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Wind River

article Northern Arapaho Tribe argues Wyoming already lost reservation boundary argument
(Wyoming) -- The Northern Arapaho Tribe says the state of Wyoming can't argue against a federal agency's recent conclusion that Riverton and surrounding lands...
article EDITORIAL: Degree program holds promise for embattled Wind River reservation
(Wyoming) -- Ten women completed bachelor’s degrees in human service leadership last week, a collaboration between the Wind River Institute and the University of...
article Law professors side with Wyoming tribes in boundary dispute
(Wyoming) -- Eight law professors from around the country are seeking to get involved in a legal dispute over whether Riverton and surrounding lands remain legally part...
article Bachelor's program on Wind River Reservation graduates inaugural class
(Wyoming) -- A hybrid online degree program facilitated by the Wind River Institute through the University of Wisconsin in Oshkosh will graduate its inaugural class of...
article Sparring continues in Wind River Reservation jurisdictional feud
(Wyoming) -- A jurisdictional dispute between the two tribes, the state of Wyoming and the Obama administration continues to churn in the federal court system. In...
article Sparring continues in Wind River Reservation jurisdictional feud
(Wyoming) -- A jurisdictional dispute between the two tribes, the state of Wyoming and the Obama administration continues to churn in the federal court system. In...
article Tribe: Exclude Yellowbear from reservation boundary case
(Wyoming) -- The Northern Arapaho Tribe is seeking to exclude one of its members from participating in a lawsuit over the boundary of the Wind River Indian Reservation.
article New Meeting Rooms, Food Court at Wind River Hotel & Casino nearing completion
(Wyoming) -- The food court and new meeting rooms at the Wind River Hotel and Casino are expected to open in May, the date for the soft opening is not yet set, but some...
article Editorial board: Hearing is part of bigger picture on reservation
(Wyoming) -- Last month, Sen. John Barrasso, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, visited the Wind River Indian Reservation to learn about how drugs...
article Feds review history to argue Riverton is part of reservation
(Wyoming) -- Congress never intended for Riverton to leave the boundaries of the Wind River Reservation, the U.S. Department of Justice argued recently on behalf of the...
article Elected officials visit with ESBC; tribe reports on casino expansion
(Wyoming) -- Newly elected Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray took advantage of an offer made by Rep. Jim Allen, R-Lander, to visit the Eastern Shoshone Tribe on March...
article Will Drug Gangs Overrun Wind River Again?
(Wyoming) -- In 2013, Business Insider described the Wind River Reservation as the “most depressing and dangerous place to live,” but according to Sunny...
article U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs now hearing from local representatives
(Wyoming) -- A field hearing by the United States Senate Committee on Indian affairs just concluded hearing from a panel of Federal officials, and are now hearing...
article Barrasso holds drug hearing on Wind River Indian Reservation
(Wyoming) -- Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso is chairing a congressional field hearing on the Wind River Indian Reservation next week to hear testimony on how drugs are...
article Wind River Indian Reservation - Fort Washakie
(Wyoming) -- Wyoming’s Wind River Country is home to the seventh largest Indian reservation in the country. Encompassing more than 2.2 million acres, the Wind...
article CEO: Weekend gamblers helped Wind River Casino make 2014 a good year
(Wyoming) -- In a report to the Riverton Economic and Community Development Association (RECDA) on Wednesday, the CEO of the Wind River Casino said a large influx of...
article Wind River Casino’s Food Court taking shape, could be serving by May
(Wyoming) -- The Northern Arapaho Tribe’s Wind River Casino is looking to more than double the number of people it can accommodate for lunch and dinner service...
article Devon Energy withdraws from Riverton reservation boundary lawsuit
(Wyoming) -- One major opponent of a 2013 Environmental Protection Agency ruling to include Riverton as part of the Wind River Indian Reservation withdrew Tuesday from a...
article Eastern Shoshone assert control over Wind River tribal assets
(Wyoming) -- Eastern Shoshone tribal officials have asserted control over the Wind River Indian Reservation's jointly held assets, including those previously...
article Native American Women Are, Increasingly, Family Breadwinners
(Wyoming) -- In the face of some of the worst poverty in the country, women on the Wind River Indian Reservation are getting to work. At the Wind River Casino, almost 60...
article More Native American Women Taking On Breadwinner Role
(Wyoming) -- 1 in 4 Native Americans lives under the poverty level--it’s the worst poverty rates in the U.S. of any racial group. But one group is improving its...
article Leaps and boundaries for Wyoming tribes
(Wyoming) -- Riverton, Wyoming, looks like an All-American boomtown, fronted along a busy strip of hotels and fast food joints with steady traffic from industry trucks...
article Leaps and boundaries for Wyoming tribes
(Wyoming) -- Riverton, Wyoming, looks like an All-American boomtown, fronted along a busy strip of hotels and fast food joints with steady traffic from industry trucks...
article 10 states say EPA tribal boundary ruling needs full review
(Wyoming) -- Ten states are urging a federal appeals court to review from scratch the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's recent decision that Riverton and...
article 10 states support Wyoming in challenging EPA’s changing of the Wind River Indian Reservation boundary
(Wyoming) -- On Monday, ten states filed a joint amicus brief supporting Wyoming in its case challenging the EPA’s purported expansion of the Wind River Indian...
article Tribes, Gov. Mead spar over EPA boundary filing
(Wyoming) -- Gov. Matt Mead championed 10 states' joint action to support an ongoing lawsuit over the boundary of the Wind River Indian Reservation in Central Wyoming....
article Three charged in murder on Wind River Reservation plead not guilty
(Wyoming) -- Three residents of the Wind River Indian Reservation who are accused of stabbing and killing a man in June pleaded not guilty Monday in U.S. District Court...
article Clifford nominated for business award
(Wyoming) -- Wind River Hotel and Casino assistant general manger Andrea Clifford has been nominated by the Wyoming Business Report for the Women of Influence Award in...
article NABC: Feds extend Arapaho gaming; business expansion will result
(Wyoming) -- The U.S. Department of the Interior this week agreed to extend Northern Arapaho authority to operate Las Vegas-style gaming on the Wind River Reservation...
article Wyoming to 10th Circuit: EPA’s Reservation Boundary Decision was Wrong
(Wyoming) -- The State of Wyoming, through the Attorney General, filed its opening brief in the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals challenging the EPA’s attempt to...
article Wyoming: Court should reject EPA's tribal boundary
(Wyoming) -- The state of Wyoming is asking a federal appeals court to reject the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's determination that Riverton and surrounding...
article Three charged with murder in stabbing on Wind River Indian Reservation
(Wyoming) -- The Federal Bureau of Investigation charged three residents of the Wind River Indian Reservation with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of Jared...
article Eastern Shoshone reject Northern Arapaho dissolution of Joint Business Council
(Wyoming) -- Members of the Eastern Shoshone business council are rejecting the Northern Arapaho tribe’s attempt to dissolve the Joint Business Council that...
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Land Issues

