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Canada Gaming

article Casino customers paying with bank drafts might be hiding dirty money, warns Fintrac
(Canada) -- Canada’s anti-money laundering agency is warning casinos to carefully eye customers who pay for their gaming with bank drafts — the latest method...
article Whistleblower and former RCMP commander seeks standing at B.C. money laundering inquiry
(Canada) -- While others sent legal counsel on their behalf, Fred Pinnock was determined to stand before the Cullen Commission for the very first time. “I am going...
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First Nations

article Free financial literacy services proposed as part of First Nations child welfare compensation order
(Canada) -- The First Nations Child and Family Caring Society has lined up help from the Royal Bank of Canada as part of its proposal on how to distribute compensation...
article Jerseys hung outside homes in northern Sask. First Nation to remember young Wollaston Lake hockey player
(Canada) -- The video shows two rows of young men wearing hockey jerseys. It's a December night in northern Saskatchewan. The young men each hold a hockey stick in...
article Federal Court denies Ottawa's attempt to pause First Nations child welfare compensation order
(Canada) -- The Federal Court of Canada has denied the federal government's motion to pause a human rights tribunal ruling ordering compensation for First Nations...
article Human rights tribunal postpones compensation submission deadline on First Nations child welfare case
(Canada) -- The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has pushed back a deadline set for submissions on how compensation should be distributed under its Sept. 6 order that the...
article Internal probe hears former N.S. AFN chief may have used death threats to suppress sexual assault allegations
(Canada) -- An investigation launched by the Assembly of First Nations gathered evidence suggesting a former regional chief from Nova Scotia used his influence along...
article The fight of his life: How an Ojibway man stepped into the boxing ring to overcome his past
(Canada) -- Paul Machimity didn't see the white towel. Machimity, 49, was exchanging blows with Mike Kaupinen, from the House of Five boxing club in Niagara Falls,...
article Lheidli T'enneh First Nation to hold first potlatch in 73 years
(Canada) -- For the first time in 73 years, the Lheidli T'enneh First Nation will hold a potlatch. With the help of neighbouring nations, the Lheidli T'enneh are...
article Who wore it best? Cree cousins dress as The Amazing Race Canada winners for Halloween
(Canada) -- The latest season of The Amazing Race Canada made such an impact on two Cree cousins that the girls will be trick-or-treating this Halloween as Anthony...
article Western separatism would have to face treaty nations, say First Nations leaders
(Canada) -- Prairie First Nation leaders say Alberta and Saskatchewan can't separate without their consent because the legal underpinnings allowing Canada to settle...
article New Carcross bridge 'template' for working with First Nations, Yukon gov't says
(Canada) -- When Richard Mostyn took over the highways portfolio, the Yukon government's relationship with Carcross/Tagish First Nation was a lot like the Nares River...
article Tsilhqot’in Nation thankful Trudeau and Liberals back in power
(Canada) -- Leaders of the Tsilhqot’in Nation welcomed news of the reelection of the Liberal federal government as a result of the election Monday, saying the...
article 10 Indigenous candidates elected to the House of Commons
(Canada) -- Ten Indigenous candidates were elected to the House of Commons Monday, one fewer than the 2015 election where a record 11 Indigenous MPs were elected. But...
article Indigenous Voters Need a Reason to Care About Canada
(Canada) -- Canada voted Monday to elect its new prime minister and House of Commons. The Liberal party lost the majority it had enjoyed the past four years but managed...
article Canada’s Indigenous communities suffer ‘abhorrent’ housing conditions: UN report
(Canada) -- A United Nations report is highlighting the role “abhorrent” housing conditions play in the poverty and exploitation that Indigenous people face...
article More evacuees from First Nations could return home this weekend: Manitoba Hydro
(Canada) -- More evacuees from First Nations communities who were forced from their homes by power outages after last week's snowstorm could be returning home this...
article Scheer says he would compensate First Nations children, families affected by on-reserve child welfare system
(Canada) -- Conservative leader Andrew Scheer said Friday he supports compensating First Nations children and families who "suffered" under the on-reserve...
article Man starts hunger strike in Kanesatake over 301-year-old land dispute
(Canada) -- A First Nations man in Quebec is on the eighth day of a hunger strike to raise awareness of a 301-year-old unresolved land dispute in Kanesatake. Al...
article Two Senate changes are long overdue and within reach
(Canada) -- Parliament does not have the unilateral power to make changes to the Senate’s fundamental characteristics. That was made clear by two advisory opinions...
article Inuit artists call Elizabeth May 'hypocritical' for touting Indigenous rights but opposing seal hunt
(Canada) -- Two prominent Inuit artists say Green Party leader Elizabeth May is being "hypocritical" by claiming to support Indigenous rights while also...
article Watch tonight's federal leaders debate in 3 Indigenous languages
(Canada) -- Voters will be able to watch the federal party leaders debates this week with translation into several Indigenous languages. The decision of what languages...
article First Nations vote unlikely to hit levels seen in 2015 election, say experts
(Canada) -- The First Nations vote might not turn out at the polls later this month in the high numbers seen at the end of the 2015 federal election, some observers say...
article May commits to process for First Nations to opt out of Indian Act
(Canada) -- A Green government would create a framework for Indigenous communities to opt out of the Indian Act as part of its strategy for reconciliation, party leader...
article Trans Mountain pipeline: Why some First Nations want to stop it — and others want to own it
(Canada) -- Mike LeBourdais stands on top of the Trans Mountain pipeline where it crosses under his land. If anyone is aware of how controversial and polarizing...
article Singh targets Liberal record on Indigenous issues as government appeals human rights ruling
(Canada) -- NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh attacked the Liberals' record on Indigenous issues, saying the government's decision to appeal the latest ruling on...
article Trudeau appeal could block billions in compensation to Indigenous children
(Canada) -- The government of Justin Trudeau will appeal a court ruling that found Indigenous youth were “wilfully and recklessly” harmed under national...
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Residential Schools

