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Davenport aldermen may discuss casino agreement today

A pair of Davenport aldermen requested a casino development agreement discussion be placed on the city council agenda late Tuesday afternoon, but they are unsure there are enough votes to act on it.


Davenport Casino


article Davenport settles open records violation case
(Iowa) -- The city of Davenport has reached a settlement with Dr. Allen Diercks and Patricia Lane in the open records violation case related to the attempted purchase of...


article Cleanup continues at former Davenport riverfront casino site
(Iowa) -- With the Rhythm City Casino now clear of all its obligations at its former riverfront site, the Davenport City Council is ready to pull the trigger on a slew...


article Davenport casino barge may be headed downstream
(Iowa) -- The Rhythm City Casino may not have to look far for a place to send a barge that once served its former riverboat casino. The City of Keokuk is currently in...


article No taker yet for former casino barge in Davenport
(Iowa) -- There is still no movement in sight for the former Rhythm City Casino barge on the Davenport riverfront. A proposal to hand it over to another area community...


article Clinton city officials to decide fate of Davenport casino barge
(Iowa) -- No potential investors have expressed interest in supporting a project that would place a former Davenport casino barge on the Clinton riverfront.


article Q-C politics, economic developments make 2016 unique
(Iowa) -- Every year is unique, but 2016 seemed a little more so, both nationally and locally. Let's take a look at the top local news stories of 2016.


article The changing tides of the Davenport riverfront
(Iowa) -- April 1, 1991 — the day Davenport welcomed riverboat gambling to its shores. Much was different 25 years ago. Thom Hart occupied the mayor's seat...


article Davenport riverboat heads south
(Iowa) -- At shortly after 1 p.m. Saturday, the old Rhythm City Casino riverboat shoved off from the Davenport shoreline and began pushing its way down the Mississippi...


article Davenport looks at options after riverboat's exit
(Iowa) -- As the city looks at its options for the future of the downtown riverfront, a piece of its history was scheduled to move off of the shores of the Mississippi...
article Delayed Departure: Riverboat Won’t Leave Until Saturday Afternoon
(Iowa) -- It's not going as planned along the Davenport riverfront. The new owners of the Treble Clef, the actual name of the Rhythm City Casino riverboat, now say...


article Editorial: Davenport council stepped up, citizens should follow
(Iowa) -- Davenport City Council is getting it right. Now, it's up to the citizenry to show up and help direct the future of Davenport's riverfront. Last week,...


article OP/ED: With casino headed out, time for action in Davenport
(Iowa) -- The June 16 deadline is real. And, thanks to Davenport City Council's incessant tail-chasing, the riverfront is, for a time, doomed to little but pavement...


article Opinion: Wherein Squid ponders the casino connections of Seaside's new city manager.
(Iowa) -- All In…Aside from the holidays and the occasional trip to the Sierra, Squid’s not a much of a winter cephalopod. Squid prefers days long and the...


article Editorial: Casino road leads to confusion
(Iowa) -- Aldermen are attempting to put to rest Davenport’s casino funding flap. The council authorized a $4 million payment Wednesday to cover construction of...


article Mayor’s effort to have Davenport officials ousted fails
(Iowa) -- An effort by the mayor to have Davenport’s city administrator and city attorney ousted from their jobs failed after several City Council members refused...


article New Roundabout to Go Near Davenport Casino
(Iowa) -- The city of Davenport will build a new roundabout at Veterans Memorial Parkway and Jersey Ridge Road. The roundabout will help deal with increased traffic that...


article Iowa judge says Davenport didn’t violate open records law in casino planning
(Iowa) -- A judge says the city of Davenport didn’t violate the open records law in failing to release some documents related to its since-abandoned plan to buy a...


article Appeal promised after Davenport wins lawsuit over casino deal consulting expenses
(Iowa) -- The City of Davenport won a lawsuit over $387,000 worth of bills it racked up in its quest to own Rhythm City Casino, but the other side is vowing to appeal...
article Judge rules in favor of Davenport in open records case
(Iowa) -- Iowa District Court Judge Stuart Werling ruled Thursday in favor of the City of Davenport in an open records case. Judge Werling said Davenport "...


article Lawsuit costs Davenport $127K in legal fees
(Iowa) -- Defending the city of Davenport against an open records lawsuit is costing taxpayers $127,569 in legal fees, an official said this week.


article Big year looms for Davenport casino
(Iowa) -- Evidence of a land-based casino coming to Davenport will appear in the spring of 2015. The Davenport City Council in November approved the rezoning of about...


