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Wire Act

article The Trump administration tried to stop internet gambling. Now, New Hampshire ruling has opened the door to online lotteries and poker again
(Utah) -- Just eight months ago, the Trump administration signaled a crackdown on internet lotteries, saying the same law that prohibits sports betting through wire...
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Mascot Issue

article 'Redmen' water tank in southern Utah triggers new debate over name
(Utah) -- A southern Utah city council is delaying a vote about whether to make a water tank adorned with a painted image of a Native American and the name "Redmen...
article Debate boils over as Cedar City considers making 'Redmen' water tank a public monument
(Utah) -- An attempt to enshrine as a public monument a painted image of a Native American and the accompanying name 'Redmen' on a water tank atop a hill in...
article Cedar City councilman pushing to keep ‘Redmen’ emblem on city’s water tank
(Utah) -- Although Cedar High School is now beginning to shift its moniker from “Redmen” to “Reds,” a member of the Cedar City Council wants to...
article Mormon websites renamed in push to end use of nicknames
(Utah) -- The Mormon church said Tuesday it will rename websites, social media accounts and employee email addresses to get rid of "Mormon" and "LDS...
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article Political Cornflakes: Why Native American communities are at risk of being undercounted in the U.S. Census
(Utah) -- Happy Friday! Nearly one in seven Native Americans living on a reservation went uncounted during the 2010 U.S. Census, according to an audit by the federal...
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article AUDIO: The Crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, in Utah and Around the Country
(Utah) -- More than 4 in 5 American Indian and Alaska Native women have experienced violence in their lifetime. More than half of this population has experienced sexual...
article SPECIAL REPORT: Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women
(Utah) -- Hundreds of Native American families nationwide have no answers as to what happened to their daughters, sisters, mothers, and aunts who were murdered or went...
article Working to bring closure to families of missing and murdered indigenous women in Utah
(Utah) -- For decades, indigenous women in Utah and across the country have gone missing and many are presumed dead, but there is no way to get an accurate account. The...
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Navajo Nation

article Navajo activist to face off against incumbent in Salt Lake City’s District 2 race
(Utah) -- Sitting Salt Lake City Councilman Andrew Johnston will run for a second term against Moroni Benally, a gay activist who ran unsuccessfully for president of the...
article Utah cities to help bring electricity to more Navajos
(Utah) -- Several Utah municipal governments are planning to send city workers this spring to help the Navajo Utility Tribal Authority bring electricity to members of...
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Bears Ears

article Bears Ears Advisory Committee Meeting This Week, Native Voices Not Included Argue Advocates
(Utah) -- As the appointed committee for the management of Bears Ears National Monument meets for the first time today, stakeholders hope they can agree on the monument...
article Loving tribute also explores Bears Ears National Monument debate
(Utah) -- Journalist Rebecca Robinson and photographer Stephen Strom didn’t set out to take a deep dive into one of the most controversial conservation issues in...
article Bears Ears’ visitor center is a grassroots affair
(Utah) -- The terracotta mesas and umber buttes reveal that this is an exceptional place. Yet not one sign from the Bureau of Land Management or the U.S. Forest Service...
article After President Trump reduced the monument by 85%, what remains of Bears Ears?
(Utah) -- For the past 13,000 years, humans have inhabited this part of the West. They carved arrowheads from stone and hunted giant sloths. They learned to farm corn...
article What remains of Bears ears
(Utah) -- For the past 13,000 years, humans have inhabited this part of the West. They carved arrowheads from stone and hunted giant sloths. They learned to farm corn...
article Colorado attorney is governing Utah county, commissioner says
(Utah) -- Kelly Pehrson, the chief administrative officer for San Juan County, has resigned to take a job as the state's deputy director of agriculture for a new...
article Bears Ears National Monument advisory panel new flashpoint in debate
(Utah) -- A newly unveiled advisory committee that will help make management decisions for a downsized national monument in southern Utah has become the latest...
article Tribune Editorial: Bears Ears committee is a monument to bad intentions
(Utah) -- The Bears Ears sham battle continues. The Trump Interior Department announced last week the members of a 15-person advisory committee to manage what’s...
article Feds stack Bears Ears advisory group with critics of southern Utah monument
(Utah) -- More than a year after President Donald Trump slashed southern Utah’s Bears Ears National Monument, the Interior Department has publicly identified the...
article Representatives appointed to Bears Ears Nt’l Monument Advisory Committee
(Utah) -- Fifteen individuals are now officially part of the initial Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Bears Ears National Monument Advisory Committee (BENMAC). The April...
article Native American tribes fight plans to reduce wilderness in Utah
(Utah) -- In the United States, five Native American tribes are joining forces to fight plans to reduce public lands in the state of Utah. The government's proposals...
article San Juan County Formally Switches Sides in Bears Ears Debate
(Utah) -- A southeastern Utah county commission that used to be a vocal opponent of the Bears Ears National Monument created by President Barack Obama is switching sides...
article Southern Utah uranium producers hope Trump’s trade decision will benefit them
(Utah) -- Global markets are awash with cheap uranium, threatening to put out of business U.S. producers who say they are competing against “state-sponsored...
article Trump reductions to Bears Ears National Monument: what remains
(Utah) -- The stories of these earlier peoples are still here, told by the places and things they left behind. And for a century, the region has been at the heart of an...
article Utah Navajos Continue Fight Against Expanded Bears Ears National Monument
(Utah) -- The recent decision by the County Commission to reverse its previous position and condemn the Trump administration move to vastly reduce the size of the...
article Tribes will win their lawsuit and Obama’s Bears Ears National Monument will be back, former Interior boss tells Utah crowd
(Utah) -- Bears Ears National Monument — the 1.3 million-acre version President Barack Obama designated and American Indian tribes embraced — will return. So...
article Native voices heard on Bears Ears
(Utah) -- The Bears Ears National Monument debate carries on. “They want to grab that and they want to develop it,” said Ute Mountain Ute Tribe member Terry...
article San Juan County Commission changes direction on Bears Ears
(Utah) -- The contentious Bears Ears National Monument is headed in a new direction with the San Juan County Commission. In 2019 two new San Juan County commissioners,...
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Nez Perce Tribe

