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Las Vegas Gaming

article Sony Developing Real-Life Crime Thriller 'Storming Las Vegas'
(Hollywood) -- Sony is in development on real-life casino robbery movie Storming Las Vegas. Dennis Lehane has been hired to adapt the 2008 book from John Huddy that...
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Laura Ingalls Wilder

article William Shatner Feuding With Native Americans Over Children's Book Award
(Hollywood) -- William Shatner, best known for his role as Star Trek’s Captain Kirk, has been busy crafting another legacy composed of outrageous Twitter feuds....
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Elizabeth Warren

article James Woods’ agent cites ‘patriotic’ duty in dropping him over vulgar Elizabeth Warren tweet
(Hollywood) -- James Woods is looking for a new agent after the one he had took exception to one of the actor and conservative Twitter icon’s politically charged...
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Jim Thorpe

article Angelina Jolie is producing biopic on Native American two-time Olympic gold medalist Jim Thorpe
(Hollywood) -- Angelina Jolie is producing a biopic on Native American athlete Jim Thorpe. The Oscar winner will oversee a movie called Bright Path: The Jim Thorpe Story...
article Angelina Jolie Producing Biopic on Native American Athlete Jim Thorpe
(Hollywood) -- Angelina Jolie and Escape Artist Productions’ Todd Black and Steve Tisch will produce “Bright Path: The Jim Thorpe Story,” the upcoming...
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article Tunica-Biloxi Tribe’s third movie set for summer release
(Hollywood) -- Acacia Filmed Entertainment’s third movie, "Shock and Awe," is expected to hit the theaters in July. The company, owned jointly by the...
article Tunica-Biloxis dump Weinstein in Wind River Oscar campaign
(Hollywood) -- It’s first movie, Wind River, is a serious Oscar contender, but has become tarnished by a Hollywood sex scandal. The Tunica-Biloxi Tribe’s...
article Elizabeth Olsen On A 'Wind River' Oscar Campaign Without Weinstein
(Hollywood) -- The campaign season has begun for Hollywood awards. Wind River is a widely-praised film that hinges on a murder mystery, but it's also a pointed and...
article Weinstein Name Stripped From ‘Wind River’; Tunica-Biloxi Tribe Financiers To Pay For Oscar Campaign
(Hollywood) -- The Taylor Sheridan-directed Wind River has severed the connection between the film and the scandal-scarred Harvey Weinstein and his former The Weinstein...
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article From Fort Berthold to Hollywood to Charting on Billboard: Native Drag Queen VIZIN Is Killing It!
(Hollywood) -- VIZIN, pronounced ‘vision,’ is a Native American drag queen from the Arikara Tribe who told Indian Country Today that she used to see copies...
article ‘Mohawk’: An Action-Thriller With Bisexual Native Americans That Hollywood Would Never Make — Fantasia
(Hollywood) -- The depiction of Native Americans in the movies is notorious for its reductive stereotypes. By those standards, “Mohawk,” a bloody, low-budget...
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article Contest: Find Bigfoot With a Primal Rage Double-Sided Mini-Poster!
(Hollywood) -- On February 27th, Fathom Events will be hosting a one-night theater event for Primal Rage, the Bigfoot horror film based on Native American mythology!
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Osage Tribe

article Osage Nation's 'Reign of Terror' gains renewed attention with book and film
(Hollywood) -- Jim Gray won’t forget. His parents made sure of that, naming him for a great-grandfather who fell victim to greed and racism, along with so many...
article DiCaprio, Scorsese Movie To Be Based On Murders Of Osage Tribal Members
(Hollywood) -- Hollywood is headed to Osage County. Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese and actor Leonardo DiCaprio announced they're working on a film based on...
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article Chastain’s powerful performance rescues ‘Molly’s Game’ from Sorkin’s troublesome writing
(Hollywood) -- There is no question, from the first to the last moment of “Molly’s Game,” that this is an Aaron Sorkin film. In addition to writing the...
article Real life woman behind Molly's Game ran stars' £100million poker nights and lost everything
(Hollywood) -- When it came to organising poker games for Hollywood’s high-rollers, Molly Bloom left nothing to chance. Her gatherings attracted A-list actors such...
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Online Gaming

article How the Online Gambling Industry Hurts TV
(Hollywood) -- At first glance, it mightn’t seem as though there’s necessarily much of a connection between online gambling and the television industry, and...
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Cultural Appropriation

