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Bigfoots by the dozens? Alberta wilderness guide says beastly troops likely in Canadian Rockies

A wilderness and ecology guide believes Bigfoots by the dozen could be roaming the wilderness of southern Alberta and parts of British Columbia.




article What's the Difference Between Sasquatch and Bigfoot?
(USA) -- Bigfoot is one of the most enduring legends in North American history, a shadowy, hairy creature that roams the forests undetected. The beast is by no means new...


article Sasquatch spotted in Washington? WSDOT wants you to be the judge
(Washington) -- The Washington State Department of Transportation tweeted pictures of what they said “might be Sasquatch.”


article Researchers search for Bigfoot in Kisatchie National Forest
(Louisiana) -- In the middle of Kisatchie National Forest, a Bigfoot researcher who calls himself “Tex-La” lets out four howls in an area that he and another...


article Anonymous flyer denies ‘Sasquatch’ reason for Vermont bridge closure
(Vermont) -- An anonymous flyer denying that Bigfoot is behind the prolonged closure of a bridge in a Vermont town has got locals talking about the mythical forest...


article North American Bigfoot Center opens in Boring
(Oregon) -- Oregon finally has a museum dedicated to its favorite elusive creature -- Sasquatch! The North American Bigfoot Center launched a soft opening in the...


article Researchers search for Bigfoot in Kisatchie National Forest
(Louisiana) -- ”In the middle of Kisatchie National Forest, a Bigfoot researcher who calls himself “Tex-La”, lets out four howls in an area that he and...


article Sasquatch reports wanted: new group collecting sightings from Thunder Bay region
(Ontario) -- Have you seen something strange in the woods north of Lake Superior? If so, Great Lakes Sasquatch wants to hear all about it. The Minnesota-based...


article Opening Oregon’s First Bigfoot Museum. We Got a Sneak Peek.
(Oregon) -- Cliff Barackman wants to show the world his BILF. That stands for "Bigfoot I'd Like to Film." His formal name, though, is Murphy. Standing 7...
article A Leading Sasquatch Researcher Is Opening Oregon’s First Bigfoot Museum. We Got a Sneak Peek.
(Oregon) -- Cliff Barackman wants to show the world his BILF. That stands for "Bigfoot I'd Like to Film." His formal name, though, is Murphy. Standing 7 feet 6 inches...


article Exploring the legends of Bigfoot
(Virginia) -- It isn’t every day that our property provides the setting for a movie. On July 5, Bill and Amy Lancaster of Bilco Productions in Bristol, Virginia,...


article Bigfoot treks through Chinook Winds this weekend
(Oregon) -- He’s been the subject of campfire stories for decades. First recognized under the name Sasquatch, the term Bigfoot first came into play in the late...


article Is Bigfoot in Pennsylvania? Parts of the state have several reported Sasquatch sightings
(Pennsylvania) -- If you’re searching for Bigfoot in Pennsylvania, look to our western counties. All the top counties for reports of Bigfoot sightings are in the...


article He asked the FBI to analyze ‘Bigfoot’ hair 40 years ago and never heard back. Until now
(Oregon) -- It began, as it so often does, with a glimpse. Something tall. Something hairy. Something that left footprints too big to be human. Whatever it was, the...


article The Sasquatch Myth Continues with New Exhibit
(Washington) -- As one of the hotbeds for Sasquatch sightings, it seems fitting the Pacific Northwest is welcoming an exhibit dedicated to the creature. On May 31, the...


article Laika’s ‘Missing Link’ is the latest example of Sasquatch’s pop culture footprint
(Oregon) -- Whether you call it Bigfoot or Sasquatch, the hulking, hairy, big ape creature is as much a part of Northwest life as forests and flannel shirts. Some say...


article Hearing Bigfoot a life-changing event for Moses Lake man
(Washington) -- Rick Graser has no doubts about what he heard that Friday afternoon fishing in the Quinault Indian Reservation. “Reuben (Estavillo), our Indian...


article VIDEO BLOG: Whiteriver AZ Bigfoot Sighting By Official on Apache Reservation
(Arizona) -- Incredible footage emerge yesterday of a Bigfoot sighted by several people on an Apache Reservation in Arizona.


article The legend of Sasquatch won’t die, but it should
(Washington) -- Consider this minor miracle: Over the course of a 30-year career that has often taken me deep into the woods, cracks and crannies of the Northwest...