article Indian day school settlement claims process delayed due to court challenge
(Canada) -- The claims process to compensate thousands of First Nations, Métis and Inuit for harms suffered while attending federally-operated Indian day schools could...
article School survivors left out of federal settlement gear up for class-action suit
(Canada) -- In the 1950s and 60s, Abe Parenteau and George Munroe were forced to attend the Duck Bay Special School in their community, located on the west side of Lake...
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Canadian Land Issues

article Former top public servant calls on western premiers to settle outstanding Indigenous land claims
(Canada) -- Canada's former top federal public servant says uncertainty over Indigenous land title in the West is holding back the regional economy — and is...
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Native Voices

article Maria Campbell on the pain and relief of re-releasing Halfbreed with uncut account of RCMP rape
(Canada) -- Nearly five decades after Maria Campbell first published her seminal memoir Halfbreed, she says she finally feels like it's finished. That's because...
article Are elders being replaced by screens? A letter to my grandchildren
(Canada) -- Dear grandchildren, Right up until I was about five or six years old, I went to residential school. We always went home to our grandma in the summertime. The...
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First Nations Gaming

article Former Tribal Chief Acquitted Of All Gambling Charges
(Canada) -- Former Sheshatsiu Innu First Nations Chief Andrew Penashue has been exonerated of all charges previously instituted against him by a local court in Happy-...
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Marijuana & Hemp

article Provinces need to recognize First Nations authority on cannabis
(Canada) -- Federal lawmakers ignored the call to delay cannabis legalization until First Nations could be adequately consulted on the regulation of recreational sales....
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Canada Online

article Gambling industry wagers on single-event sports betting
(Canada) -- Cannabis is not the only thing Canadians were looking to legalize in the last parliamentary session. It’s illegal to bet on the outcome of a single...
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article Metis activist and Conservative MP speak out about poor Metis identification standards
(Canada) -- The recent uproar over the recipient of an Indigenous scholarship has yet to die down, and for good reason, seeing as much of this happened around Metis week...
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Trans Mountain

