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BLOG: The Weird “Rise and Fall of Kahnawake” Affiliate Advertorial

Once in a while an online-gambling feature splashes across Google’s search rankings that, upon deeper examination, makes no sense at all. In a recent instance, a weirdly skewed op-ed titled “The Rise and Fall of Kahnawake and the Future of Online Gambling in Canada” appeared on The Montreal Times a few days ago, and I’ve been puzzling it out ever since.


Kahnawake Tribe


article The Challenge of Gaining A Kahnawake Gambling License
(Quebec) -- Kahnawake, or initially known as the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory, is a small community of Mohawk North American Indians located on the south shore of the St....


article BLOG: Is There a “Rise and Fall of Kahnawake Casino?” Experts Aren’t Sure
(Canada) -- Every now and then, an internet-gambling feature comes Google that actually makes no sense upon deeper explanation. Recently, an op-ed titled “The Rise...


article Kahnawake's new slot machines skirt Loto-Québec, divide Mohawk community
(Montreal) -- It has poker tables, slot machines, valet parking and a restaurant. A hotel is in the works. But don't call it a casino. "I think a lot of it just...


article Kahnawake's Dad Bod Squad ready to rumble in the wrestling ring
(Montreal) -- What happens when you throw two Mohawk fathers into a wrestling ring? You get the Dad Bod Squad. They're a wrestling tag team from Kahnawake consisting...


article BLOG: The Weird “Rise and Fall of Kahnawake” Affiliate Advertorial
(Canada) -- Once in a while an online-gambling feature splashes across Google’s search rankings that, upon deeper examination, makes no sense at all. In a recent...


article The Rise and Fall of Kahnawake and the Future of Online Gambling in Canada
(Canada) -- The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is a regulatory and licensing body that issues permits to online and physical gambling operators. The KGC was established by...


article Kahnawake calls federal consultation plan on Indian registration a 'threat of assimilation'
(Canada) -- While the federal government is in the early stages of consultation on what to do with Indian registration beyond recent amendments to the Indian Act, one...


article 'It broke my heart': Waneek Horn-Miller fought Kahnawake's 'marry out, get out' policy — and won
(Montreal) -- She is a proud Mohawk who grew up in Kahnawake Mohawk Territory. She represented Canada at the Olympics and was only 14 when she joined the Oka occupation...


article Quebec offers $3.1M for Kahnawake land grievance without consulting community
(Quebec) -- Leaders in Kahnawake are unhappy with the Quebec government over a decree that was signed without their knowledge prior to provincial elections, offering $3....


article McGill University partners with Kahnawake to offer on-reserve bachelor of education program
(Montreal) -- After two years of learning Kanien'kéha in an immersion setting, Ioniehtenháwi Brittany Beauvais realized her dream was to teach her language. "It...


article Kahnawake youth are brewing ideas for new coffee biz through employment program
(Montreal) -- Six months ago, 30 year-old Adriana Garisto was struggling financially. Today, she's one of 14 junior business developers in the Kanien'kehá:ka...


article Kahnawake Casinos Thriving in Canada
(Canada) -- While Canada has many different types of casinos, from casinos that benefit the country as a whole to casinos that benefit the First Nations, there are as...


article Kahnawake expands by 500 acres after Canada gives back some land
(Montreal) -- Canada has officially returned some traditional land to Kahnawake as part of an agreement to build Highway 30. It was a long, drawn-out battle that, at one...


article 'A nice day for Kahnawake,' as Canada returns land to Mohawk territory
(Montreal) -- Canada has formally approved the return of three tracts of land to Kahnawake. In total, five parcels of land totalling 500 acres have now been returned to...


article Strawberry harvest has cultural and ceremonial significance for Kahnawake community
(Canada) -- For Raven Swamp, Kahnawake's community garden is about more than food security, it's a way to reconnect with Kanien'kehá:ka culture. This is the...


article Kahnawake's new membership law to end decade-long hold on applications from 'mixed race' children
(Montreal) -- After more than a decade, Kahnawake's controversial membership law will be soon be amended, resolving an issue affecting "mixed race"...


article Kanesatake hit by rising waters: ‘We’re working like crazy here’
(Quebec) -- Drive past Torrey Daoust’s house from the back, and it could be mistaken it for an island. Brown water from the Ottawa River laps at his green lawn...


article Tracey Deer, creator of Mohawk Girls, facing eviction from her native Kahnawake where show is set
(Quebec) -- Tracey Deer, the filmmaker who created the popular TV show Mohawk Girls, is now facing eviction from Kahnawake, the community where the show is set and...


article Kahnawake Mohawk council chief calls for banishment of known drug dealers
(Quebec) -- A chief on the Kahnawake Mohawk Council wants the community to consider banishing known drug dealers to confront what he says is an increasingly out-of-...


article Kahnawake holds special community meeting on ‘marry out, get out’ membership
(Quebec) -- Kahnawake held a special community meeting Wednesday evening on its controversial “marry out, get out” membership code. The code is in the...


article Kahnawake No Longer Accepting U.S. Bets, Views New Agreement as a Reflection of Worldwide Recognition
(Quebec) -- Following a new agreement with the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) told its lincesees to stop all online...


