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Wind River

article Court Ruling on Tribe Funds Is Setback for Wyoming Arapaho
(Wyoming) -- A U.S. District Court judge has ruled that the federal government may jointly administer some services to the two tribes on the Wind River Reservation in...
article Once appearing near settlement, Wind River legal dispute drags on
(Wyoming) -- Recent developments in the legal dispute between the Northern Arapaho Tribe and federal government on the Wind River Reservation in central Wyoming suggest...
article Family Service Concerns on the Wind River Reservation
(Wyoming) -- Two separate Wind River Reservation court systems concern many about the efficiency of family services programs. The concern is children, taken from their...
article Bison Numbers on the Re-bound on the Wind River Indian Reservation
(Wyoming) -- A wild bison calf is born on the Wind River Reservation, for the first time in 130 years. As of now, it is unclear if the baby is a male or female as the...
article Historic Bison Birth on Wind River Reservation
(Wyoming) -- A bison calf has been born on Wyoming's Wind River Indian Reservation for the first time in 130 years. The baby bison was born Wednesday into a herd of...
article Shoshone sue fed government over joint tribal funding
(Wyoming) -- The Shoshone Business Council has filed a lawsuit over federal funds possibly being restored to the Northern Arapaho Tribe.The Riverton Ranger reports that...
article Obama's land grab in Wyoming killed by appeals court
(Wyoming) -- President Barack Obama's Environmental Protection Agency distinguished itself from the rest of his administration for its hostility to the rule of law,...
article Local woman indicted for embezzlement on Wind River Reservation
(Wyoming) -- A local woman has been indicted by a U.S. District Court Grand Jury in connection with alleged embezzlement from the Eastern Shoshone Tribe on September 28...
article Northern Arapaho, Feds, move to settle in Wind River lawsuit
(Wyoming) -- The Northern Arapaho Tribe and the Bureau of Indian Affairs agreed on Monday to mediation in the lawsuit over whether the BIA illegally awarded federal...
article Judge won’t grant restraining order against BIA on Wind River Reservation
(Wyoming) -- The Bureau of Indian Affairs won a rare victory this week in the legal dispute over tribal services at the Wind River Reservation in central Wyoming.
article Feds fear Wind River injunction that requires them to negotiate with both tribes, appeal states
(Wyoming) -- The federal government is claiming a court order requiring it to negotiate with both tribes on the Wind River Reservation in central Wyoming when providing...
article UW President Reaches Out to Reservation Schools
(Wyoming) -- University of Wyoming President Laurie Nichols visited Wind River Indian Reservation schools this week as part of an outreach effort to promote new programs...
article Court rules Riverton not part of Indian Country
(Wyoming) -- The city of Riverton and surrounding lands are not part of the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming, an appeals court ruled Wednesday in a case that...
article Northern Arapaho Tribe Will Appeal Circuit Court Decision About Reservation Boundary
(Wyoming) -- The Northern Arapaho Tribe will appeal an Appellate Court’s split ruling Wednesday that the Wind River Reservation boundaries were reduced by Congress...
article Appellate Court Rules Against EPA in Reservation Dispute; Split Decision Highlights Poor Treatment Of Indians
(Wyoming) -- The Denver-based 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in a split 2-1 decision against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency when it declared in 2013...
article Court’s ruling: Riverton not part of Wind River Reservation
(Wyoming) -- Today, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals reaffirmed that the City of Riverton is not within the boundaries of the Wind River Indian Reservation. The Court...
article Wyoming tribes don't have sovereignty over Riverton, land north of Wind River, court rules
(Wyoming) -- Historic reservation land north of the Wind River — including the town of Riverton — belongs to the state of Wyoming and not to the Northern...
article Wyoming tribes lose major ruling in reservation boundary case
(Wyoming) -- A federal appeals court has dealt a huge blow to two tribes as part of a long-simmering dispute over the boundaries of their reservation in Wyoming. By a 2-...
article McDaniel: We need to do more for Wind River
(Wyoming) -- Imagine for a moment that the people of one of Wyoming’s 23 counties lived an average life of 20 percent fewer years than those living in any other...
article Documentary traces tribal artifacts’ return to Wind River Reservation
(Wyoming) -- Part of the legacy of the Episcopal Church’s history on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming intersects with the issue of ownership of tribal...
article Wind River Reservation Receives First Bison Since 1885
(Wyoming) -- A thousand buffalo: That is the goal for bison resettlement on the Wind River Reservation, according to one of the people involved in a program that plans...
article Cross Fit Comes to the Wind River Indian Reservation
(Wyoming) -- There is a new and free way to live a healthier life on the Reservation. A Cross-Fit leveler gym opened near the Fort Washakie School recently and is...
article Wild Bison Return To Wind River Reservation
(Wyoming) -- For the first time in 130 years, wild bison left their hoof prints on the land on the Wind River Indian Reservation last Thursday.
article New Shoshone casino hopes to boost reservation economy
(Wyoming) -- Zombie faces stare at visitors from machines studded with flashing lights and glowing panels at a newly renovated casino on the Wind River Reservation in...
article Wyoming tribe marks return of buffalo after a century
(Wyoming) -- Members of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe are marking the return of buffalo to their reservation in central Wyoming more than a century after the animals were...
article Arapaho and Shoshone will use different courts under recent compromise
(Wyoming) -- The Bureau of Indian Affairs has established a special court to handle cases against members of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe on the Wind River Reservation.
article Judge restricts Bureau of Indian Affairs spending in Wyoming
(Wyoming) -- A federal judge has blocked the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs from giving funds intended to benefit the Northern Arapaho Tribe to the Shoshone Business...
article Court: Feds likely broke law in Wind River tribal negotiations
(Wyoming) -- The federal government appears to have acted illegally by entering into contracts with the Eastern Shoshone Tribe to provide multi-tribal services on the...
article Wind River tribes feud over status of tribal court
(Wyoming) -- The Wind River Reservation tribal court remains open despite an end to federal funding and an escalating disagreement over its status. When the federal...
article Eastern Shoshone Nation to hold Grand Opening of new casino & hotel
(Wyoming) -- The Eastern Shoshone Tribal Business Council announced the grand opening celebration and ribbon cutting to unveil the $30 million expansion of the Shoshone...
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Donald Trump

