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Ted Nugent

article Nugent defends his ‘Native credibility’ in face of protests
(Wyoming) -- Rock star and political firebrand Ted Nugent spoke Saturday to an appreciative crowd at the Tea Party rally in Emblem. Nugent, politically outspoken and...
article The Nuge, Tea Partiers rally against Obama
(Wyoming) -- Just 17 days before the Wyoming primary, rocker and controversial conservative pundit Ted Nugent and a former Fox News military analyst revved up a Tea...
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Wind River

article Details still scarce in Tuesday officer-involved shooting; FBI confirms gunfire was ‘not accidental’
(Wyoming) -- Details are still hard to come by in an a Tuesday evening officer-involved shooting on the Wind River Indian Reservation that resulted in the death of a...
article FBI: Fatal shooting by law enforcement officer on Wind River reservation was not accidental
(Wyoming) -- A law enforcement officer who fatally shot a man Tuesday on the Wind River Indian Reservation fired the gun on purpose, according to the FBI.
article CONSERVATIVE POV: Exploiting Indians
(Wyoming) -- Many of Doug Thompson’s constituents are nervous. Some are angry. More still are confused. The soft-spoken Wyoming cattle rancher has been ranching in...
article TripAdvisor honors hotel
(Wyoming) -- The Wind River Hotel and Casino was honored by TripAdvisor with a 2014 Certificate of Excellence award. TripAdvisor is the world's largest travel site...
article Anti-sovereignty group brings its twisted message to Riverton
(Wyoming) -- The Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (CERA) took its long-running road show to Riverton last weekend to tell members of the Northern Arapaho and Eastern...
article Dispute over Wyoming tribal boundary stirs debate
(Wyoming) -- Representatives of Wyoming tribes and a national group dedicated to ending tribal sovereignty held a lively but civil debate over a boundary dispute...
article Group urges leaders to stand up to EPA on Riverton boundary ruling
(Wyoming) -- Members of the Citizens Equal Rights Alliance began their weekend conference in Riverton by encouraging local leaders to stand up to the EPA on a ruling...
article Group, tribal leaders debate federal decision that Riverton-area lands are part of reservation
(Wyoming) -- Representatives of Wyoming tribes and a national group dedicated to ending tribal sovereignty held a lively but civil debate over a boundary dispute...
press release University of Wyoming Indian law professor: CERA’s legal arguments ‘don’t hold water’
(Wyoming) -- An anti-Indian group rallying in Riverton this weekend promotes legal theories that clash with the U.S. and Wyoming Constitutions, University of Wyoming...
article Anti-sovereignty group to stage meetings over EPA ruling today and tomorrow in Riverton
(Wyoming) -- A meeting of the Citizens Equal Rights Alliance scheduled for this morning at Riverton City Hall, and a workshop at the Fremont County Fairgrounds over the...
article Convention on tribal policy causes open-meeting dispute in Riverton
(Wyoming) -- A closed meeting Friday of the Citizens Equal Rights Alliance, local government officials and the media in Riverton City Hall is raising a dispute over the...
article Northern Arapaho Business Council urges civility toward anti-Indian group
(Wyoming) -- Northern Arapaho leaders today urged tribal members to show restraint while the anti-Indian group Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (CERA) rallies in Riverton...
article Small turnout for CERA Workshop at Riverton City Hall; EPA decision said to be unconstitutional
(Wyoming) -- Fremont County Commission Chairman Doug Thompson was the first presenter at a Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (CERA) workshop for elected leaders, law...
article Group's arrival sparks concern among tribes
(Wyoming) -- Tensions have long existed between residents of Riverton and the nearby Wind River Indian Reservation. But they've reached a new level in recent months...
article Sex offender addresses verified on Wind River Reservation
(Wyoming) -- Every sex offender on the Wind River Indian Reservation required to register under the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act was located and had...
article Eastern Shoshone tribal liaison steps down, slams Gov. Mead
(Wyoming) -- Eastern Shoshone tribal liaison Sara Robinson announced Monday she is stepping down as the tribe's representative to both the Wyoming Legislature and...
article Robinson to leave Tribal Liaison position; Blasts Legislature and State for disrespect of Tribal peoples
(Wyoming) -- Eastern Shoshone Tribal Liaison Sara Robinson told the Select Committee on Tribal Relations today that she is leaving her position to join the Fremont...
article Northern Arapaho Tribe upset with upcoming event in Riverton with alleged anti-Indian group
(Wyoming) -- A letter sent to Fremont County’s elected officials from the Northern Arapaho Tribe on Thursday is filled with inaccuracies and misinformation,...
article Wind River boundary dispute attracts group
(Wyoming) -- A dispute over a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency decision saying that lands around Riverton are legally Indian Country has spurred a national group to...
press release 'Anti-Indian' advocacy group plans two-day Riverton event
(Wyoming) -- Northern Arapaho leaders expressed dismay that the City of Riverton will host an advocacy group known for its efforts to destroy Native American tribal...
article Wind River Hotel and Casino receives TripAdvisor Excellence Award
