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Attorney General's Office Successful In Court Battle To Keep Navajo Child In Adoptive Home

The Arizona Supreme Court has denied a petition by the Navajo Nation to review a lower court ruling affirming that an almost 3-year-old Navajo child should continue living in his non-tribal adoptive home, Attorney General Tom Horne said today.




article Lori Campbell, adopted Regina woman, completes 23-year search for 6 siblings, mom
(Saskatchewan) -- Lori Campbell has spent more than two decades tracking down her birth mother and six younger siblings, after all were put up for adoption or placed in...


article Sioux Mother to Return to Court in Latest Fight for Her Abused Sons
(Oklahoma) -- On Friday, November 21 another hearing is scheduled in the Iowa District Court in Plymouth County in an interstate custody showdown that has sparked...


article Supreme Court: Judge erred in Native American case
(Nebraska) -- The Nebraska Supreme Court ruled Friday that a lower juvenile court erred in failing to apply a federal law that seeks to prevent the removal of Native...


article Province launches campaign to find 1,000 children adoptive homes
(British Columbia) -- Victoria wants families to consider adopting older children. More than 1,000 BC kids are in government care hoping to be adopted into loving homes...


article DOJ May Intervene In Alaska Supreme Court Case
(Alaska) -- The U.S. Department of Justice may intervene in an Alaska Supreme Court case concerning a non-Native couple’s adoption of an Alaska Native child. In...
article Whitehorse man caught up in 60s scoop seeks peace
(North Canada) -- A Kwanlin Dun First Nations man caught up in the 60s scoop went years without seeing his mother. He reconnected with her as a young adult after...


article Successful Cree negotiator finds the French-Canadian father he never knew
(Canada) -- ​Abel Bosum grew up with a Dad-sized hole in his life. He remembers being a boy who envied his friends when they talked about their dads — going...


article Alaska top court rules Native American girl can stay with adoptive family
(Alaska) -- Alaska's Supreme Court has ruled a Native American girl should stay with her adoptive non-Native family instead of tribal relatives, angering a tiny...


article Alaska Supreme Court: Native child can be adopted by non-Native family
(Alaska) -- In a split decision, the Alaska Supreme Court has ruled against the village of Tununak, which was appealing a lower court’s decision that allowed an...


article '60s Scoop adoptees find 'some kind of belonging' at national gathering
(Canada) -- When Colleen Cardinal and Lesley Parlane met in Ottawa a year ago, they bonded right away as adoptees reconnecting with their aboriginal roots. It’s...


article ‘We found you in a catalogue of Native children’
(Ottawa) -- On Colleen Cardinal’s adoption records it says her parents were Aboriginal and alcoholics. It doesn’t say her mother was a residential school...


article Justice Department Speaks Up for Native Americans
(South Dakota) -- While President Obama catches endless political flak for inactivity on key political issues, his Department of Justice is blazing ahead with a number...


article P.E.I. aboriginal families still affected by '60s Scoop
(Prince Edward Island) -- The so-called '60s Scoop, in which thousands of native children were removed from their homes, is expected to receive much-needed attention...


article Momentum builds for gathering of aboriginal adoptees
(Saskatchewan) -- An upcoming gathering of aboriginal people who were adopted or lived in foster care as children is gathering momentum as organizers visited Regina to...


article UN Will Hear About Lakota Child Foster Care Crisis
(South Dakota) -- The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has included South Dakota’s persistent and alleged illegal seizure of Lakota children in a report it is...


article Four adopted women seek out their Native American roots
(USA) -- For more than one hundred years, U.S. policies and practices separated Native American children from their families. Prior to 1978, when the Indian Child...


article Lakota Child Care Crisis to be Included in ACLU Report to be Presented to United Nations in August
(South Dakota) -- The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has included South Dakota’s persistent and alleged illegal seizure of Lakota children in a report it is...


article The Indian Child Welfare Act, Class Action Suits, and Open Hearings
(USA) -- The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) was passed by Congress in 1978 to address the widespread removal by the state of Indian children from their families


article Swept Away, Part 3: The Battle for South Dakota’s Native Children Begins
(South Dakota) -- The time had come to make a move. For 17 months, Stephen Pevar had been on a quiet but determined mission to end what he saw as the wholesale removal...


article Aboriginals adopted into white families want formal apology
(Canada) -- Some aboriginal people who were adopted into white families during the so-called Sixties Scoop say it's their turn for reconciliation and are calling for...