article Court Denies Yellowbear's "Friend of Court" Request
(Wyoming) -- 10th circuit Federal court judges have denied Andrew Yellowbear's request to become a “friend of the court” in a case about the...
article Appeals court won't hear Wyoming inmate in boundary dispute
(Wyoming) -- A federal appeals court has denied a request from a state prison inmate to participate in a lawsuit over the boundary of the Wind River Indian Reservation....
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Mining & Drilling

article Young Northern Cheyenne says no to coal mining
(Wyoming) -- Coal development is not my identity and culture. As a young Northern Cheyenne, I do not seek to develop any kind of coal on Cheyenne homelands. I want to...
article Battle royal: Coal companies, critics face off over proposal to reform federal royalties
(Wyoming) -- Coal companies and industry critics are increasingly at odds over a federal proposal to change the way royalties are levied on coal mined from public land....
article Native Sun News: Foes of uranium mine make case at hearing
(Wyoming) -- Five people testified against proposed northern Black Hills uranium mining in view of sacred Mato Tipila (aka Bear’s Lodge or Devils Tower) at a...
article Wyoming Offers Northwest Tribal Leaders A Free Trip To Coal Country
(Wyoming) -- Treaty fishing rights give Northwest tribes extra clout when it comes to the future of proposed coal terminals on the Columbia River and Puget Sound. That...
article Feds schedule comment period for uranium mining proposal near Mato Tipila
(Wyoming) -- A federal Atomic Safety and Licensing Board (ASLB) panel has given the public until Sept. 28 to submit written or oral comments about Strata Energy Inc....
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Tobacco & Cigarettes

article Tobacco Prevention Campaigns For Native Americans Tell Kids To 'Keep It Sacred'
(Wyoming) -- In most schools, campaigns to keep students from smoking use simple slogans like “Be Smart, Don’t Start,” but those targeting Native...
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Tribal Taxation

article Northern Arapaho Loses Lawsuit Against IRS
(Wyoming) -- The Northern Arapaho tribe recently lost a lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service. The tribe sued the IRS because it classified the Northern Arapaho...
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Water Issues

article Congress works to address aging tribal irrigation projects
(Wyoming) -- An aging agricultural irrigation project on the Wind River Reservation could receive federal maintenance money to modernize the century-old system. A bill...
article Judge rules for tribes in Wyoming in dispute over diverted water
(Wyoming) -- A federal judge fined an irrigation district and its former manager for illegally diverting water on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. Judge Alan B....
article 37-Year Lawsuit Settles Issue Of Tribal Water Rights
(Wyoming) -- Earlier this month in a Worland courthouse, a judge signed a final decree that brought to end what’s probably the longest-running lawsuit in Wyoming...
article 37-year lawsuit over water, tribal rights on Wind-Big Horn examined in UW event
(Wyoming) -- One of the longest-running lawsuits over water in the history of Wyoming may finally be coming to a close — and the University of Wyoming is putting...
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article Bergstrom: Cannabis could be big business for tribes
(Wyoming) -- Editor: Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes could put to good use a large harvest basket of revenue. I am sure that there are respected tribe...
article Wind River Reservation not likely to legalize marijuana
(Wyoming) -- Native American tribes on the Wind River Reservation are now able to grow and sell marijuana without federal prosecution after the release of a U.S. Justice...
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Shakopee Mdewakanton