article Mountain Town News: Jackson mayor takes down picture of Trump
(Wyoming) -- If many mayors of ski towns veer liberal, Peter Muldoon is more exceptional in his politics. After being elected last year, he set off to South Dakota, to...
article After criticizing Trump, Jackson mayor removed president's city hall portrait — then changed his story
(Wyoming) -- Embracing Jackson’s reputation as a liberal enclave in a deeply conservative state, Mayor Pete Muldoon decided to remove photographs of President...
article ‘Our respect is earned, not demanded’: Mayor removes Trump and Pence portraits from town hall
(Wyoming) -- At government buildings across the nation, a picture of a smiling, benevolent-looking politician is just about as common as fluorescent lights. But a...
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Cultural Appropriation

article Native Americans walk out of Wyoming play with stereotypes
(Wyoming) -- Native American high school students attending a summer program at the University of Wyoming walked out of the college's production of "The...
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Trump & Tribes

article Trump portrait replaced in Wyoming town hall
(Wyoming) -- A portrait of President Donald Trump has been replaced at one town hall in Wyoming because the local mayor disapproves of Trump's politics.
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Cheyenne/Arapaho Tribe

article One year in, gardening project on the reservation going strong
(Wyoming) -- A study evaluating the health impacts of food gardens with Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho families is under way, and the first wave of 18 families...
article Feds Fight Arapaho Contract Claims In Shoshone Row [sub req]
(Wyoming) -- The federal government on Friday shot back at the Northern Arapaho Tribe’s claim that the Bureau of Indian Affairs improperly rejected proposals to...
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Dakota Access Pipeline

article Arapahoe Tribe: The pipeline is a problem for all American, not just Natives.
(Wyoming) -- “If this Dakota access pipeline gets built and it’s all set in stone and everybody is on board we’re going to feel the effects of that, we...
article Police across the country looked at Standing Rock as a sort of law enforcement laboratory
(Wyoming) -- One of the tactics used by North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple to try and quell the #NoDAPL protests at Standing Rock was the Emergency Management...
article DON’T MISS: Activists Unite
(Wyoming) -- Locals will have the chance to hear from prominent activists involved in efforts near the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota Tuesday, January 3 at...
article A mecca on the Dakota plains inspires Wind River man
(Wyoming) -- When he was a boy, Layha Spoonhunter’s father told him that one day the five divisions of the Arapaho tribe, then scattered across the western United...
article Could Standing Rock Happen In Wyoming?
(Wyoming) -- Yufna Soldier Wolf is the director of the Northern Arapaho Tribal Historic Preservation Office, which might make you wonder, what's so historic about...
article Emails reveal large protest could happen in Wyoming
(Wyoming) -- Agency emails from the Wyoming Highway Patrol show that officers believe a situation similar to the protests at the Dakota Access Pipeline could happen in...
article Wyoming patrol considered sending observers to protest
(Wyoming) -- The Wyoming Highway Patrol considered sending two officers to observe how North Dakota handled a large protest against an oil pipeline construction project...
article Ten things the media haven't told you about Standing Rock
(Wyoming) -- What writers like me don’t know about the world outweighs what we do know by a ratio of 100-1, at best. We get away with reporting the news as if we...
article Wyoming sends troopers to North Dakota pipeline protest
(Wyoming) -- Wyoming has sent six highway patrol troopers to North Dakota to help authorities deal with Indian protesters demonstrating against the construction of an...
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Mining & Drilling