article How a Quebec First Nation gambling commission is playing the long game by turning away online U.S. customers
(Quebec) -- At first glance, it might seem the Kahnawake Gaming Commission should be unhappy it’s no longer taking bets from U.S. residents on the online gambling...


article Kahnawake gambling sites will no longer serve US customers
(Canada) -- Customers in the U.S. will no longer be permitted by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) to be served by its online gambling licensees after it was...


article Kahnawake Gaming Commission Pulls Licensees Out of US Markets
(New Jersey) -- The Kahnawake Gaming Commission has given all its licensees until Friday (September 30) to cease taking any further bets within the United States.
article Mohawk Council of Kahnawake takes action on online gaming
(New Jersey) -- The Mohawk Council of Kahnawake in Canada is taking action to address illegal internet gambling as part of an agreement with officials in New Jersey.


article Kahnawake gambling sites will no longer serve US customers
(New Jersey) -- Customers in the U.S. will no longer be permitted by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) to be served by its online gambling licensees after it was...


article Kahnawake gambling that community will be better without hosting servers
(Quebec) -- It was a classic Mohawk business success story. Using sovereign land to supply a demand in a way that no one else can. But nothing lasts forever and now the...


article The struggle to belong under Kahnawake community's 'Marry Out, Get Out' rule
(New York) -- The Mohawk community of Kahnawake has a rule called "Marry Out, Get Out" as part of its membership law. It states that if a Kahnawake Mohawk...


article Mohawk Council of Kahnawake hands out more eviction letters
(Montreal) -- The Mohawk Council of Kahnawake has resumed handing out eviction letters to non-natives living in the community on Montreal's South Shore, asking them...
article Quebec’s New Online Gambling Law is Pissing Off Indigenous Groups and Net Neutrality Advocates
(Quebec) -- A Mohawk community in Quebec is gearing up to fight the provincial government over an unprecedented new law that gives government the power to block private...


article Future of Mohawk internet casinos threatened by new Quebec government bill
(Quebec) -- The Mohawk council of Kahnawake is raising serious concerns about a new law making its way through the Quebec legislature. Bill-74 is aimed at preventing...


article Internet service providers, First Nations gird for fight over Quebec’s gambling law
(Ontario) -- The country’s major Internet service providers, a Quebec First Nations group and potentially the federal government are lining up against Quebec...


article 'Short-sighted' new Kahnawake law excludes Mohawks adopting non-indigenous children
(Quebec) -- If a Mohawk couple adopts a child who is not indigenous, the adoptive parents have committed an "offence," according to a new law in Kahnawake, Que...


article Kahnawake sends new round of eviction notices
(Montreal) -- Facing a human rights investigation over its controversial membership law, the Kahnawake Mohawk Council remains steadfast in its plan to evict residents...


article Kahnawake grand chief to enforce 'marry out, get out' law despite human rights suit
(Montreal) -- Grand Chief Joe Norton is doubling down in the face of renewed protests about Kahnawake’s controversial membership law. Norton appeared unfazed Tuesday...


press release Kahnawake To Enter Online Gambling Operational Sector
(Quebec) -- In a press release dated June 2 the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke has announced that it has agreed in principle to enter into the business of e-gaming as an...


article Quebec eyes move against Kahnawake-hosted online gambling servers
(Quebec) -- Las Vegas and Kahnawake are not two places you often hear mentioned in the same sentence. But when it comes to online gambling, the Mohawk community has made...


article VGambling secures global permit from Kahnawake body
(Quebec) -- Online gambling company VGambling is set to begin conducting real-money internet gaming and wagering activities on a global basis after it was awarded a...


article A Look at the Kahnawake Gaming Commission 15 Years Later
(Ontario) -- Heads turned at one of the early GIGSE conferences when a group from the Native Reserve of Kahnawake (just outside of Montreal) announced they were going to...


article Editorial: A third strike against a casino at Kahnawake
(Montreal) -- It was a close-run thing, but Saturday’s referendum in Kahnawake in which residents voted down a proposed casino project on the reserve best served...
article Kahnawake Casino Defeated by 22 Votes on Moral Grounds
(Montreal) -- The third time was not a charm over the weekend, as Kahnawake residents voted 846 to 822 against a casino on the reserve.


article BLOG: Bands of Mohawk Community Kahnawake Won't Build Casino
(Montreal) -- Recently there was an interesting twist in the bricks and mortar casino world where a Mohawk community that already makes a little money on online gambling...


article CAQ accuses Liberals of turning blind eye to Mohawk casino project
(Quebec) -- Future Quebec (CAQ) MNA Sylvie Roy is accusing the provincial Liberal government of cutting a deal to allow an illegal casino to be built in Kahnawake.
article CAQ alleges Quebec-Kanesatake illegal casino deal
(Quebec) -- Quebec’s opposition Coalition-Avenir-Québec party is crying foul over what it claims is a secret deal that will allow the Mohawk community of...
article Kahnawake to vote on casino project
(Quebec) -- Referendums to build a casino in Kahnawake failed in 1994 and 2003. On April 28, residents of the Mohawk community will be polled for a third time on the...

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