article Producer Brian Grazer Didn't Learn Chris Hemsworth's Lesson About Native American Costumes
(Hollywood) -- "Getting ready for Halloween... what do you think?!" Brian Grazer, the Oscar-winning movie producer behind critically acclaimed hits "...
press release Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Says Wind River and Yellowstone Actress is Not Enrolled nor Descended from Tribe
(Hollywood) -- In a recent article entitled “What’s So Hard About Casting Indian Actors in Indian Roles?” published by The New York Times, it stated...
article A Disturbing Native American Stereotype And Other Takeaways From This Week’s ‘Fear The Walking Dead’
(Hollywood) -- There are no major moments or big revelations in this week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, “Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame.”...
article The Casting Of A White Actor As Native Hawaiian Hero Cuts Deeper Than You Think
(Hollywood) -- Prominent filmmakers by now have whitewashed so many roles meant for people of color that the internet doesn’t have time to put down its digital...
article WWII Film Casts White Actor as Native Hawaiian, Critics Accuse Production of Whitewashing
(Hollywood) -- Zachary McGowan will portray Benehakaka "Ben" Kanahele—a Native Hawaiian who earned a Purple Heart for his heroics during World War II...
article Zack from ‘Saved By The Bell’ apologises for ‘racist’ episode
(Hollywood) -- Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who played Zack Morris, has apologised for a ‘racist’ episode of cult ’90s show ‘Saved By The Bell’....
article Hilary Duff And Boyfriend Offend With Racist Pilgrim And Native American Costumes
(Hollywood) -- When it comes to former child stars, they either leave Hollywood as a hero or stick around long enough to become problematic.So goes the story of Hilary...
article MORON ALERT: Star Wears Dreamcatcher
(Hollywood) -- Vanessa Hudgens was accused of cultural appropriation on Monday after she posted a photo of herself wearing a dreamcatcher as a headpiece. See right and...
article ‘Kimmy Schmidt’ EP Defends Native American Jokes: ‘Intention Is Not to Offend’
(Hollywood) -- Robert Carlock tells TheWrap he and Tina Fey want “to be part of an important conversation” On “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” the...
article ‘Kimmy Schmidt’ Reality Check: Did First Redskins Coach Really Fake Being an American Indian?
(Hollywood) -- Yes, William “Lone Star” Dietz was the NFL team’s first coach — and his background has been questioned. (Spoiler alert: Please do...
article The Woman Behind Marlon Brando’s 1973 Oscars Protest Says Hollywood Still Sucks
(Hollywood) -- In the 70s, Sacheen Littlefeather refused to accept the Academy Award for Best Actor on behalf of Marlon Brando. Forty-three years on, the Native American...
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Adam Beach

article Actor Asks Fellow Stars to Boycott Show After Asian Actress Cast in Native Role
(Hollywood) -- White-washing remains a real problem in Hollywood. Do you know how many white women have portrayed Asian characters over the years? A lot.
article Adam Beach Cast In Rod Lurie’s TNT Drama Pilot ‘Monsters Of God’
(Hollywood) -- Adam Beach has been cast opposite Garret Dillahunt in Rod Lurie’s post-Civil War drama pilot Monsters of God for TNT, from Brad Pitt’s Plan B...
article Adam Beach Joins Christian Bale In Scott Cooper’s ‘Hostiles’
(Hollywood) -- Adam Beach has just joined the cast in the Christian Bale-starring Hostiles which is being directed by Scott Cooper (Black Mass). Beach will next be seen...
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article Disney Exec: ‘She has to be sexy.’ Historical Inaccuracies and Harms of Disney’s Pocahontas
(Hollywood) -- In the summer of 1995, Pocahontas became Disney’s 33rd animated feature film; the first mainstream Disney film with a Native American heroine. Due...
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article NBC is the next big TV network to jump into eSports
(Hollywood) -- Seemingly every big TV network wants in on eSports. NBC Sports has revealed that it's launching an international two-on-two Rocket League tournament...
article Dan Harmon Is Producing A Sitcom About Esports
(Hollywood) -- I can’t imagine it’ll be anywhere on the level as Rick & Morty, but people are probably going to tune in nonetheless. After all, we’...
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Dakota Access Pipeline