article Casino rezoning wins final Davenport approval
(Iowa) -- Aldermen unanimously gave final approval to a rezoning request for a $110 million land-based casino and hotel project at a special meeting Wednesday night....
article Davenport casino rezoning wins final OK
(Iowa) -- In a special meeting that took about 20 minutes Wednesday, Davenport aldermen unanimously approved the rezoning of 108.7 acres of land at Interstates 80 and 74...
article Davenport Council Clears Way For Casino
(Iowa) -- Davenport's riverboat gambling days are numbered. City leaders have cleared the final obstacles in front of a land based Rhythm City casino. Zoning,...


article Davenport Casino Plan Takes Another Step Forward
(Iowa) -- A unanimous vote to move the Davenport land-based casino another step forward. City leaders holding a special meeting, the second of three votes to re-zone the...
article Proposed Davenport casino passes another hurdle
(Iowa) -- Aldermen are a week away from giving final approval to rezoning land for a $110 million land-based casino and hotel. During a special council meeting Wednesday...


article Neighbors fighting against proposed location for Davenport casino
(Iowa) -- Neighbors of a proposed Davenport casino are mounting a fight against the plans. Wednesday, the City Council held a public hearing on the proposal to rezone...


article Public gets chance to comment on casino plans
(Iowa) -- The public will get the chance today to chime in on the city of Davenport's effort to build a land-based casino off Interstates 80 and 74.


article Public meeting today on Davenport casino's future
(Iowa) -- Developers seeking a rezoning for a proposed land-based casino face their first hurdle today. Whether a $110 million, seven-story casino and hotel fits the...


article LETTER: Davenport's riverfront pays off
(Iowa) -- When I got ready to move to Iowa, a coworker told me that it would take about 30 years to be accepted here. That acceptance is coming due, but in the meantime...


article LETTER: Davenport lacks foresight
(Iowa) -- As I read a Quad-City Times headline, I reflected on the state of the City of Davenport. We’ve now vetoed the St. Ambrose stadium, the Dock has become an...


article RDA 'close' to vote that will launch casino construction
(Iowa) -- Construction on the extension of Elmore Drive for Davenport's new casino is hanging on a vote that could come yet this week.


article Question about document delays Davenport casino project
(Iowa) -- Some possibly “sloppy” wording on an amendment to a legal agreement that would have signaled the start of construction on Davenport’s new...


article Iowa funding snafu threatens $71.5-million Davenport project
(Iowa) -- Time is running out to turn a Davenport field into a fantasy. “We could lose this project to another state,” warned Mayor Bill Gluba. That’s...


article Gluba: Davenport is 'growing stronger'
(Iowa) -- Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba declared the city as "strong and growing stronger" in an address to the Davenport Rotary Club Monday that touted...


article Plan for entertainment complex, riverfront upgrades approved
(Iowa) -- The Davenport City Council unanimously approved a $17.5 million development application to the state Wednesday for a project that was described by aldermen as...


article Opposing developers may join forces in Davenport casino construction
(Iowa) -- After Rhythm City Casino was finally sold to developer Dan Kehl in January 2014, the site location is still up in the air.


article Davenport bond rating gets boost
(Iowa) -- An improved fund balance and not buying the Rhythm City Casino gave the city of Davenport's bond rating a boost Tuesday. Standard and Poor's Rating...
article Isle Officially Sells Davenport Casino
(Iowa) -- It's a done deal. Isle of Capri has finalized the sale of Rhythm City to casino developer Dan Kehl. Earlier this month, the state approved the deal to...


article Editorial: Public casino perils show up in Iowa
(Iowa) -- We’re certain nothing like this would ever have happened if Davenport’s elected leaders put taxpayers into the casino business. But we’re...


article Davenport casino takes another step toward land
(Iowa) -- The move from river to land for the Davenport casino took another step Thursday. Iowa Racing and Gaming administrator, Brian Ohorilko, says the sale of the...


article Davenport casino purchase gains momentum
(Iowa) -- The Isle of Capri, owner of the Rhythm City Casino, and Scott County Casino LLC, which bid to purchase the gaming boat, confirmed Tuesday that a sale option...
article Sale of riverfront casino in Davenport moves ahead
(Iowa) -- The company that owns the Rhythm City Casino on Davenport's riverfront will sell it to a developer who plans to build a new land-based casino.


article Davenport Council Approves Land-Based Casino Agreement
(Iowa) -- Davenport city council approved an agreement to move the Rhythm City casino off the water. "I just want to quote the immortal Jerry Garcia and say this...