article BIGFOOT: The Great Elderly Brother
(Indian Country) -- Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of the tribe. Views expressed here are not supported by the Saponi-...


press release Sasquatch Summit Comes Back to Quinault Beach Resort and Casino November 16-18
(Oregon) -- Whether people have a personal Sasquatch story to tell or just want to check out the research done on the subject, the Sasquatch Summit conference is the...


article Digging Into The Enduring Mythology Of Bigfoot
(California) -- The first published reference to "Bigfoot" was 60 years ago, but the mysterious woodland creature still captures Americans' imaginations....


article Why Do So Many People Still Want to Believe in Bigfoot?
(California) -- Sixty years ago this fall, Bigfoot first stepped into the public consciousness. “Giant footprints puzzle residents,” a headline in the...
article Why Do So Many People Still Want to Believe in Bigfoot?
(California) -- Sixty years ago this fall, Bigfoot first stepped into the public consciousness. “Giant footprints puzzle residents,” a headline in the...


article Speaking of Bigfoot: Inaugural Kitsap Sasquatch Symposium draws seekers, skeptics
(Washington) -- Beyond the cling and clang of slot machines, past the large central bar, sports-slathered TV screens ablaze (if you reach the bathrooms you’ve gone too...


article Right-wing Christians are now claiming that Bigfoot is really just the ‘Devil’
(USA) -- Former Family Research Council fellow Tim Dailey was on a Religious-right radio show hosted by Janet Mefferd and claimed that Bigfoot was created by the “...


article So, Why Do People Believe In Bigfoot Anyway?
(California) -- Relatively few people, in or out of the field of science, believe in Bigfoot. A purported Bigfoot sighting would likely be met with the same level of...


article Gone ‘squatchin’: How to hunt for Bigfoot
(California) -- In the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant in Willow Creek, in inland Humboldt County, around sunset on an evening in late May, my husband, Joe, and I...


article Follow The Trail Of The Legendary Bigfoot In The Newest NJ Online Slot
(USA) -- This week’s new slots take you from the forests of the Pacific Northwest to deep under the ocean, and one hits the way-back machine to take you to the...


article Researchers hope to change tide on Bigfoot mystery
(Oklahoma) -- Whether you call it Yowie, Yeti, Sasquatch or Bigfoot, the mystery of the beast drew hundreds to Stilwell on March 10 to the Mid-America Bigfoot Research...


article Edmonds’ Maralyn Chase: Bigfoot is real
(Washington) -- Sen. Maralyn Chase (D-Edmonds) believes Bigfoot is real. She’s on the record about this. And the mythical Sasquatch, an integral piece of Pacific...


article Contest: Find Bigfoot With a Primal Rage Double-Sided Mini-Poster!
(Hollywood) -- On February 27th, Fathom Events will be hosting a one-night theater event for Primal Rage, the Bigfoot horror film based on Native American mythology!


article Sasquatch eludes state recognition, yet again
(Washington) -- The mythical Sasquatch, an integral piece of Pacific Northwest folklore, got another shot at recognition this year with a bill that would name it...


article Scientists DNA tested nine “yeti” samples. They didn’t find Bigfoot.
(UK) -- The yeti, or abominable snowman, is one of the most sought-after animals that does not exist. A long line of explorers, including mountaineers Sir Edmund Hillary...


article Woman with ties to Nebraska Bigfoot Conference claims to have seen creature along I-80
(Nebraska) -- The description sounded a little mysterious: really dark or black, very large and about 8 feet tall. Cody Thomas, a spokesman for the Nebraska State Patrol...


article Bigfoot debate: Spirit or science?
(Washington) -- Here’s an interesting question: If you had hair samples from a Bigfoot creature in your possession would you send it to a laboratory for DNA...


article Sasquatch and Spirituality: A Native American perspective
(Washington) -- Join Mel Skahan on Friday, Nov. 10 for “Sasquatch and Spirituality: A Native American Perspective,” at Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and...


press release Location of Bigfoot Burial Cave Possibly Identified
(California) -- East Glacier Montana is also known as the final frontier. The Blackfeet tribe is one of the only tribes that retained their ancestrial land when the...


article Rob Lowe met Bigfoot, thought he was “going to be killed”
(California) -- Actor Rob Lowe claims to have encountered a Bigfoot-like animal known as the wood ape, while filming his new documentary series. He claims the encounter...