article Josh Fox’s Latest Film Captures the Struggle at Standing Rock
(Hollywood) -- Josh Fox, who was Oscar nominated for the 2010 anti-fracking documentary GasLand, is back with a new hard-hitting film, a collaboration with Standing Rock...
article Shailene Woodley: 'I will fight fascism tooth and nail in 2017'
(Hollywood) -- Actress Shailene Woodley plans to battle fascism in 2017, revealing she will be active in grassroots campaigns throughout the year. The Divergent star...
article Jeff Bridges Accepts National Board of Review Award in Honor of Standing Rock Protesters
(Hollywood) -- In Hell or High Water, Jeff Bridges plays a Texas ranger tracking down bank robbers who believe their crimes are justified because they're only...
article Fonda calls on Trump to back native American protest
(Hollywood) -- Oscar-winning US actress and political activist Jane Fonda implored President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday to get behind native Americans protesting...
article Shailene Woodley Makes a Powerful Statement About the DAPL
(Hollywood) -- Actress Shailene Woodley made a powerful statement about the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Obama administration's response to the growing tensions....
article 'The Avengers' Stars Band Together to Stand With Standing Rock
(Hollywood) -- The Avengers stars are speaking out in protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth assembled...
article Chris Hemsworth Apologizes for Dressing as Native American, Says He Stands with Standing Rock
(Hollywood) -- Chris Hemsworth has announced that he is standing with Standing Rock amid the Dakota Access Pipeline protests and he also has apologized for once dressing...
article Justice League takes the fight to Kelcy Warren's Dakota Access pipeline
(Hollywood) -- In the latest public relations blow for the Dakota Access pipeline, cast members of the upcoming movie The Justice League released a video Wednesday...
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article Kevin Hart Partners With PokerStars To “Make Poker Fun” Again
(Hollywood) -- What doesn’t Kevin Hart do? The comedian, fitness enthusiast and mogul has been balancing what seems like a dozen jobs, including filming stand-up...
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Wind River

article ‘Wind River’: Taylor Sheridan & Cast On Filmmaker’s “Most Personal” Film To Date – Sundance Studio
(Hollywood) -- In the wake of the U.S. government clashing with protesters and the community of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation over the Dakota Access Pipeline,...
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Enterprise Rancheria

article Will Ferrell starring in eSports comedy movie
(Hollywood) -- Having found comedy in NASCAR with Talladega Nights back in 2006 and ice skating in 2007's Blades Of Glory, Will Ferrell is dipping back into the...
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article Honoring the folks who made this whole Thanksgiving thing possible: The 10 best Native American movies
(Hollywood) -- There are too few films about Native Americans, so we should be thankful for the great ones we have. Sherman Alexie, the brilliant writer, has certainly...
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Fantasy Sports

article Mark Wahlberg and LeBron James might star in a fantasy sports movie together
(Hollywood) -- LeBron James posted an Instagram of him and Mark Wahlberg in a gym together with a couple interesting hashtags — “Camera Ready” and...
article 2 for 1 Wednesdays? The DraftKings-FanDuel Movie
(Hollywood) -- It has been revealed that TriStar Pictures has acquired the film rights to produce the picture for the book The Big Game. The book itself is being written...
article TriStar Bets On DraftKings-FanDuel Saga As A Movie
(Hollywood) -- The rise of daily fantasy sports via sites like FanDuel and DraftKings has captivated millions of sports fans — and several states’ attorneys...
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Donald Trump

article Disney’s Pocahontas, Irene Bedard, Takes on Donald Trump for Pocahontas Name-Calling
(Hollywood) -- Once U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D – Massachusetts) became a vocal critic of Donald Trump’s race to the White House, he incorporated a...
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Other News