article Council approves casino deal
(Iowa) -- The Davenport City Council approved a land-based casino development agreement 10-0 Tuesday night opening the door for the sale of the Rhythm City and a $110...
article Davenport approves casino agreement
(Iowa) -- The Davenport City Council approved the agreement with Dan Kehl to move forward with a land based operation at a special meeting tonight.
article Davenport Casino Agreement gets everyone on the same page
(Iowa) -- It wasn't always pretty, but Davenport City Council members said after six years, they finally got the job done.


article Davenport Mayor to Meet with Casino Developer
(Iowa) -- Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba said he will meet with Scott County Casino developer Dan Kehl Monday morning in his office to discuss the city's future land-...


article Davenport I-80 casino ‘one signature away’
(Iowa) -- Representatives from the city and the developer of a proposed new casino along Interstate 80 in Davenport told the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission Thursday...


article Council could vote on casino development agreement
(Iowa) -- There is a chance that a Davenport committee could approve a development agreement with Dan Kehl on Wednesday, November 20th, 2013.
article Davenport aldermen may discuss casino agreement today
(Iowa) -- A pair of Davenport aldermen requested a casino development agreement discussion be placed on the city council agenda late Tuesday afternoon, but they are...


article Kehl gets extension on casino bid
(Iowa) -- Scott County Casino LLC's bid to purchase the Rhythm City casino in downtown Davenport has been extended to Thursday when the Iowa Racing and Gaming...


article RDA board to meet Monday
(Iowa) -- The Riverboat Development Authority board is scheduled to meet Monday to discuss the latest proposal between Davenport and a land-based casino developer that...


article Davenport voters weary of casino issue
(Iowa) -- Davenport City Council candidates are hearing residents' weariness over the year-long tempest around a land-based casino as they knock on doors.


article Davenport could cut Isle of Capri from casino plans
(Iowa) -- The folks at the Isle of Capri are close to no longer being involved with the new casino plans. At last week's committee of the whole meeting, the finance...


article Casino agreement gets 10-day extension
(Iowa) -- The sale of the Rhythm City casino got a 10-day extension Tuesday as Davenport's City Council considers terms on lease transfers from the riverboat's...
article Deadline Extension For Sale Of Davenport Casino
(Iowa) -- The casino agreement between developer Dan Kehl and the Isle of Capri has been extended. Kehl now has until October 25th to sign an agreement to buy the Rhythm...


article Kehl to update casino board on Davenport project
(Iowa) -- The agenda for this week's meeting of the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission doesn't specifically include an update on plans for a land-based Davenport...


article LETTER: Casinos don't help the community
(Iowa) -- If some of our city officials want more public input on the casino issue, maybe they need a little first-hand experience on the entertainment aspect they'...


article Aldermen back Kehl proposal
(Iowa) -- Some aldermen wanted to send a strong message to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission that the Davenport City Council supports a long-time Iowa casino...
article Clairvest adds $5 million wrinkle to casino question
(Iowa) -- The late-arriving developer to the Davenport casino sweepstakes is upping the ante with an additional $5 million as the City Council considers competing...
article Davenport City Council bets on a Casino Proposal
(Iowa) -- Davenport City Council is placing their bet on a $200 million dollar proposal for a new casino. City Council is moving forward with Dan Kehl's development...
article Davenport Moving Forward With Kehl, Blackwell As Backup
(Iowa) -- Davenport city council made it clear the city wants to move forward with just one land-based casino development agreement. The city council unanimously voted...
article Davenport reaches casino deal with Kehl
(Iowa) -- Davenport City Council passed a development agreement with Dan Kehl Wednesday night for construction of a new, land-based casino, but some aldermen fear the...


article Council quiet on casino agreements
(Iowa) -- Days after an agreement between the Riverboat Development Authority and Scott County Casino LLC drew angry words from Davenport aldermen, there was only...
article Davenport moves casino agreements on to council
(Iowa) -- A new place to gamble could soon be heading into Davenport. Just a few hoops are left for the casino developer before the hammers can start swinging.
article New Davenport Casino Closer To Reality
(Iowa) -- A casino developer in the state of Iowa has received approval from the Riverboat Development Authority to build a $110-million gambling complex in Davenport.
article OP/ED: Davenport Casino Group pledges more for community
(Iowa) -- Davenport Casino Group’s $250 million casino development proposal was not considered by the Riverboat Development Authority on Monday.
article RDA Responds to City's Casino Claims
(Iowa) -- Two proposals for a land-based casino in Davenport are on the table for the Davenport City Council to consider at its committee of the whole meeting Wednesday...
article RDA-Davenport casino dispute baffles Iowa gaming chairman
(Iowa) -- The frayed relationship between the Riverboat Development Authority and the city of Davenport has the chairman of the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission...
article State gaming commission frustrated with Davenport
(Iowa) -- The head of Iowa’s Racing and Gaming Commission said he was frustrated with Davenport Wednesday, as plans for a new, land-based casino slowly moved...