article Nebraska researchers out to prove Bigfoot exists
(Nebraska) -- Perhaps what makes myths and legends so enduring is the debate that accompanies the attempts to prove or disprove them. Television documentaries do their...


article Bigfoot blamed in Idaho car crash
(Idaho) -- A northern Idaho woman told police she crashed into a deer because she was distracted by a sasquatch in her rearview mirror. The Moscow-Pullman Daily News...


article Bigfoot becomes center of attention during Nebraska convention
(Nebraska) -- Check out highlights from the first annual Nebraska Bigfoot conference in Hastings.


article Bill would make Sasquatch "official cryptid" of Washington
(Washington) -- A new bill seeks to designate Sasquatch as the "official cryptid" of Washington state. A cryptid is defined by Oxford dictionary as an "...


article Ellendale man believes huge footprints belong to Bigfoot
(North Dakota) -- The latest Bigfoot sighting is right here on the North Dakota prairie. Some Ellendale residents believe Sasquatch took a walk through rural Dickey...


article On the trail of Bigfoot in an Upper Peninsula Michigan forest
(Michigan) -- Maybe Bigfoot did this. Maybe. Rich Meyer stood in an Upper Peninsula forest, calling his friend over to a spot along a trail. He’d found something....


article Big Sky Bigfoot Conference brings believers to Bitterroot
(Montana) -- When Thomas and Caitlin Ertz heard a friend was hearing strange noises and witnessing “odd” activity on a piece of private property right...


article What is this creepy jungle giant?
(Indonesia) -- It's supposed to be a mythical creature hiding somewhere in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, but has Bigfoot finally been captured on video...


article Some see Bigfoot photo-bombing Michigan eagle's nest cam
(Michigan) -- A potentially legendary photo-bomber has stolen the spotlight from a bald eagle nest live cam in Beulah. Social media is abuzz recently with a clip from a...


article Mysterious creature caught on video wandering through Portuguese desert
(Portugal) -- Some claim it's a chupacabra. Others say it's Big Foot. A mysterious creature was captured on video wandering through a Portuguese desert,...


article Whati man tells of encounter with nàhgą — the Tlicho sasquatch — following boat accident
(Northwest Territories) -- A man who spent two days alone on an island after capsizing his canoe says he had a terrifying encounter with a mythical creature — and...


article The Man Who Created Bigfoot
(Washington) -- Bob Gimlin was a small town cowboy when his friend coaxed him into hunting the famous mythical creature 50 years ago. Today, as the legend of Bigfoot has...


article Residents of Dulce claim UFOs, Bigfoot spotted in area
(New Mexico) -- When most people think UFOs and the unexplained in the state they turn to Roswell, but residents of a tiny town in northern New Mexico say they've...


article Klamath Tribes to be featured on 'Finding Bigfoot'
(Washington) -- The Klamath Tribes are expected to be featured in a television episode of “Finding Bigfoot” this Thursday on Animal Planet. The show’s...


article New Bigfoot Sighting in NC after Recent Lizard Man Sightings in SC
(North Carolina) -- According to effectively WCIV, a person delivered the location a online video he contained May of which he felt appeared to be the Lizard Man.


article Bigfoot hunters converge on Yukon park after alleged sighting
(North Canada) -- A recent alleged sighting of Bigfoot in the Yukon has people on the hunt for the elusive creature. The sighting happened just outside of Kluane...


press release Five-Year Battle to Get Bigfoot Movie Released Has Big Payoff
(Oregon) -- Tom Monson, writer and producer of "Bigfoot Chronicles" announced today the film released July 7, is exploding in popularity. According to the film...


article Sasquatch hunters near Houston say they were attacked by bigfoot
(Texas) -- The Sasquatch didn't like it when explorers in the Sam Houston National Forest drew too near him last week, and in his fury he hurled giant logs at the...


article Bigfoot legends of Idaho
(Idaho) -- Bigfoot legends are interesting stories found in many cultures that blurr the line between true history and legend. Never-theless, people find them...


article MORON ALERT: Put your money where your foot is: Bigfoot believer plans IPO to fund search
(New York) -- As investment opportunities go, this would probably not be recommended for the financially timid or the soon to retire, but it shows great potential not to...


article Was the Turner Bigfoot sighting a hoax? Researcher says he got new information
(Maine) -- On Friday, I posted in this space about some video footage, footprints and audio recorded up in Turner which attracted the attention of longtime Bigfoot...