(Wyoming) -- The Wind River Hotel and Casino has been honored by TripAdvisor with a 2014 Certificate of Excellence award. TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel...
article Indian Casino Closest to Yellowstone Park Wins TripAdvisor Award
(Wyoming) -- In the heart of west, Wyoming's biggest casino has received praise from TridAdvisor, the world's largest travel site. The company awards the...
article Tribal health targeting men and youth in new programs
(Wyoming) -- Eastern Shoshone Tribal Health has implemented two new programs with the intent to target specific groups on the Wind River Indian Reservation. Eastern...
article Tribal Relations Committee Meeting
(Wyoming) -- A meeting of the Wyoming Legislature’s Select Committee on Tribal Relations is planned for June Ninth on the Central Wyoming College campus.
article Indian gaming group blasts state, feds for challenging EPA on border
(Wyoming) -- A resolution condemning efforts by state and federal representatives to clarify the boundary of the Wind River Indian Reservation has been passed by the...
article Windfall Enriches Life on a Poor Reservation [sub req'd]
(Wyoming) -- Misty Mann, a single mother raising three children here on the impoverished Wind River Indian Reservation, has long had to cope without money to spare.
article NIGA Takes Stand With Wind River Against Opposing State Legislation
(Wyoming) -- The National Indian Gaming Association has promised to fight a proposed bill that would terminate 170,000 acres of the Wind River Reservation and set a...
press release National Indian Gaming Association condemns Wind River termination bill
(Wyoming) -- The National Indian Gaming Association this week condemned efforts by the State of Wyoming and its congressional delegates to terminate 170,000 acres of the...
article WY Farm Bureau Files against EPA on Indian Ruling
(Wyoming) -- The Wyoming Farm Bureau last week challenged the decision of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to grant the Northern Arapahoe Tribe and the...
article Reservation Boundary Symposium
(Wyoming) -- Northern Arapaho leaders have invited Governor Matt Mead, the state’s congressional delegation and others to a symposium tomorrow in Riverton to learn...
article Report Suggests That Problems Exist At The Northern Arapaho Department Of Family Services
(Wyoming) -- The tribes on the Wind River Indian Reservation run their own family services agencies, funded by the tribes themselves, federal grants and contracts with...
article Tribal settlement money evident in increased car sales locally
(Wyoming) -- Vehicle sales saw a bump in Fremont County as Northern Arapaho tribal members began receiving settlement checks from a lawsuit over mineral royalties.
article Banks say settlement check transactions are going 'smoothly'
(Wyoming) -- Many banks in Riverton saw a lot of activity Wednesday when oil and gas settlement checks of $6,300 were delivered to roughly 9,700 Northern Arapaho tribal...
article Wind River Indian Reservation sees first checks arrive in $157 million settlement
(Wyoming) -- The first installment in a $157 million federal settlement began to pour into the Wind River Indian Reservation on Wednesday, as members of the Northern...
article Northern Arapaho Tribe invites Gov. Mead to ‘Mending Fences’ symposium regarding the reservation boundary dispute
(Wyoming) -- Northern Arapaho leaders today reportedly invited Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead, the state’s congressional delegation, and others to a May 6 symposium in...
article Wind River Tribes Plan Ahead For Settlement Checks
(Wyoming) -- In 2012, the tribes who share the Wind River Indian Reservation, the Eastern Shoshone and the Northern Arapaho Tribes, came to a settlement with the federal...
article Big settlement checks due for Arapahos next week; Shoshone process delayed
(Wyoming) -- The Northern Arapaho Business Council has released a public notice stating that long-awaited mineral settlement checks will be mailed to enrolled tribal...
article Money Heads To The Wind River Indian Reservation
(Wyoming) -- Long-awaited money from a settlement on the Wind River Indian Reservation is finally on its way. The 157 million dollar settlement between the tribes and...
article Tribe has 'grave concerns' about fed legislation on reservation border
(Wyoming) -- The Northern Arapaho Tribe continues to "slam" drafted federal legislation that would clarify the boundaries of the Wind River Indian Reservation.
article Wyoming Senator Drafts Bill ‘To Clarify’ Reservation Borders
(Wyoming) -- Wyoming and the tribes who share the Wind River Indian Reservation in the state are still waiting for their day in court to resolve a border dispute on the...
article Enzi to EPA: Butt out of Wyoming borders
(Wyoming) -- U.S. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) is planning on introducing legislation to clarify the boundaries of Wind River Indian Reservation, which were adjusted by the...
article GOP candidates announce; party opposes EPA border opinion
(Wyoming) -- With the announced retirement of State Rep. Patrick Goggles, D-Ethete, two Republican candidates have announced they are running for the seat. Daniel...
article Northern Arapaho Leaders Slam Draft Bill on WRIR Boundary
(Wyoming) -- Northern Arapaho leaders Monday condemned draft legislation they say would terminate a portion of the Wind River Reservation.
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Mining & Drilling

article Oil companies accused of racial discrimination at Wyoming site
(Wyoming) -- The Equal Opportunity Commission and employees of Dart Energy and J&R Well Service are suing, accusing the companies of racial discrimination on job...
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National Indian Gaming Association