article How Tiny Houses Became a Symbol of Resistance for Indigenous Women
(Canada) -- When you see the word "tiny house," what comes to mind? "Minimalism?" Maybe "decluttering" or "downsizing?" You...
article Indigenous groups urged to unite or risk losing out on Trans Mountain pipeline ownership
(Canada) -- On stage at an Indigenous energy conference this week, Stephen Buffalo implored those wanting an ownership stake in the Trans Mountain pipeline to start...
article Trudeau extends olive branch to Western Canada, vows to build Trans Mountain despite opposition
(Canada) -- Two days after much of Western Canada rejected the Liberals on election day, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today vowed to be more sensitive to the needs of...
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article Vigil honours Tama Bennett, as more people voice concerns about handling of her death
(Canada) -- A sombre gathering of about 75 people took place in Happy Valley-Goose Bay Tuesday night, as more people called for a deeper look into the death of Tama...
article Embroidering circle sparks healing for survivors of violence, MMIWG families
(Canada) -- Since the beginning of September, a group of women in Montreal have been using the art of embroidery to share, heal, and empower themselves as survivors of...
article Laurier’s Brantford campus hosts commissioner for the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
(Canada) -- On Oct. 4, Wilfrid Laurier University’s Brantford campus hosted an event in remembrance of missing and murdered Indigenous women.
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Native American Heritage Month

article Keepers of the Language: Nunavut's newsreader has done it all, from garbage man to mayor
(Canada) -- Kowisa Arlooktoo had "kind of done everything," before coming to CBC, but still finds himself learning on the job. His voice is one people across...
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Native Vote

article 'I want my voice heard': Get-out-the-vote effort underway in North Central
(Canada) -- Sandy Wankel and her team are literally driving people to the polls in Regina's North Central — a neighborhood dealing with widespread poverty,...
article From student debt to Indigenous reconciliation, here's what is driving young first-time voters to the polls
(Canada) -- "This is the time, being a first-time voter, to express what I believe is best for Canada going forward," says Sebastian Farkas, a student at...
article 'We seem to have completely fallen off the radar': An Indigenous take on the 2019 election
(Canada) -- With election day fast approaching, First Nations, Métis and Inuit are not only deciding who to vote for, but whether to vote at all. Unreserved brought...
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article Talking Canadian Esports with Rishi Chadha, Twitter’s Global Head of Gaming
(Canada) -- This week, Rishi Chadha, Twitter’s global head of gaming, visited Toronto for the first time ever to discuss Canadian esports. At Twitter Canada’...
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Columbus/Indigenous Day

article CARDINAL: Celebrate Indigenous Peoples' today and everyday
(Canada) -- Happy Indigenous Peoples Day everyone. Remember where you came from. That is the message of today. Have you talked to your mother today? Have you ever...
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Water Issues

article VIDEO: Could this proposal finally bring an end to the First Nations drinking water issue?
(Canada) -- Two Indigenous groups in the Atlantic region, the Mi'kmaq and Wolastoqiyik, are pitching a First Nations owned water authority to the federal government...
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Elizabeth Warren

article Greens promise more rights for Indigenous people if elected
(Canada) -- The Green party is promising a framework for Indigenous communities to opt out of the Indian Act as part of its strategy for reconciliation. Party leader...
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Other News