article Agency's Bigfoot post makes big imprint on social media
(Arizona) -- An Arizona agency's posting about Bigfoot is leaving its mark on social media. The Arizona Department of Transportation Facebook post from Jan. 1 reads...


article ‘The most convincing evidence since Patterson-Gimlin’: Does this Maine video show proof of Bigfoot?
(Maine) -- Mainer Bill Brock is the host of a monster-hunting show that has aired on the Discovery Channel and its Destination America sister network, and he’s...


article Bigfoot: There Is A Bounty On Sasquatch's Head
(USA) -- Mountain devil. Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Whatever the name, the mystery remains: Is there a Bigfoot, and how is an 8-foot hominid covered in hair so wily?


article Washington bigfoot believers not discouraged
(Washington) -- When you're a Bigfoot believer in Washington state — for some, the epicenter for the creature — you don't get discouraged.


article Bigfoot and Yeti, as Elusive as Ever
(New York) -- Legends of mysterious part-human creatures have circulated for centuries, and those stories persist today in cultures around the world, from Yeti in the...


article Bigfoot tracker admits body is a hoax
(Texas) -- After a falling out with his Bigfoot crew, master tracker Rick Dyer, whose new title may be “con artist”, admitted that the 8-foot tall body named...
article Spokane company made 'Bigfoot' for Texas man who claimed to kill the beast
(Washington) -- Rick Dyer had quite a tale to tell: He found Bigfoot in Texas, attracted it with a rack of ribs and shot the beast. He had the body to prove it, and he...
article Bigfoot buzz quiets, but question lingers after reported Nebraska sighting
(Nebraska) -- Word spread around Butler County and beyond late last summer about an unusual report of a teenager who'd spotted a hairy, 7-foot-tall creature. And...


article On the Trail of Florida's Bigfoot—the Skunk Ape
(Florida) -- The first time Dave Shealy saw a skunk ape, he says, he was ten years old. It was 1974, a few years after his father came upon a set of footprints left by...


article Dan and Dave Greene Discuss Their 'Bigfoot Bounty' Experience
(New York) -- Brothers Dan and Dave Green (Mohawk/Tuscarora/Chippewa) were one of the teams competing on the Spike series $10 Million Bigfoot Bounty.


article Meet the Native Bigfoot Hunters From '$10 Million Bigfoot Bounty'
(USA) -- Currently SpikeTV has been airing episodes of its new series copy0 Million Bigfoot Bounty in which nine elite teams of searchers look for definitive proof of...


article Man claims to have Bigfoot’s body
(Mississippi) -- A man claims to have shot and killed Bigfoot and said he has the corpse to prove it. reported that “Bigfoot hunter” Rick Dyer...


article $10 Million Bounty Put On Bigfoot's Hairy Head
(USA) -- The worlds of Bigfoot and science collide tonight with the premiere of Spike TV's "Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty." Actor Dean Cain hosts and...


article New Bigfoot Evidence Screened as Expert Claims Proof of Existence
(Texas) -- Bigfoot is real, and now at least one scientist claims there is proof. A group of Sasquatch researchers who have been collecting over 100 pieces of evidence...


article Bluffs hunter says he believes print he spotted in Iowa's Loess Hills belongs to Bigfoot
(Nebraska) -- Richard Rohrberg didn't think he would find signs of Bigfoot while deer hunting in rural Harrison County on his mother's birthday.


article Does Sasquatch lurk among area residents?
(Nebraska) -- The recent hullaboo about a possible Bigfoot sighting back near Morse Bluff hits a little close to home. That's because I've considered my neck of...


article Kilmeade: ‘Almost convinced’ Bigfoot real but ‘why wouldn’t he come out and greet us?’
(USA) -- Fox News host Brian Kilmeade is pretty sure that Bigfoot is real but he still can’t understand why the legendary creature doesn’t “come out...


article New video shows Bigfoot, couple claim
(British Columbia) -- A Canadian couple hiking in the hills of Mission, British Columbia, claim that they videotaped Bigfoot, according to video from Newsey.


article 911 call: 'Proof of bigfoot' / Evidence in the woods of Pennsylvania prompts a police investigation.
(Pennsylvania) -- The 911 call came into authorities in Altoona, a small city in the Allegheny mountains of Pennsylvania. Someone had proof of bigfoot.


