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article New project to identify descendants of Pocahontas underway
(Virginia) -- More than 100,000 people may be able to count Pocahontas as an ancestor, and a new initiative spearheaded by Gloucester County intends to find them....


article Pocahontas: Separating Fact From Fiction About the Native American
(USA) -- Pocahontas has been romanticized throughout American history, thanks in no small part to the accounts of English settlers John Smith and John Rolfe, and of...


article Virginia’s new state park to tell story of state’s natives
(Virginia) -- More than 600 acres of Virginia land located near the home of Pocahontas and her father will be dedicated as a Virginia state park and will serve as a...


article Symposium will explore the life, legacy of Pocahontas
(Virginia) -- Virginia Indian tribal leaders will join nationally renowned scholars for a symposium on the life, legend and legacy of Pocahontas. The Virginia Museum of...


article Trump using ‘Pocahontas’ as a slur is part of her sad, 400-year history as a pawn
(Washington D.C.) -- The tug of war over Pocahontas — the Indian chief’s daughter who was born on the James River and died on the Thames River — has...


article OP/ED: We are not Pocahontas
(Montana) -- As Indians growing up in our local communities, we know that Montanans have diverse political values. We understand and appreciate those differences. One of...


article Column: The legend (emphasis on legend) of Pocahontas
(Pennsylvania) -- Few Native Americans have captured our imagination like Pocahontas, the daughter of Wahunsenaca (Powhatan in English), the chief of several Algonquin...


article Navajo BOS chairman 'troubled' by President's 'Pocahontas' remark
(New Mexico) -- President Donald Trump’s “Pocahontas” comment during a ceremony honoring Navajo Code Talkers and the role they played during World War...


article “Fantastic fantasy:” Pocahontas may have met Native American Squanto in England
(UK) -- Jamestown was the site of the first Thanksgiving— and if one researcher is correct, one of the Jamestown Colony’s most famous residents may have met...


article How Early American Plays Turned Pocahontas into Fake News
(USA) -- Philadelphia theatergoers met the character of Pocahontas on stage for the first time in 1808. Many knew her already from poems and romantic sketches of the...


article Remains found at Jamestown could be Pocahontas’ husband
(Virginia) -- Archaeologists are trying to identify human remains found at the first permanent English colonial settlement in the United States.


article Disney Exec: ‘She has to be sexy.’ Historical Inaccuracies and Harms of Disney’s Pocahontas
(Hollywood) -- In the summer of 1995, Pocahontas became Disney’s 33rd animated feature film; the first mainstream Disney film with a Native American heroine. Due...


article Famous figure to be remembered at Heacham carnival
(UK) -- A village in West Norfolk will celebrate the life of one of its most famous connections at its annual carnival on Sunday. The Heacham Carnival parade will...


article New Pocahontas exhibit explores woman's life, myths
(Virginia) -- A Pocahontas exhibit opening this summer at Jamestown Settlement aims to make sure the past is still present for tourists and locals alike.


article As Virginia honors Pocahontas, tribes fight for federal recognition
(Virginia) -- Four hundred years after Pocahontas died, probably aged 21 and probably from tuberculosis, Virginians still remember her legacy, even as many of her...


article Pocahontas remains a founding image of America 400 years after her death
(Virginia) -- Few people have captured the imagination and changed the course of history like Pocahontas. Four hundred years after her death, she’s remembered as a...
article Six places in London connected with Pocahontas
(UK) -- Notepads at the ready, people. This might come up at your next pub quiz: 400 years ago this March, the legendary Pocahontas died just outside London. Folks tend...


article The Enduring Legacy of the Pocahontas Myth
(UK) -- On March 21, 1617, a 21-year-old woman from Virginia’s Pamunkey tribe died at Gravesend, England. She went by many names—Matoaka, Amonute, and, at...

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