article Davenport Casino Group pledges major investment
(Iowa) -- In the past week, the Davenport Casino Group has proposed what is believed to be the largest economic development project in the history of the City of...
article Gluba: “I smell a rat” in casino dealings
(Iowa) -- As plans to build a land-based casino in Davenport move forward, Monday, Mayor Bill Gluba said he “smells a rat” in the negotiations.
article RDA: Davenport needs to negotiate its own deal with casino
(Iowa) -- The president of the Riverboat Development Authority which holds the gaming license for Davenport says the city should negotiate its own deal with casino...


article Council Members Unhappy with New Casino Development Agreement
(Iowa) -- Davenport City Council members said Monday there appears to be a significant change in the latest Scott County Casino development agreement – a change...
article Developer to city: Sue to get casino you want
(Iowa) -- Legal action is the only way Davenport can get its preferred casino proposal, local developer Rodney Blackwell told aldermen Monday night, hours after the...
article RDA approves deal for casino
(Iowa) -- A development group is one step closer to buying Rhythm City and rebuilding on land. The Riverboat Development Authority has voted and Scott County LLC is...
article RDA approves Kehl agreement
(Iowa) -- The Riverboat Development Authority board unanimously approved an operating agreement with Scott County Casino LLC, today without taking any public comment.


article Kehl to disclose casino site Monday, says Chamberlin
(Iowa) -- Developer Dan Kehl will disclose a site for his proposed Davenport casino Monday at the Riverboat Development Authority meeting. The RDA sent notification of...
article RDA Casino Vote Could Come Monday
(Iowa) -- Riverboat Development Authority Board Chairman Gary Mohr told us Friday there is a good chance the RDA will vote on Monday at its board meeting.
article RDA Meets To Consider Only One Casino Project In Davenport
(Iowa) -- There's a second proposal on the table for a land-based casino in Davenport, but for the gambling license holder, there's only one option.
article RDA will vote Monday on Kehl agreement
(Iowa) -- The Riverboat Development Authority will vote Monday on an operating agreement with Dan Kehl's Scott County Casino LLC, moving a step closer to leaving a...


article Council tables casino deal with Kehl
(Iowa) -- Davenport aldermen put the brakes on a deal with casino developer Dan Kehl Wednesday night, saying they want more time to look at a new, last-minute proposal.
article Council Tables Casino Vote
(Iowa) -- The Davenport City Council voted Wednesday to postpone a vote to move forward with a $100 million land-based casino to be located on I-80 in Scott County.
article Council tables Kehl deal
(Iowa) -- An agreement with one casino developer will have to wait two weeks to go to a vote as the Davenport City Council decided Wednesday to wait for more information...


article Aldermen split on Wednesday casino vote
(Iowa) -- Several Davenport aldermen said Tuesday they will vote to postpone today's decision on a development agreement for a new casino. But several others said a...
article New proposal on the table for Davenport Casino
(Iowa) -- A new player is competing for the chance to build a land based casino in Davenport. Clairvest Group Incorporated is teaming up with local developer Rodney...


article New Developer Bids for Davenport Casino
(Iowa) -- A new company has been added to the mix of developers looking to build Davenport's new casino. Clairvest Group Incorporated announced a $250 million...


article Aldermen want details on new casino proposal
(Iowa) -- Some Davenport aldermen find a just-announced $250 million casino proposal interesting, but they want to hear more details before derailing a deal with an Iowa...
article Another developer steps forward with proposal for Rhythm City Casino
(Iowa) -- A casino developer has come forward into the Davenport casino discussion and made a proposal of their own. The CEO of Clairvest Group Inc., Jeff Parr,...
article New Proposal on the Table for a Land-Based Casino
(Iowa) -- Davenport city leaders have a new proposal on the table for a land-based casino. This one comes from a Canadian development firm partnered with a Quad City...