article Find Bigfoot, win $1 million
(Washington) -- Here’s your chance, Bigfoot nerds … um, scientists. Time to get rich and prove your skeptics wrong. The maker of former local brew Olympia...


article Peter Byrne’s Search Goes On: Acclaimed Bigfoot Hunter Continues Quest At Coast
(Oregon) -- Peter Byrne has been engaged in what he describes as the “Big Searches” for almost his entire life; his Bigfoot search alone has spanned 50 years.


article Bigfoot specialist Meldrum offers case for creature's existence in Reno visit (see video from related 'Creatures' exhibit')
(Reno) -- He moves like a human. It’s just a man in a costume hidden by the grain of aged celluloid. There is no way that this hoax proves the existence of Bigfoot.


article Bigfoot on the Navajo Nation shot
(Utah) -- Well not really, but rumors have spread on Facebook that a Big foot was shot on the Navajo reservation and officials brought the body to Phoenix. (haha) Of...


article MORON ALERT: U.S. scientist claims to have found DNA of Bigfoot - but is charging to see her results (in a journal she set up)
(Texas) -- A Texas-based vet who claimed to have found DNA evidence of Bigfoot has finally published her findings - in a journal she set up.


article Researchers publish Bigfoot genome in brand-new journal they themselves founded
(USA) -- Last November, some geneticists claimed to have sequenced the genome of Bigfoot. People were skeptical. So were all the peer-reviewed journals they tried to...


article Bigfoot genome paper “conclusively proves” that Sasquatch is real
(USA) -- It's not often you come across a scientific paper which notes that the information it covers is like something "seen on the television series Monster...


article Is it Bigfoot? Mystery of bloodcurdling sounds coming from swamp on Indian reservation in Oregon
(Oregon) -- People living on a remote Indian reservation on Oregon have been waking up in fear to the eerie sounds of roars and screeches coming from a nearby swamp that...


article OP/ED: Is Bigfoot Terrorizing Indian Reservation?
(Oregon) -- "Some residents of the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Oregon say they believe mysterious cries coming from a nearby swamp are being made by Bigfoot.


article Mysterious sounds attributed to Bigfoot
(Oregon) -- Some residents of the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Oregon say they believe mysterious cries coming from a nearby swamp are being made by Bigfoot.


article Bizarre creatures and spirits attract interest on Navajo Nation
(New Mexico) -- A smashed watermelon is spread out in the middle of a dirt road in Upper Fruitland, a community where everything from giant pterodactyls to walking...


article Scientist claims to have sequenced ‘Bigfoot’ DNA
(Texas) -- A Texas scientist claims to have sequenced the DNA of Sasquatch, a creature whose very existence is mysterious to many and purely mythological to most.
article Why Are Bigfoot Rumors So Persistent?
(USA) -- Jeff Meldrum wants to search for Bigfoot by using a remote-controlled blimp. Because when you’re looking for a mythical creature famous for eluding all...


article Bigfoot enthusiast on DEC letter: ‘It’s all good mambo’
(New York) -- Bigfoot fan Peter Wiemer totally understands why the state Department of Environmental Conservation claims it doesn’t believe in Bigfoot.
article The DEC Says There’s No Such Thing As Bigfoot, Which Is Exactly What They Want You To Think
(New York) -- A very well intentioned Bigfoot enthusiast wrote to the state Department of Environmental Conservation urging them to write non-hunting regulations for the...


article Bigfoot sightings: Does evidence support the claims? (Video)
(California) -- Bigfoot, it seems, has been around in legends far longer than its name. The name Bigfoot was coined in 1959 when "True" magazine published the...


article Going viral: Bigfoot sighting?
(Utah) -- Maybe Bigfoot has decided that we are just too darn liberal in the Northwest and likes the conservative climate of Utah better.


article MORON ALERT: Cops: Man Says Bigfoot Behind Winnebago Attack
(Pennsylvania) -- A Pennsylvania man today told police that a Bigfoot attacked his 1973 Winnebago motor home, smashing out windows and taillights with a fusillade of...


article Sasquatch sighting by Nunavik berry pickers
(Nunavut) -- Two women in Nunavik had an unusual encounter while berry picking on Saturday. Maggie Cruikshank Qingalik, who is from Akulivik, Que., said her friend saw...


