned casino off Highway 149
(California) -- A federal judge has ruled in favor of a proposed Chico Rancheria Mechoopda casino near Highways 99 and 149. U.S. District Court Judge Henry H. Kennedy,...


article Butte County challenges Mechoopda in court
(California) -- In May 2002, the Mechoopda Indian Tribe of Chico Rancheria revealed its plans for a casino to be located near the junction of Highways 99 and 149.

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