article N.I.G.A. Condemns Wind River Termination Bill
(Wyoming) -- The National Indian Gaming Association is condemning efforts by the State of Wyoming and its congressional delegation to terminate the disputed 170,000...
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Water Issues

article LETTER: Water compact: Lawsuit attempts to rewrite history
(Wyoming) -- You recently printed a letter from a compact proponent who concluded that because the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes have had past success in the...
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article Enrolled Arapahoes to begin receiving settlement monies; Checks to be mailed on 21st
(Wyoming) -- The Northern Arapaho Business Council today announced that settlement checks for enrolled members will be mailed on April 21st.
article Northern Arapahoe Finally Get Settlement Checks
(Wyoming) -- There’s good news for the Northern Arapaho Nation in Wyoming. The check is in the mail. A case involving the sale and consolidation of Native American...
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Other News

article Cultural miscommunication discussed at Riverton native education conference
(Wyoming) -- The Rev. Michael Oleksa has lived and worked with native people in Alaska for more than 40 years. His message to the crowd at a Native American education...
article Reservation kids getting free haircuts for the start of school
(Wyoming) -- There was a steady stream of elementary, middle and high school, and even a few college students today at Blue Sky Hall taking advantage of a free pre-...
article It’s Official…the First Wyoming Lottery Ticket Will Be Bought in Sheridan
(Wyoming) -- The Wyoming Lottery today announced that the first lottery ticket will be purchased at noon on Sunday, Aug. 24 by Mary Ogg at the Holiday Station, located...
article Sheridan grandma will buy first Wyoming lottery ticket
(Wyoming) -- A 67-year-old grandmother from Sheridan will be the first person to buy a lottery ticket sold in Wyoming.
article Wyoming Educators Look To Meet Demand For STEM Jobs
(Wyoming) -- As Wyoming teachers gear up for another school year, there’s more emphasis than ever on improving so-called STEM education in the state.
article Family outreach taught in Native American education conference
(Wyoming) -- A principal walked into Brent Gish’s office in 2011, crying. She wasn’t distressed, angry or scared. She was overjoyed. Parent-teacher...
article Northern Arapaho Tribe to Take Part in Language and Culture Camp
(Wyoming) -- This weekend Northern Arapaho tribal members will get the chance to learn more about their culture and language. "Every tribe has their own identity,...
article Annual Native American education conference starts Tuesday
(Wyoming) -- The fifth annual Native American education conference starts Tuesday in Riverton, featuring two days of presentations on issues that impact native students.
article Northern Arapaho culture and language camp is this weekend
(Wyoming) -- Committed to the restoration and revival of the Arapaho language, a pair of organizations is hosting the first Northern Arapaho Language and Culture Camp...
article High Number Of Tribal Candidates Running In Upcoming Primary
(Wyoming) -- Over the years it's been a challenge to drum up political engagement on the Wind River Reservation. But things may be different this year with eight...
article Fifth Annual Wyoming Native American Education Conference
(Wyoming) -- The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) invites educators and community members across Wyoming to participate in the Fifth Annual Wyoming Native American...
article Wind River Hotel & Casino will give out 2,500 free backpacks to Fremont Co. kids!
(Wyoming) -- Start the upcoming school year off right with a brand new back pack. In its seventh year, the Wind River Hotel and Casino will be hosting its annual youth...
article Casper retailers happy to see lottery coming to Wyoming
(Wyoming) -- Casper retailers say they are happy to support the new Wyoming lottery even if it doesn’t bring new customers in droves.
article Coroner’s Office releases name of man killed in last week’s officer-involved shooting
(Wyoming) -- The Fremont County Coroner’s Office has released the identity of the man who died last Tuesday after reportedly being shot by law enforcement on the...
article Bison Quarantine Proposal Open For Public Comment
(Wyoming) -- Public comment is sought on a bison quarantine measure, at the behest of the National Park Service. The program would quarantine Yellowstone bison at one or...
article Shoshone National Forest
(Wyoming) -- Shoshone National Forest is located in the state of Wyoming. It is comprised of 2,500,000 acres of protected land and is separated into five districts...
article UW Extension Offers Leadership Course on Wind River Indian Reservation
(Wyoming) -- University of Wyoming Extension will offer leadership classes on the Wind River Indian Reservation beginning in September. The three-session “Be the...
article A national treasure; Crow elder Bulltail: Lessons to be learned from ancient legends
(Wyoming) -- Crow tribe elder Grant Bulltail absorbed energy from Heart Mountain Friday and shared with those listening to him. Bulltail’s presentation was part of...
article Man killed by police on Wind River Reservation
(Wyoming) -- A man has been fatally shot by police on the Wind River Reservation. Few details were released about the shooting Tuesday night near Ethete. The FBI is...
article Obama’s Indian Education Proposals Shortchange Indian Kids—Again
(Wyoming) -- President Obama recently visited the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota where he presented a series of Indian Education proposals intended to...

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