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Land Issues

article Tribe wants building in 'trust' status
(Wyoming) -- The Northern Arapaho Tribe has asked the Bureau of Indian Affairs to take a Riverton property it owns into trust status. If granted, the designation would...
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Tobacco & Cigarettes

article Wyoming cigarette tax could go up $1 per pack. But questions about reservation sales remain.
(Wyoming) -- Smokers in Wyoming would pay an additional $1 per pack and roughly $10 more per carton under a measure given a tentative green light by the Legislature...
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Trump Adminstration

article Wyoming's quiet governor faces a brash Interior Secretary, with a bird in the balance
(Wyoming) -- To understand the latest battle over the greater sage grouse one need look no further than how Matt Mead and Ryan Zinke present themselves. Consider the...
article Trump administration abandons tribes in battle over boundaries of reservation in Wyoming
(Wyoming) -- The Trump administration has abandoned two tribes as they seek to protect their homelands in Wyoming from an attack by the state government.
article Trump portrait replaced in Wyoming town hall
(Wyoming) -- A portrait of President Donald Trump has been replaced at one town hall in Wyoming because the local mayor disapproves of Trump's politics.
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Water Issues

article NOAA Partners with Northern Plains Tribes to Improve Drought Resilience
(Wyoming) -- Over the past several years, the High Plains Regional Climate Center (HPRCC) has been working with Native American tribes in the region to help address...
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Wind River

article Large Crowd Turns Out For Early Morning Bison Release On Wind River Reservation
(Wyoming) -- The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the National Wildlife Federation and the Eastern Shoshone Tribe invited participants to witness the release of ten...
article Tribal court now asked to fire Conrad, Clifford
(Wyoming) -- Michael Blackburn, an enrolled member of the Northern Arapaho Tribe, has asked the Wind River Indian Reservation's tribal court to carry out a directive...
article Return to Wind River
(Wyoming) -- The U.S. government promised to teach three Arapaho boys “the right way” and return them to their tribe as ambassadors of European assimilation...
article Region including Wind River rez has littlest growth in Indian gaming
(Wyoming) -- In July, the National Indian Gaming Commission reported a total $31.2 billion increase in gaming revenue, an overall increase of 4.4 percent, according to...
article How murder mystery ‘Wind River’ explores hard life on Native American reservations
(Wyoming) -- When Elizabeth Olsen’s Las Vegas-based FBI investigator Jane Banner first meets Jeremy Renner’s Forest Service game tracker Cory Lambert on the...
article In Wyoming's Wind River Reservation, eclipse planning is a little different
(Wyoming) -- By Art Lawson’s calculations, it would take 20 to 30 game wardens to adequately patrol over 2 million acres of tribal land on the Wind River...
article Tribes Sign Agreement To Launch New Intertribal Council
(Wyoming) -- Last week, the Riverton Ranger reported that councilors from both tribes on the Wind River Indian Reservation signed a memorandum of understanding to help...
article Arapaho, Shoshone attorneys blast reservation boundary ruling in request for rehearing
(Wyoming) -- The new attorneys brought in by the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes held few punches in their appeal of the Tenth Circuit Court decision over...
article High-Profile Attorneys Join Wyoming Boundary Dispute
(Wyoming) -- A lawsuit over the boundaries of the Wind River Reservation in central Wyoming is attracting some high-profile attorneys, including former U.S. Interior...
article Former Obama, Bush and Clinton officials join Arapaho, Shoshone in reservation boundary dispute
(Wyoming) -- Former U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has joined the Eastern Shoshone Tribe’s lawsuit against the state of Wyoming over the boundary of the Wind...
article No evidence of money theft on Wyoming reservation, according to report
(Wyoming) -- The U.S. Inspector General's office says it found no evidence of theft of federal funds on Wyoming's Wind River Indian Reservation.
article Arapaho suffer setback in ruling that says feds can put conditions on tribal funding deals
(Wyoming) -- The federal government may jointly administer some services to the two tribes sharing Wyoming’s Wind River Reservation, a U.S. District Court judge...
article Court Ruling on Tribe Funds Is Setback for Wyoming Arapaho
(Wyoming) -- A U.S. District Court judge has ruled that the federal government may jointly administer some services to the two tribes on the Wind River Reservation in...
article Once appearing near settlement, Wind River legal dispute drags on
(Wyoming) -- Recent developments in the legal dispute between the Northern Arapaho Tribe and federal government on the Wind River Reservation in central Wyoming suggest...
article Family Service Concerns on the Wind River Reservation
(Wyoming) -- Two separate Wind River Reservation court systems concern many about the efficiency of family services programs. The concern is children, taken from their...
article Bison Numbers on the Re-bound on the Wind River Indian Reservation
(Wyoming) -- A wild bison calf is born on the Wind River Reservation, for the first time in 130 years. As of now, it is unclear if the baby is a male or female as the...
article Historic Bison Birth on Wind River Reservation
(Wyoming) -- A bison calf has been born on Wyoming's Wind River Indian Reservation for the first time in 130 years. The baby bison was born Wednesday into a herd of...
article Shoshone sue fed government over joint tribal funding
(Wyoming) -- The Shoshone Business Council has filed a lawsuit over federal funds possibly being restored to the Northern Arapaho Tribe.The Riverton Ranger reports that...
article Obama's land grab in Wyoming killed by appeals court
(Wyoming) -- President Barack Obama's Environmental Protection Agency distinguished itself from the rest of his administration for its hostility to the rule of law,...
article Local woman indicted for embezzlement on Wind River Reservation
(Wyoming) -- A local woman has been indicted by a U.S. District Court Grand Jury in connection with alleged embezzlement from the Eastern Shoshone Tribe on September 28...
article Northern Arapaho, Feds, move to settle in Wind River lawsuit
(Wyoming) -- The Northern Arapaho Tribe and the Bureau of Indian Affairs agreed on Monday to mediation in the lawsuit over whether the BIA illegally awarded federal...
article Judge won’t grant restraining order against BIA on Wind River Reservation
(Wyoming) -- The Bureau of Indian Affairs won a rare victory this week in the legal dispute over tribal services at the Wind River Reservation in central Wyoming.
article Feds fear Wind River injunction that requires them to negotiate with both tribes, appeal states
(Wyoming) -- The federal government is claiming a court order requiring it to negotiate with both tribes on the Wind River Reservation in central Wyoming when providing...
article UW President Reaches Out to Reservation Schools
(Wyoming) -- University of Wyoming President Laurie Nichols visited Wind River Indian Reservation schools this week as part of an outreach effort to promote new programs...
article Court rules Riverton not part of Indian Country
(Wyoming) -- The city of Riverton and surrounding lands are not part of the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming, an appeals court ruled Wednesday in a case that...
article Northern Arapaho Tribe Will Appeal Circuit Court Decision About Reservation Boundary
(Wyoming) -- The Northern Arapaho Tribe will appeal an Appellate Court’s split ruling Wednesday that the Wind River Reservation boundaries were reduced by Congress...
article Appellate Court Rules Against EPA in Reservation Dispute; Split Decision Highlights Poor Treatment Of Indians
(Wyoming) -- The Denver-based 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in a split 2-1 decision against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency when it declared in 2013...
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Mining & Drilling