article Low price of uranium slows expansion of mine near sacred Mato Tipila
(Wyoming) -- In the wake of dismal 2016 profits from uranium production worldwide, Peninsula Energy Ltd. has decided to shelve Ross uranium mine and mill expansion plans...
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Instant Horse Racing Terminals

article Historic horse racing outlets see gradual recovery
(Wyoming) -- The past year has been a time of rebuilding for Wyoming’s historic horse race industry. And while the industry has yet to achieve the stature it...
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Land Issues

article 'No ambiguity:" Court tells BLM it cannot treat public land as private
(Wyoming) -- The Bureau of Land Management may not treat public lands as private out of practical considerations, a federal appeals court wrote in an opinion released...
article Fremont County awaits reservation boundary resolution
(Wyoming) -- Pickups and the odd tanker-truck pound along Federal Boulevard on the way out of Riverton. The road carries them south over the Big Wind River toward Lander...
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Other News

article Arapaho suffer setback in ruling that says feds can put conditions on tribal funding deals
(Wyoming) -- The federal government may jointly administer some services to the two tribes sharing Wyoming’s Wind River Reservation, a U.S. District Court judge ruled...
article Expanding Native American education focus of meeting
(Wyoming) -- Representatives from the Wyoming Department of Education recently conducted a community input meeting in Cody to discuss new initiatives broadening K-12...
article Pulitzer-Prize winner talks Mandan culture
(Wyoming) -- Like many indigenous peoples, the Mandan, or Nueta Tribe, referred to their mud lodge outpost on the shores of the Missouri River in present-day North...
article A Bumpy Ride As UW Works To Increase Native American Enrollment
(Wyoming) -- Historically, many say the University of Wyoming has not been a supportive place for Native American students. In 2015, the UW Bookstore falsely accused...
article Eastern Shoshone Indian Days celebrates culture in Wind River country
(Wyoming) -- Eastern Shoshone Indian Days Powwow, Indian Rodeo and Relay Races is one of three big powwows in Wind River country each summer. The powwows draw top...
article Tribal nations fight removal of grizzly protections
(Wyoming) -- On an early October day last fall, members of the Cheyenne, Blackfeet, Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes gathered in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where...
article Native American high school students walk out of The Fantasticks musical that insults the indigenous population and makes rape jokes
(Wyoming) -- A group of Native American high school students walked out of a performance of the musical 'The Fantasticks' after taking offense to the play's...
article Summer institute recruits, welcomes Native American students
(Wyoming) -- The University of Wyoming is putting special effort into recruiting Native American students — the ethnic demographic university officials say is most...
article County asks WYDOT for Tribal Trails help
(Wyoming) -- Teton County has been talking about building the Tribal Trails connector for decades. Now county commissioners are asking the Wyoming Department of...
article Wyoming Town Hall Replaces Donald Trump Portrait With Photo Of Native American Chief
(Wyoming) -- A Wyoming mayor’s decision to remove portraits of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence from the town hall and replace them with a...
article Wyoming education officials asks for public opinion
(Wyoming) -- The Wyoming Department of Education is asking the public to share their thoughts on its new American Indian education and school nutrition programs.
article Once appearing near settlement, Wind River legal dispute drags on
(Wyoming) -- Recent developments in the legal dispute between the Northern Arapaho Tribe and federal government on the Wind River Reservation in central Wyoming suggest...
article Master beadworker combines traditional craft, inspiration
(Wyoming) -- Growing up on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, Marcus Dewey learned to do beadwork from his mother and grandmother. His grandmother’s most...
article Centuries-old Medicine Wheel draws thousands to national forest in Wyoming
(Wyoming) -- For centuries, the Medicine Wheel in the Bighorn National Forest in Wyoming has been used for prayer and vision quests by the Crow Tribe and other Native...
article Wyoming Meetings To Get Input On American Indian Education
(Wyoming) -- The Wyoming Department of Education will be conducting meetings around Wyoming over the next month to get input on the state’s “American Indian...
article Park hosts American Indian guest artist program at Colter Bay
(Wyoming) -- Grand Teton National Park is hosting American Indian Artists at the Colter Bay Visitor Center this summer to share their traditional and contemporary art...
article Battle reenactments come with high cost, higher rewards
(Wyoming) -- From coast to coast, history enthusiasts and curious travelers have no trouble finding encampment and battle reenactments that bring history to life. But...
article New exhibit open in park
(Wyoming) -- A new exhibit comparing historic and contemporary American Indian crafts opens today in Grand Teton National Park.
article Reservations Still Short on Teachers
(Wyoming) -- Rezervation schools need more teachers, especially Native Americans. Only ¼ of Wyoming Indian School teachers are Native American. “It would be...
article Wyoming ordains its first Native American female priest
(Wyoming) -- On May 26, the Rev. Roxanne Jimerson-Friday became the first Native American woman from the Wind River Indian Reservation, in the state of Wyoming, ordained...

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