article Bigfoot hoax ends badly: Montana jokester hit, killed by car
(Montana) -- A Montana man who was apparently trying to trigger a Bigfoot sighting by dressing up in a costume and darting out onto a dark stretch of highway was struck...


article Bigfoot Encounter In Grand River Area Of Ohio (VIDEO)
(Ohio) -- Is Bigfoot stalking the wooded areas of Ohio? A video is making the Internet rounds that claims to show a large, dark, hairy creature running across a forest...


article 'Sasquatch Watch' researcher keeps on looking
(Montana) -- Pete Wilson is a patient man, and patience is a useful virtue for a bigfoot researcher. After years of working in the field and investigating reported...


article Writing on the wall: Pictographs, tribal tales add to lore of Sasquatch
(Washington) -- Not far from the Tule River in Central California is a rock shelter used by tribal villagers long before the Sierra foothills began filling up with white...


article Interview with David Paulides on Native Bigfoot perspectives and DNA revelations
(California) -- David Paulides has written some of the best Bigfoot books out there. Starting with The Hoopa Project: Bigfoot Encounters In California and his second...


article Bigfoot Captured in Student Video in Idaho? You be the Judge
(Idaho) -- ABC News reports that a group of high school students armed with a video camera and some lightning quick instincts may have captured the mercurial, mythic...


article Scientists say genetics will prove if Bigfoot is real
(UK) -- Researchers from Oxford University and the Lausanne Museum of Zoology are delving into an issue near and dear to the Pacific Northwest: Whether or not Bigfoot...


article Park Service is requiring permits to hunt Bigfoot
(Arkansas) -- If you're going to make a business out of taking naive people into national parks and extorting money from them to go hunt around for Bigfoot, then the...


article Tracking Bigfoot
(New Mexico) -- There's only one rule when it comes to hunting for Bigfoot: Don't. Whether you call it Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skookums or one of the more than 60...


article Experts in Russia ’95 percent sure’ Bigfoot exists
(Russia) -- Nothing is certain, but a team of scientists meeting in Russia say they’re pretty darn certain Bigfoot exists and is roaming the icy Siberian tundra.


article Yetis and other examples of 'Cryptozoology'
(Russia) -- Perhaps the cousin of the Yeti? The ape-like creature inhabits forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. Sasquatch is an anglicised...


article Bigfoots by the dozens? Alberta wilderness guide says beastly troops likely in Canadian Rockies
(Alberta) -- A wilderness and ecology guide believes Bigfoots by the dozen could be roaming the wilderness of southern Alberta and parts of British Columbia.


article Bigfoot through the ages
(Minnesota) -- The Bigfoot legend isn’t new. American Indian folklore in the Pacific Northwest includes rumors of a man-ape beast. Sasquatch, another name for...


article Taking Sasquatch from the tabloids to the science journals
(British Columbia) -- Wildlife biologist John Bindernagel feels it is only a matter of time before he is proved right, but he is wondering if he will be around for his...


article Stillwater Sasquatch video arouses skepticism
(Minnesota) -- A video purporting to show an auburn-haired Sasquatch tromping through the woods north of Stillwater is causing a buzz among those fascinated by the ever-...


article Looking for Bigfoot in Indian Country
(USA) -- It has been more than 50 years since the legend of Bigfoot first captured the hearts and imaginations of the American public. It has been more than 50 years of...


article Bigfoot was here — maybe
(California) -- Full disclosure: I am no Bigfoot junkie. In fact, before strapping my mom, my 3-year-old and myself in the car and traveling north on U.S. 101 to Arcata...


article Bigfoot Sighted Once Again In America
(Washington) -- A woman in Spokane, Washington, claims she saw and photographed the legendary Bigfoot while hiking. Although there has never been concrete evidence of...


article Carolina Man, Claims To Have Filmed Elusive 'Knobby' Creature
(North Carolina) -- A North Carolina man, Thomas Byers, claims to have captured the legendary Bigfoot on video. Unfortunately, the 5-second clip -- filmed in Rutherford...


article “Bigfoot and Native Culture” Presentation At Porterville College
(California) -- A presentation by archeologist Kathy Strain is scheduled for Friday the 25th of March. This presentation will focus on the local Native American...


article Was Big Foot at the Reservation?
(California) -- A special presentation “Bigfoot and Native Culture: with Kathy Strain, Heritage Resource & Tribal Relations Programs manager for the Stanislaus...

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