article Cheney oil and gas bill raises questions about the value of federal rules
(Wyoming) -- Ranchers drilling for oil and gas on their property say they have a problem. When a well on state or private land drills into federally owned oil and gas...
article Federal officials consider visual impact of oil and gas development near Native American sites
(Wyoming) -- Speckled across the Wyoming landscape, from public lands to private ranches, are historic Native American sites. They may be tepee rings, graves or marks...
article Lawmakers say BLM inhibiting oil and gas development to protect view from Native American sites
(Wyoming) -- State lawmakers say a new interpretation of federal rules is inhibiting oil and gas development near Native American sites on private land. At issue is...
article Wyoming governor critical of federal changes to sage grouse management
(Wyoming) -- Gov. Matt Mead criticized on Monday a key aspect of the federal government’s new plan for managing the imperiled sage grouse, arguing that it ignores...
article Citing Trump’s executive order, BLM considers leasing sage grouse habitat for oil and gas
(Wyoming) -- The federal push to open energy development on public lands resonates in Wyoming, where low prices and production have wreaked havoc on the economy. But...
article Deer numbers drop almost 40 percent as animals avoid oil and gas wells, new study shows
(Wyoming) -- Mule deer don’t like oil and gas wells. A new report — the first of its kind — analyzes 17 years’ worth of data showing that...
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Carlisle School

article Bringing The Children Home: Northern Arapaho Exhume Boarding School Graves
(Wyoming) -- On the Wind River Reservation, on the far edge of a wind-swept cemetery filled with white crosses and colorful flowers, a fresh mound blended in with all...
article After Many Requests, Boarding School Children's Remains Returned To Northern Arapaho
(Wyoming) -- For over a decade, the Northern Arapaho tribe has been requesting that the remains of children buried in a cemetery at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School...
article At last, the Indian children have come home
(Wyoming) -- People arrived at the cemetery in shiny late-model sedans and in old pickup trucks splashed with mud, but it was three riderless horses that led the...
article Remains of Northern Arapaho boys finally buried on the Wind River Reservation
(Wyoming) -- Three riderless horses clattered up Mission Road in Riverton Friday morning, the final ride for Little Chief, Horse and Little Plume. It was a bittersweet...
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Cheyenne/Arapaho Tribe

article The remains of three Northern Arapaho children will be returned home to Wyoming
(Wyoming) -- This summer, as rattlesnakes bask in the rocky heat of central Wyoming and the sun withers the grass, Little Chief will come home. The Northern Arapaho boy...
article One year in, gardening project on the reservation going strong
(Wyoming) -- A study evaluating the health impacts of food gardens with Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho families is under way, and the first wave of 18 families...
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Sherman Alexie

article A good storyteller is hard to find
(Wyoming) -- When Sherman Alexie takes to the stage, he said, it can go one of two ways — Blue Oyster Cult performing at an Indian casino or Oasis circa 1991. At...
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Donald Trump