article Disney redraws first black princess after anti-racism campaigners claim her skin is 'too white'
(Hollywood) -- Animators have been forced to re-draw Disney's first black princess after anti-racism campaigners claimed she had been 'whitewashed' with...
article The Making of ‘Crow: The Legend,’ Baobab’s Latest Star-Studded VR Film (EXCLUSIVE)
(Hollywood) -- Oprah Winfrey. John Legend. Constance Wu. Diego Luna. Baobab Studios’ latest animated VR film “Crow: The Legend” has an almost...
article The Making of ‘Crow: The Legend,’ Baobab’s Latest Star-Studded VR Film
(Hollywood) -- Oprah Winfrey. John Legend. Constance Wu. Diego Luna. Baobab Studios’ latest animated VR film “Crow: The Legend” has an almost...
article Why Are Casino Games Featured in Movies?
(Hollywood) -- When it comes to movies, gambling plays a major influence. A casino is a cool leisure medium and you can find all the heroes ranging from OO7 to the...
article Jessica Chastain on how her new film 'Woman Walks Ahead' is changing America's favourite movie genre
(Hollywood) -- Jessica Chastain, one of Hollywood’s most outspoken stars, knew exactly why she was drawn to her new film, the female-led Western Woman Walks Ahead. “I...
article ‘Yellowstone’ is Just Behind ‘Walking Dead’ as Cable’s Biggest Drama
(Hollywood) -- Live+3 numbers are in and they cement Yellowstone‘s status as a record-breaker for Paramount Network. The August 22 season finale hit series highs...
article ‘Outlander’ Season 4: EP Previews ‘Authentic’ Native American Characters
(Hollywood) -- “Outlander” is a historical drama that travels the globe. After taking on Scotland, France and Jamaica, the Starz time travel drama will show Jamie and...
article ‘Yellowstone’ Season Finale Hits Series Ratings Highs
(Hollywood) -- Paramount Network’s breakout new drama Yellowstone has continued its ratings surge to the end. Wednesday night’s season finale drew an average audience of...
article PBS to Premiere Four-Part Series, NATIVE AMERICA
(Hollywood) -- NATIVE AMERICA, a new four-part series from Providence Pictures, premieres Tuesdays, October 23 and 30, 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET, and November 13, 9:00-11:00 p....
article REVIEW: Alpha
(Hollywood) -- Although it takes place 20,000 years ago, Alpha and its themes of familial love, faith and friendship resonate with viewers. Although the gruesome, often...
article How Alcatraz Linked Marlon Brando and Sacheen Littlefeather, Who Refused His ‘Godfather’ Oscar
(Hollywood) -- In 1973, Marlon Brando sent a Native American actress, Sacheen Littlefeather, to reject his Best Actor Oscar for “The Godfather.” Instead, she...
article ‘Shining’ Movie ‘Doctor Sleep’ Taps ‘Westworld’s’ Zahn McClarnon to Play Crow Daddy (EXCLUSIVE)
(Hollywood) -- Zahn McClarnon is in talks to join Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson in Warner Bros.’ adaptation of the Stephen King novel “Doctor Sleep,...
article ‘Yellowstone’ Becomes Second Most Watched Scripted Series On Basic Cable, Hits New Ratings Highs
(Hollywood) -- Three episodes into its run, Paramount Network’s breakout new drama Yellowstone is the second most watched TV series on ad-supported cable to air in 2018...
article Renaming the Laura Ingalls Wilder award isn't disturbing, William Shatner – it's necessary
(Hollywood) -- ‘Did you hear,” William Shatner tweeted last week, “about the Laura Ingalls Wilder award being renamed over negative lines on the...
article Montana actress named to "Best American Actors Under 30" list
(Hollywood) -- One of Montana's own was named to a list of "Best American Actors Under 30," along with notables like Jennifer Lawrence, Elle Fanning and...
article Do We Call Her Kelsey Asbille or Kelsey Chow?
(Hollywood) -- It would seem that in the case of what name we should call Kelsey Asbille Chow, it depends on what she wants to be called. It’s a confusing...
article Tonto Apache work with Angelina Jolie on Jim Thorpe film
(Hollywood) -- The Tonto Apache Tribe of Payson is helping Angelina Jolie and Escape Artist Productions make a film about legendary Native American athlete Jim Thorpe....
article 'Woman Walks Ahead' lead sees a sea change for indigenous people on film
(Hollywood) -- In Woman Walks Ahead, a New York City activist and artist named Catherine Weldon (played by Jessica Chastain) travels across the United States to paint...
article The True Story Behind Woman Walks Ahead
(Hollywood) -- The movie Woman Walks Ahead — opening Friday, starring Jessica Chastain, Michael Greyeyes and Sam Rockwell — centers on what might seem like a minor...
article Woman Walks Ahead star Michael Greyeyes talks Native representation in Hollywood
(Hollywood) -- Playing Sitting Bull in A24/DirecTV’s historical drama Woman Walks Ahead (out this Friday), actor Michael Greyeyes brings strength and solemnity to...

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