article Tribal Officer Josh Rigney recounts story of being shot twice in his home
(Utah) -- Six weeks ago, Nez Perce Tribal Police Officer Josh Rigney was ambushed at his home and shot by Daniel Cook Jr. in the leg and shoulder. “He asked me if...
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Mining & Drilling

article Historic agreement could open up overseas markets for Western states' natural gas
(Utah) -- Signers inked a historic agreement Thursday at the Governor's Energy Summit, potentially opening up natural gas markets for Western states and the Ute...
article Protesters march to White Mesa uranium mill
(Utah) -- Fifty anti-nuclear activists including Ute Mountain Ute tribal members showed up Saturday for a 5-mile protest march to the entrance of the White Mesa uranium...
article Utah, Colorado and Ute Tribe see gold in liquified natural gas exports
(Utah) -- Utah is joining forces with the Ute Tribe and a trio of western Colorado counties in a newly formed advocacy group to tap into the global export market for...
article Southern Utah environmental group sues feds over public lands leased for oil and gas development in Alkali Ridge
(Utah) -- A southern Utah environmental group is suing the U.S. Department of Interior and Bureau of Land Management over its leasing public lands with plentiful...
article Leasing Utah Away
(Utah) -- The Bureau of Land Management's plan to sell more than 217,000 acres of oil and gas leases in southeastern Utah doesn't sit well with environmental...
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Land Issues

article Tribe calls meeting on 'life-threatening' road conditions
(Utah) -- The Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation Business Council has called a public meeting for June 1 to address what they described as “hazardous...
article Commentary: Utah tribal leaders oppose Utah exemption to the Roadless Rule
(Utah) -- he United States should reject Utah’s proposal to allow road building across 4 million acres of Utah’s public lands. This action will neither...
article BILL RICHARDSON: The invisible heritage of Native Americans is threatened
(Utah) -- This is a terrible time in history to be Native American. And that is really saying something. I was elected to represent New Mexico in Congress in 1982...
article Bill to criminalize blocking off Utah roads faces no obstacle in House committee
(Utah) -- A presentation on a Utah bill that would make it a misdemeanor crime to obstruct state or local roads began with a photo slideshow. During the Monday hearing...
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Utah Gaming

article VIDEO: Fox 13 investigates ‘fringe gambling’ in Utah
(Utah) -- Gambling. It’s illegal, or is it? People say they’ve gambled away tens of thousands of dollars at a Utah laundromat. A new law will go into effect...
article Commentary: Legal gambling would be better than Utah’s tax ‘modernization’
(Utah) -- Utah’s governing and business elites are doing their best to convince Utahns that the state’s tax system must be modernized. However, their...
article Letter: Utah should have a lottery. We could call it the ‘gentile tax’
(Utah) -- The major tax shift in Utah has stalled, as so many businesses are against the service tax. What to do? The easiest solution would be to implement a lottery. I...
article Parimutuel betting bill scrapped
(Utah) -- The sponsor of a bill dealing with parimutuel betting essentially killed the proposal Monday. Also, a measure that creates a process for disbursing money to...
article Parimutuel betting in Utah? Bill's opponents say hold your horses
(Utah) -- A bill on parimutuel betting didn't even make it out of the starting gate on Monday after its own sponsor put it down by sending it back to languish in...
article Parimutuel betting bill is killed by its own sponsor in the Utah State Legislature
(Utah) -- A bill to allow parimutuel betting in Utah will not be considered this year. Sen. David Hinkins, R-Orangeville, defended his bill as one that would generate...
article Parimutuel betting in Utah? Bill's opponents say hold your horses
(Utah) -- A bill on parimutuel betting didn't even make it out of the starting gate on Monday after its own sponsor put it down by sending it back to languish in...
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Trump Adminstration