article Shakopee Tribe funds Eastern Shoshone Tribe casino expansion
(Wyoming) -- The Eastern Shoshone Tribe of Wyoming expects to complete a $25 million casino expansion in 2016. Construction at the Shoshone Rose Casino will begin in the...
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Native Vote

article Native Americans getting more politically involved in Wyoming; 7 candidates in Wind River area
(Wyoming) -- American Indians in Wyoming increasingly are asserting themselves, fighting for more say on environmental issues and fielding more candidates in state and...
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Other News

article WyoLotto releases CEO's salary; other salaries remain secret
(Wyoming) -- After a month-long tangle over public information, the Wyoming Lottery Corp. released the salary of CEO Jon Clontz, but refused to disclose how it paid...
article Chief Washakie Scholarship Recipients Selected at UW
(Wyoming) -- Chief Washakie scholarships recently were awarded to 12 University of Wyoming students for the coming academic year. New recipients are Sharolyn Jimerson,...
article Seven students receive Northern Arapaho endowment scholarships from the University of Wyoming
(Wyoming) -- Seven students received Northern Arapaho endowment scholarships for the summer session and the 2015-16 academic year at the University of Wyoming.
article Wyoming Lottery declines to release individual pay
(Wyoming) -- The Wyoming Lottery Corp. has declined a newspaper’s request to release salary and benefit figures for individual employees, including its chief...
article Unlike other lotteries, WyoLotto says compensation is secret
(Wyoming) -- The Wyoming Lottery Corp. wants to keep its salaries and benefits secret from the public, with officials saying disclosure will hurt the new organization...
article Native Sun News: Tribes ignored in Yellowstone grizzly talks
(Wyoming) -- James Walks Along was forced to abandon an address to the Yellowstone Ecosystem Subcommittee (YES) of the joint federal and state Interagency Grizzly Bear...
article The Buffalo inside Wind River Casino open for guests tonight
(Wyoming) -- County 10 paid a visit to the newest addition to the Wind River Casino, The Buffalo Food Court. Shortly after opening, restaurant manager, Chris Amos, said...
article St. Stephen’s Indian School Documentary on making of a Buffalo Hide Tipi showing today and tomorrow
(Wyoming) -- The documentary on the making of a buffalo hide tipi by students at St. Stephen’s Indian School debuted this morning at the Wind River Hotel and...
article WyoLotto had a fourth game, but it may be on hold
(Wyoming) -- Plans for a fourth WyoLotto game may be put on hold, as the Wyoming Lottery Corp.’s chief executive doesn’t want to pursue it this year, he said.
article Fremont County to host “The Red Road Project” a Native American based art exhibit once featured in London and Rome
(Wyoming) -- Danielle SeeWalker’s and Carlotta Cardana’s “Red Road Project” is a fresh and candid collection of photographs and stories exploring the relationship...
article Entrepreneur hoping to launch tourism business for reservation
(Wyoming) -- Fort Washakie entrepreneur John Enos hopes to undertake a new business on the Wind River Indian Reservation with the goal of giving tourists the opportunity...
article Center of Hope receives $10,000 from tribe, casino
(Wyoming) -- The Northern Arapaho Tribe and Wind River Hotel and Casino have donated $10,000 to Volunteers of America, which operates the Center of Hope in Riverton.
article Reservation group joins statewide Advocacy Organizaton
(Wyoming) -- The Wind River Native Advocacy Center (WRNAC) joined as a coalition member of the Equality State Policy Center (ESPC) in late April. “We’re...
article Wyoming lottery survey shows most players earn middle-class income
(Wyoming) -- The majority of people who played the WyoLotto during its first months of operation earned at least a middle-class income, according to an online survey...
article How Sir Barton, horse racing's first Triple Crown winner, came to be buried in Wyoming
(Wyoming) -- Beneath a steel statue, atop a grassy hill in Douglas, rest the bones of a champion. They lie in Washington Park among the barren trees and chirping birds....
article Grizzly Delisting Rejected by Tribes
(Wyoming) -- Northern Indian tribes are protesting pending delisting of the grizzly bear. Tribal representatives challenged the U.S. government at a meeting in Cody....
article Medicaid Waiver For Tribes On Wind River Reservation A Done Deal...Almost
(Wyoming) -- In the recent legislative session, lawmakers approved a Medicaid Waiver for tribes on the Wind River Indian Reservation that could give the tribes federal...
article Supaman encourages kids to be Champions at Mills Elementary
(Wyoming) -- Mills Elementary kids witnessed an inside look at Supaman, Christian Perry, Native American musician and rapper this afternoon.
article Native Sun News: Tribes take DOI to task over grizzly bear policy
(Wyoming) -- In a strongly worded letter to the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), Senator John Tester (D-MT), Senator Steve Daines (R-MT), and Interior Secretary Sally...
article Barron: Live horse racing revived in Wyoming
(Wyoming) -- It's the new game in Wyoming. And it is doing much better than expected. It is historic horse racing, enabled by a 2013 law sponsored by Sen. John...

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