article Aboriginals want apology for adoptions
(Winnipeg) -- Some aboriginal people who were adopted into white families during the so-called Sixties Scoop say it’s their turn for reconciliation and are calling...
article Sixties Scoop adoptees share emotional stories, seek apology
(Winnipeg) -- Marlene Orgeron still remembers the day she was forced to leave home. "I remember my uncle crying, I remember him packing a suitcase, and hugging me...


article Swept Away, Part 2: Oglala v. Van Hunnik
(South Dakota) -- From the beginning, he sensed that something was off. Soon after Rapid City attorney Dana Hanna saw two Indian parents lose their children into the...


article Opening The Floodgates: 1991 lottery ruling gave birth to casinos
(Wisconsin) -- When Wisconsin voters authorized a state-operated lottery in a 1987 referendum, they got more than they bargained for. Little did they know at the time...


article Tanana Chiefs Conference, State Agree to Expanded TCC Role for Tribal Foster Care
(Alaska) -- Tanana Chiefs Conference President Jerry Isaac and the head of the Health and Social Services Commissioner signed an historic agreement Wednesday that will...


article UN rep meets with tribes on abduction of Native children
(South Dakota) -- Following outcry over South Dakota's racist abductions of Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota Sioux children from their families and placement of the...


article South Carolina Adoption Attorney Seeks to Overturn Oklahoma Jurisdiction in Baby Deseray Case
(South Carolina) -- Sources in South Carolina have reported that Raymond Godwin, the adoption attorney representing Bobby Bixler, 64, and Diane Bixler, 60, in the "...


article Baby Deseray Removed From Bixler's Custody in South Carolina
(South Carolina) -- Indian Country has learned that Merry Rejoice Bixler, aka "Baby Deseray," was removed last week from the home of Bobby Bixler, 64, and...


article BREWER: Oklahoma Adoption Attorney Approves Baby Deseray Removal for Friend
(South Carolina) -- Next week, South Carolina Judge Marsh Robertson has a hearing scheduled for the finalization of the adoption of Oklahoma-born infant, Merry Rejoice...


article Adult Son of Couple Adopting Deseray Says They Were Abusive Parents
(South Carolina) -- A family court judge in South Carolina has scheduled a hearing on October 25 to finalize of the adoption of Baby Deseray, despite an Oklahoma court...


article BLOG: A Positive ICWA Case Out of California
(Michigan) -- We almost never see a positive case out of California. Here is one (In re C.S.), and the words of the juvenile referee Sobel from state court: The court...


article 'Serial Adopters': How Evangelicals Are Exploiting Orphan Market
(USA) -- A recent New York Times article "The Evangelical Orphan Boom" sheds light on how adoption has become a key component of the conservative Christian...
article Skeptics of Veronica, Desaray cases call for closer look at private adoptions, laws
(USA) -- When Sharon Pierce learned that her son had gotten someone pregnant, she knew the situation wouldn’t be ideal.


article IRON EYES: End the Cultural Genocide in South Dakota against Our Lakota People
(South Dakota) -- Hello my relatives. My name is Chase Iron Eyes. I am South Dakota counsel for the Lakota Peoples Law Project, the appointed Eyapaha (messenger) of the...


article Oklahoma Judge Gives Custody of Deseray to Absentee Shawnee Tribe
(Oklahoma) -- At a closed-door hearing last week in Oklahoma County, Judge Allen Welch granted custody of the infant girl “Deseray” to the Absentee Shawnee...


article South Carolina couple’s attorney says Oklahoma tribe never expressed interest before Desaray’s birth
(South Carolina) -- The American Indian tribe fighting for custody of an infant from Oklahoma never showed such an interest before she was born in May, an attorney for...


article Baby Veronica II: Oklahoma gives custody of baby to tribe instead of the South Carolina couple trying to adopt her
(Oklahoma) -- A Native American tribe in Oklahoma has been awarded custody this week of a four-month-old baby who was adopted by a South Carolina couple.
article Okla. custody dispute compared to SC couple's case
(Oklahoma) -- In a case that is drawing comparisons to a long-running adoption dispute over a 3-year-old Cherokee girl, an Oklahoma County District Court judge awarded...


article Court Rules Baby Desirai Must Be Returned To Oklahoma
(Oklahoma) -- An Oklahoma County judge has ruled "Baby Desirai" must be returned to Oklahoma. The Baby Desirai case mirrors the "Baby Veronica"...


article Trafficking Native Children: The Seamy Underbelly of U.S. Adoption Industry
(Oklahoma) -- Jeremy Simmons was heartbroken, baffled and confused. He had been living with his girlfriend, Crystal Tarbox, in Mannford, Oklahoma, when she became...