article American Indian Band sues HUD over letter
(Utah) -- The Cedar Band of Piutes alongside the CBC Mortgage Agency filed a lawsuit in a federal court Monday seeking an order immediately stopping enforcement of the U...
article Native American Tribe Sues HUD Over Mortgagee Letter
(Utah) -- Utah’s Cedar Band of Paiutes and two of its wholly-owned companies, the Cedar Band Corp. and the CBC Mortgage Agency (CBCMA), filed a lawsuit in the U.S...
article Utah American Indian Band Sues HUD To Stop Unlawful Destruction Of Its Home-Purchasing Assistance Program
(Utah) -- Today the Cedar Band of Paiutes, the Cedar Band Corporation, and the CBC Mortgage Agency ("CBCMA") filed a lawsuit in the United States District...
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Elizabeth Warren

article Sen. Elizabeth Warren pledges to end drilling, restore Bears Ears, Grand Staircase if elected president
(Utah) -- Just two days before a campaign stop in Utah, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., promised if she's elected president, she'll restore the state's Bears...
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Other News

article 'Redmen' water tank in Utah triggers new debate over name
(Utah) -- The City Council is delaying a vote about whether to make a water tank adorned with a painted image of a Native American and the name "Redmen" an...
article Cedar City Council postpones decision on ‘Redmen’ emblem on water tank
(Utah) -- The Cedar City Council has decided to postpone for at least one month a decision on whether to officially declare that the “Redmen” symbol should...
article PEACE camp offers Paiute high school students cultural history, STEM skills
(Utah) -- High school students from the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah are participating in a summer camp on the campus of Southern Utah University (SUU) to learn about...
article Cedar Band Corporation puts profits to work for the community
(Utah) -- n 2013, the Cedar Band of Paiute Indians decided to diversify its economic efforts by launching a mortgage agency. For the next three years, and without any...
article Natives spend years searching for housing in Moab
(Utah) -- As Ernestine Agrillo cooks on the stove in the trailer she rents on Walnut Lane, she pulls the stove’s only knob off the range, leaving the tip of the...
article Rainbow Bridge holds spiritual meaning for Native American tribes
(Utah) -- Rainbow Bridge is probably one of the most famous bridges in the United States. But it's not because of the number of people or cars that travel across it...
article ‘We’re still here’
(Utah) -- Take one of the many tours offered in Moab or talk to enough people about the ancient petroglyph panels on public lands, and you might hear someone say that...
article 150 years after the transcontinental railroad, indigenous activists continue to battle corporate overreach
(Utah) -- Today marks the 150th anniversary of the union of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroad tracks in Promontory, Utah. As celebrants gather among the...
article The Railroads: An Indigenous History - Lawyers, Guns & Money
(Utah) -- Today is the anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad’s completion in Utah. I have written in the past about the horrific labor history behind this....
article Cedar Band Corporation Puts Profits to Work for the Community
(Utah) -- In 2013, the Cedar Band of Paiute Indians decided to diversify its economic efforts by launching a mortgage agency. For the next three years, and without any...
press release Native Comedian Hits One Million View Mark with New Release
(Utah) -- Comedian Marc Yaffee's Dry Bar Comedy special "Mid-Laugh Crisis" debuted to a strong social media showing over the weekend beginning Friday April 12th. In just...
article Environmental, indigenous groups gather to protect a ‘sacred’ site in Salt Lake City that’s planned to become a massive distribution hub
(Utah) -- An off-white teepee rose up from a flat, expansive field in one of Salt Lake City’s largest untouched and most politicized landscapes on Wednesday...
article Cedar Band Corporation Responds to HUD’s Attack on National Tribally Owned Down Payment Assistance Providers Officially Chartered by the Bureau of Indian Affairs
(Utah) -- The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on Wednesday issued a Mortgagee Letter that restricts down payment assistance provided by nationwide...
article SUWA Calls on BLM to Halt Mechanical “Vegetation Treatment” Projects in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
(Utah) -- Citing a new report on the lack of scientific evidence supporting “vegetation treatment” projects on public lands, the Southern Utah Wilderness...
article OP/ED: Appomattox and our desperate need for constructive civility
(Utah) -- On this day in 1865, with his army demoralized, beleaguered and defeated, Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee met Union Gen. Ulysses S. Grant in a small home in the...
article Here's a closer look at what Trump cut out of Bears Ears
(Utah) -- When President Trump reduced the size of Utah's Bears Ears National Monument by more than 1.1 million acres, his administration assured the public “important...
article A Trip Through Time in Desolation Canyon
(Utah) -- It was the second day of my first rafting trip through Desolation Canyon, several years ago. After a last-minute cancellation permit became available, I set...
article Congressman Bishop asked to resign following genocide comment
(Utah) -- Utah Representative Rob Bishop (R) is being asked to resign after claiming he is a victim of genocide. According to the Washington Post, Bishop likened the...
article ATV protest ride leader turned lawmaker told to pay up
(Utah) -- Now that former San Juan County commissioner Phil Lyman is getting a government stipend as a state lawmaker, federal prosecutors want him to speed up paying...
article Salt Lake City’s new FBI Special Agent in Charge says stopping violence on tribal lands will be a top priority
(Utah) -- Violence against Native Americans is on the rise in tribal lands. The new special agent in charge at the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Salt Lake City has...

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