article 'It's a constant battle': 20% of Canadians say they experience racism, survey reveals
(Canada) -- An Environics survey on race relations in Canada has found that 20 per cent of those surveyed said they have experienced some form of racial discrimination.
article Free financial literacy services proposed as part of First Nations child welfare compensation order
(Canada) -- The First Nations Child and Family Caring Society has lined up help from the Royal Bank of Canada as part of its proposal on how to distribute compensation...
article Indigenous trusts provide much needed capital to expand small businesses
(Canada) -- When Santana Wooden opened T’Sala Salon Spa, a storefront on the Squamish Nation’s reserve in North Vancouver, the only thing it offered was...
article Ojibway language card game teaches kids over 100 variations of 'farts'
(Canada) -- The author of an Ojibway book and card game is hoping potty humour will encourage young people to learn the language. "I wanted to make the kind of book...
article Sharing Indigenous cuisine, one recipe at a time
(Canada) -- The booming Whitehorse food scene could soon see an addition in the form of a restaurant specializing in Indigenous cuisine — that's if some...
article Native American Rapper Hope Provides History Lesson on the 60’s Scoop on ‘Red Man’ Album
(Canada) -- Lin-Manuel Miranda schooled many on the Alexander Hamilton era of American history with catchy and clever rap songs in the hit Broadway show Hamilton. Now,...
article Your gift guide to supporting Indigenous artists and businesses this holiday season
(Canada) -- Helping support Indigenous businesses, artists and crafters around the holidays is easy. It's as simple as "buy stuff," says Inuk artist Jason...
article Kelly Fraser on why singing in Inuktitut is important to her
(Canada) -- The first time I met Kelly Fraser, Inuk pop singer, she was getting ready to head to the Junos after being nominated for her album, Sedna. Her second album...
article Original Voices
(Canada) -- Language is more than what we use to communicate. It is our identity. It is our ancestry. It is our legacy. Explore the many diverse Indigenous languages...
article ORIGINAL VOICES: Cousins use Kanien'kéha to share what they've learned about medicines and Mohawk culture
(Canada) -- Teionerahtastaráthe (broadleaf plantain). Tsawenhsa'kó:wa (great mullein). Tarà:kwi ononhkwèn:'on (staghorn sumac). These are some of the Mohawk...
article Original Voices: Experience Indigenous languages in Canada
(Canada) -- The United Nations declared 2019 as the International Year of Indigenous Languages to raise awareness of them, in order to both benefit people who speak...
article The upriver battle of revitalizing the Wolastoqey language
(Canada) -- In the spring of 2018, I found myself sitting in a room full of strangers introducing themselves to each other. I was in New York City for a Global...
article Meet Doris Peltier, an advocate for Indigenous women living with HIV
(Canada) -- Doris Peltier has dedicated her life's work to advocating for the wellbeing of Indigenous women living with HIV/AIDS. The 63-year-old Anishinaabe mother...
article Could Indigenous ownership kick-start energy sector?
(Canada) -- There’s an idea being floated out West, a means to restore a little hope to the bleak prospects for investors in Canada’s energy sector:...
article Breaking the silence: Inuvik woman shares story of pain and hope
(Canada) -- The song Momma, tell him he won't have to go is Ann Kasook's personal story of witnessing domestic violence as a child. Kasook, 68, is a well known...
article BOOKS: How Jesse Thistle survived addiction, homelessness and incarceration — and became a bestselling author
(Canada) -- Jesse Thistle is a Métis-Cree author, a Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Vanier Scholar and PhD candidate specializing in Indigenous homelessness, addiction and...
article Trans Mountain monitoring anti-pipeline activists, labelling some as 'persons of interest'
(Canada) -- The federally owned Trans Mountain Corporation is monitoring pipeline opponents and designating some as persons of interest who warrant closer scrutiny,...
article Smudge the salad-hating cat is a seal now thanks to Inuk memer
(Canada) -- It was five in the morning when Greenlandic music producer Aqqalu Berthelsen turned the popular "Woman Yelling at a Cat" meme into Inuk Woman Yelling at a...
article More than one-third of people shot to death over a decade by RCMP officers were Indigenous
(Canada) -- More than one-third of the people shot to death by RCMP officers over a 10-year period were Indigenous, according to a document from the police force...
article Ongoing injustice of poverty for Indigenous consequence of Van der Peet
(Canada) -- According to the Canadian Poverty Institute, Indigenous peoples are experiencing the highest levels of poverty with one in every four persons in poverty and...

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