article Indian Child Welfare Act: More Than 800 Native American Children Were Adopted In 2012. How Many Could Be Affected?
(USA) -- In 2011, 2-year-old Veronica was ripped from the arms of the only parents she’d ever known -- legal adoptive parents -- to go and live with her birth...


article Sold in Oklahoma: Second Indian Infant Adopted to South Carolina
(Oklahoma) -- As Dusten Brown posted bail in a Sequoyah County, Oklahoma courtroom yesterday afternoon on a federal warrant for his arrest for "custodial...


article Child custody case tests tribal, non-tribal rights
(Florida) -- In the battle for partial custody of his two young children, Kevin Stier traveled to a courthouse in a foreign land. It was not overseas, but to the...


article Child custody case tests jurisdiction of Miccosukee, Miami-Dade courts
(Florida) -- In the battle for partial custody of his two young children, Kevin Stier traveled to a courthouse in a foreign land. It was not overseas, but to the...


article ABOUREZK: After custody dispute, family happy to leave Nebraska behind
(Nebraska) -- For 48 days in 1999, Bobbie Jean McClatchey cried, called lawyers, made phone calls — dozens of phone calls — and wrote letters. She did what...


article Alaska Supreme Court issues important ICWA opinion in Native Village of Tununak v. State, a case in which NARF submitted an amicus brief
(Alaska) -- Today the Alaska Supreme Court issued an important ruling in the case Native Village of Tununak v. State in which it held that the Indian Child Welfare Act (...


article Native American adoption law presents extra challenges for taxed system
(California) -- In 2012, more than 30,000 children in California entered the foster care system—often taken out of their homes following instances of abuse or...


article Fears adoption could spark new Stolen Generation
(Australia) -- The Northern Territory Chief Minister's suggestion Aboriginal children should be adopted when necessary for their protection has been met with an...


article Native daughter: the baby Ashlyn story
(Oklahoma) -- There are about half a million people in Oklahoma who are documented members of a Native American tribe, between 10 and 15 percent of the statewide...


article ABOUREZK: State senator seeking to reduce removal of Native children
(Nebraska) -- She would wear moccasins and put her hair in braids. Even before she knew who she really was, Karen Hardenbrook wanted to be Native. She even accepted the...


article Fighting to keep Native children at home
(South Dakota) -- Indian Child Welfare Act agencies on the South Dakota reservations are hoping the lawsuit filed against the state of South Dakota will bring attention...


article Australian Prime Minister Apologizes For Forced Adoption Policy
(Australia) -- Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has formally apologized for the forced adoptions that took place in the country from the late-1950s to the 1970s.


article Tevlin: Sierra shares lessons on Indian adoption
(Minnesota) -- On Memorial Day weekend 2001, Gene and Carol Campbell set out to find their foster daughter, who had been missing. They worried about the girl, Sierra...


article Reclaiming Her Identity: A Conversation With Native Adoptee and Author Susan Fedorko
(Minnesota) -- Susan Fedorko was 40 years old when she found her birth family—or rather, when a long-lost sister found her. Her first book, Cricket: Secret Child...


article South Dakota lawmaker withdraws bill on Indian foster care
(South Dakota) -- A state lawmaker has withdrawn a bill that sought to set up a monitoring program to determine whether South Dakota is complying with a federal law...


article Case may shape Native American adoptions
(Washington D.C.) -- The U.S. Supreme Court is set to decide a case that could outline the limits of a law on Native American adoptions written by a former U.S. senator...
article American Indian children's welfare in question with adoptions
(New Mexico) -- The task of finding adoptive families for American Indian children is becoming increasingly difficult and troublesome.


article Mother To Daughter: 'That's When I Knew I Was Adopted'
(South Dakota) -- Diane Tells His Name was 37 when she discovered she was adopted as a child. Rather than feeling anger or sadness, she embraced the opportunity to...


article Justice Scalia Calls Indian Adoption Case his Toughest Decision
(Washington D.C.) -- Justice Antonin Scalia told Charlie Rose in a TV interview that an Indian adoption case in 1989 has been the most challenging decision he has made...
article The couple fighting to see Native American girl, 3, who they adopted at birth
(South Carolina) -- A South Carolina couple are fighting to win back custody of a three-year-old Native American girl they adopted as a baby, after the Supreme Court...


article SCOTUS: Case Pits Adoptive Parents Against Tribal Rights
(Washington D.C.) -- “What has been the toughest decision for you?” Charlie Rose asked Justice Antonin Scalia in a television interview a few weeks ago. He...


article Attorney General's office successful in court battle to keep Navajo child in adoptive home
(Arizona) -- The Arizona Supreme Court denied a petition by the Navajo Nation to review a lower court ruling affirming that an almost 3-year-old Navajo child should...