article Mountain Town News: Jackson mayor takes down picture of Trump
(Wyoming) -- If many mayors of ski towns veer liberal, Peter Muldoon is more exceptional in his politics. After being elected last year, he set off to South Dakota, to...
article After criticizing Trump, Jackson mayor removed president's city hall portrait — then changed his story
(Wyoming) -- Embracing Jackson’s reputation as a liberal enclave in a deeply conservative state, Mayor Pete Muldoon decided to remove photographs of President...
article ‘Our respect is earned, not demanded’: Mayor removes Trump and Pence portraits from town hall
(Wyoming) -- At government buildings across the nation, a picture of a smiling, benevolent-looking politician is just about as common as fluorescent lights. But a...
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Cultural Appropriation

article Native Americans walk out of Wyoming play with stereotypes
(Wyoming) -- Native American high school students attending a summer program at the University of Wyoming walked out of the college's production of "The...
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Other News

article Education department requests money for St. Stephens Indian School amid enrollment rise
(Wyoming) -- The state Department of Education requested $1.37 million for St. Stephens, a federal Native American school on the Wind River Reservation that’s...
article "We Need More Native Teachers": Wyoming DOE Hears Input On Reservation Schools
(Wyoming) -- Only about 50 percent of Native American students graduate high school, compared to 80 percent of white students. That’s one reason why the Wyoming...
article U.S. casino operators Pinnacle, Penn National in merger talks
(Wyoming) -- Casino operator Pinnacle Entertainment Inc said on Thursday it was in talks with Penn National Gaming Inc about a potential cash-and-stock takeover of...
article Casino management lawsuit dismissed; judge says business council has immunity
(Wyoming) -- A tribal court judge has dismissed a legal claim filed by Michael Blackburn, who had sought to uphold an order by the Northern Arapaho General Council to...
article "Wind River" Movie Royalties Donated To Native Women's Group
(Wyoming) -- After allegations of sexual assault piled up against Harvey Weinstein, Wind River movie director Taylor Sheridan announced he would donate all future...
article "They Don't Trust Us And We Don't Trust Them": Discrimination Of Native Americans
(Wyoming) -- Half of American Indians living in native majority areas say they or a family member feel they’ve been treated unfairly by the courts, according to a...
article Changes Announced at Sheridan College After Racist Incidents
(Wyoming) -- Northern Wyoming Community College officials have announced a wave of changes after Native American students were targeted in at least two racially...
article College announces plans to increase campus diversity
(Wyoming) -- Sheridan College officials announced plans to emphasize diversity and inclusion on campus after Native American students became targets of racial...
article For Native Americans Facing Sexual Assault, Justice Feels Out Of Reach
(Wyoming) -- One morning earlier this year, Northern Arapaho member Rose was sitting at the table with her 14-year-old daughter, Latoya. "I told her to move her...
article Barron: Locals to control gambling
(Wyoming) -- Because of differing cultures, Wyoming’s cities, towns and counties are in the best position to regulate the games of bingo and pull tabs.
article Wyoming tribal officials rebury centuries-old remains
(Wyoming) -- Tribal officials on Wyoming's Wind River Indian Reservation have reburied centuries-old human remains discovered during digging for a water line project...
article Wyoming children, especially minorities, fall short in well-being survey
(Wyoming) -- Wyoming’s children, especially minorities, generally lag behind the well-being of children in the rest of the country, according to a new study....
article Low Turn Out By White Community Members To An Anti-Racism Education Workshop
(Wyoming) -- Wind River Reservation resident Clarisse Harris was one of the 40 participants who attended the “Against Racism” workshop put on by the People...
article Wyoming children, especially minorities, fall short in well-being survey
(Wyoming) -- Wyoming’s children, especially minorities, generally lag behind the well-being of children in the rest of the country, according to a new study.
article Tribes say they want an open dialogue to protect cultural sites in Wyoming
(Wyoming) -- Jon Eagle Sr. drove to Casper on Wednesday to speak on behalf of his tribe, the Standing Rock Sioux. Rising from his chair, before a packed room of...
article Ten more bison released on Wind River Indian Reservation
(Wyoming) -- Ten more bison were released Saturday morning on the Wind River Indian Reservation, nearly doubling Fremont County’s wild population that began with...
article More bison to join American Indian herd in Wyoming
(Wyoming) -- Ten more buffalo are set to join a nascent herd on the starkly beautiful landscape of a Wyoming American Indian reservation, a project significant to tribal...
article Wyoming K-12 standards to include Native American history
(Wyoming) -- Revised Wyoming K-12 education standards with a new Native American history component could be ready for State Board of Education review in January or...
article Wind River Casino wins HR award
(Wyoming) -- The Wind River Hotel and Casino won an award from the National Native American Human Resources Association at their annual conference held in Cherokee,...
article Native American Center opens on UW campus
(Wyoming) -- The Native American Education, Research and Cultural Center opened Friday on the University of Wyoming campus during an event attended by high-profile...

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