article Indian child issue has other side
(South Dakota) -- Though South Dakota has suffered repeated criticism recently for placing too many American Indian children with white foster families, at least one...


article Attorney General's Office Successful In Court Battle To Keep Navajo Child In Adoptive Home
(Arizona) -- The Arizona Supreme Court has denied a petition by the Navajo Nation to review a lower court ruling affirming that an almost 3-year-old Navajo child should...


article Ariz. court denies review of Navajo adoption case
(Arizona) -- The state Supreme Court has denied review of a ruling that allows the placement of a Navajo boy with a non-American Indian family.


article Indian welfare directors criticize S.D. foster care
(South Dakota) -- South Dakota willfully has violated federal law by removing too many Native American children from their homes and placing them in foster care with non...
article South Dakota Tribes Charge State With ICWA Violations
(South Dakota) -- A consortium of tribal directors of Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) programs on Sioux reservations in South Dakota accuses the state of violating the...


article NPR: Tribal Coalition Report Finds South Dakota 'Willfully' Violated Child Welfare Law
(South Dakota) -- South Dakota's foster care system "systematically violated the spirit and the letter" of a law meant to protect Native American children...


article Report: South Dakota breaks child-protection laws
(South Dakota) -- South Dakota willfully has violated federal law by removing too many American Indian children from their homes and placing them in foster care with non...


article Change in tribal child custody laws proposed
(Oklahoma) -- Dawn Ferrill, a former Oklahoma foster parent, is no stranger to falling in love with a child in her care and then having to let that child go.


article Native Americans recall era of forced adoptions
(Maine) -- In the decades after World War II hundreds of Native American children in the US were taken from their communities and given to white families through...


article Navajo Nation Supreme Court clarifies adoption law in Nov. 1 James v. Window Rock Family Court decision
(Arizona) -- The Navajo Nation Supreme Court issued a decision Nov. 1 requiring district courts to rule on cases within required timeframes.


article Susan Harness brings home the topic of transracial adoption of Native American children
(Montana) -- The opening President’s Lecture Series at Salish Kootenai College had a real life effect on the message that almost it could not be linked to the word...


article DR. ENNIS: Dr. Phil and the Real Purpose of the Indian Child Welfare Act
(Minnesota) -- I recently became aware of a group that is called Coalition for the Protection of Indian Children and Families. On the surface that sounds legitimate but...


article NICWA responds to Dr. Phil's coverage of S.C. ICWA case
(Oregon) -- On October 18, 2012, the Dr. Phil show aired an episode that focused on a disputed custody case involving an American Indian child, Veronica. The case pits a...


article BLOG: The REAL War on Women comes from the Cherokee Nation
(USA) -- NOT ONLY is the ‘INDIAN CHILD WELFARE ACT’ a weapon against the rights and best interests of many children – but it is an affront on the...


article BLOG: Dr. Phil’s Hollywood-ized Adoption Propaganda
(Massachusetts) -- Watching clips of today’s episode (10-18-12) of Dr. Phil, watching those teary adoptive parents show their anger, outrage and despair over...
article Viewers Respond to Dr. Phil Episode About Baby Veronica Custody Battle: Boycott the Anti-Native American Dr. Phil Show
(USA) -- In response to yesterday’s episode of the Dr. Phil Show that attacked the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and undermined the significance of Native...


article Adoptive Parents Of Baby Veronica Sit Down With Dr. Phil
(Oklahoma) -- The adoptive parents of a Native American girl from Oklahoma sat down with Dr. Phil Thursday to discuss their petition to the U.S. Supreme Court and the...


article Dr. Phil Show To Feature Perspective of Adoptive Parents in ‘Battle Over Baby Veronica’
(South Dakota) -- Today, the DR. PHIL Show will tell the story of Matt and Melanie Capobianco, the non-native adoptive parents of 3-year-old Veronica (Cherokee), who was...


article South Carolina couple appeals ICW case to Supreme Court
(South Carolina) -- A ruling that sends a Cherokee girl back to Oklahoma from her adoptive South Carolina family is being appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.


article Petition filed with Supreme Court in Cherokee child custody case
(Washington D.C.) -- The adoptive parents of a little girl caught in the middle of a custody battle, have filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court in hopes of...
article S.C. couple appeals Cherokee child custody case to US Supreme Court
(Washington D.C.) -- A South Carolina couple has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to weigh in on a ruling sending their adopted American Indian daughter back to her father...


article Native American hopes adoption story will give strength to others
(UK) -- Johnathan Brooks, who lives with his wife and daughter in Grecian Road, Tunbridge Wells, explained how he was adopted as a newborn baby by a German aristocrat...

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