article New casino player emerges with $250M plan
(Iowa) -- A new developer's unexpected announcement Saturday of a potential $250 million casino and multi-use project for Davenport roiled the city's seemingly...


article Casino talks in Davenport
(Iowa) -- A new spot to roll the dice is in the works for Davenport, but there's still a road ahead before the tables open up.


article Bonnet: Kehl has three sites for Davenport casino
(Iowa) -- Riverside Casino CFO Ken Bonnet said that developer Dan Kehl will narrow his casino options down to three sites in the near future.
article Finance Committee Talks Davenport Land-Based Casino
(Iowa) -- The city of Davenport is one step closer to seeing the dream of a land-based casino become reality.
article City pleased with new casino plan, seeks closure with Isle of Capri
(Iowa) -- Ready to take care of business with a future casino operator, the Davenport City Council wants to finish up old business with the current one.


article Casino Development Agreement Added To Finance Committee Agenda
(Iowa) -- A development agreement between the City of Davenport and Scott County Casino, LLC will be on the September 4 Finance Committee agenda, with an expected City...
article Davenport council to get casino agreement
(Iowa) -- Davenport aldermen will vote on an agreement with casino developer Dan Kehl next month that would bring the city $2 million annually through property tax and...


article First proposed Davenport casino site faces some opposition
(Iowa) -- While voters in Central Iowa’s Greene County go to the polls today to vote on a gambling referendum in hopes of eventually building a casino, the effort...
article Kehl: Optioned site is not the preferred site for new casino
(Iowa) -- Neighbors heard Monday night that the announced site for a land-based casino in north Davenport actually is not where the developer would like to build. But...


article City leaders talk location for Davenport casino
(Iowa) -- Where 's the new hot spot to gamble in Davenport? That was the main question addressed at Monday night's city council work session.  Residents...
article Davenport casino developer looking at other sites
(Iowa) -- Casino developer Dan Kehl said that although he has 100 acres under option south of Interstate 80 and east of Eastern Avenue, the location isn’t his...


article Davenport, developer at odds over casino location
(Iowa) -- The city of Davenport and developer Dan Kehl are struggling to find common ground when it comes to a location for a new, land-based casino.


article New I-80 casino site faces roadblocks
(Iowa) -- A developer has chosen a site for Davenport’s new casino, but Monday, Mayor Bill Gluba said the casino could still face some major roadblocks moving...


article Neighbors concerned about casino
(Iowa) -- The city already is bleeding onto Michael and Brenda Goellnitz's idyllic country homestead at the northernmost end of Eastern Avenue, where light pollution...


article Davenport: Possible Site For Land Based Casino
(Iowa) -- Kehl Development has announced a possible site for the new land based Rhythm City Casino. The developer has 100 acres under option in Davenport, Iowa, that...
article Developer says he has land option for Davenport casino
(Iowa) -- The Rhythm City Casino on the Mississippi river in downtown Davenport is a step closer to being retired. Dan Kehl, whose corporation already operates casinos...


article Brady Street is the jackpot for a casino location
(Iowa) -- The intersection of Davenport's Brady Street and Interstate 80 offers a high traffic count, plenty of potential nearby customers and visibility for a...


article Cards laid out for New Davenport Casino
(Iowa) -- Davenport city leaders sit down with the new developer of a land based casino. City leaders and representatives from Kehl Development bounced ideas off each...
article Davenport And Casino Developer Meet For First Time
(Iowa) -- The future of the Rhythm City Casino takes another step forward. The developer and the city sat down together for the first time. CEO Dan Kehl gave the same...


article Davenport City Council foots the bill for casino study
(Iowa) -- Davenport city council voted to foot the bill for a pricey study on the casino project. The city will pay more than $380,000 dollars for the due diligence out...


article RDA: New casino can be outside Davenport
(Iowa) -- The head of the Riverboat Development Authority told her board of directors Tuesday that a new casino does not have to be built in Davenport because the local...


article Kehl moves forward with Davenport casino plans
(Iowa) -- Kehl Management CEO Dan Kehl met with Davenport economic development staff Wednesday, a day after entering into an exclusive option agreement for Rhythm City...


article Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc. signs option to sell Davenport Rhythm City Casino for $51 million
(Iowa) -- Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc. told shareholders today (6/19) it has signed an option agreement to sell its Davenport Rhythm City Casino for $51 million, subject...


article Kehls aim to make their Davenport dream come true
(Iowa) -- Dan Kehl says his family has coveted a Quad-City gaming operation ever since their Quad-City Queen excursion boat was ousted from the Bettendorf riverfront to...


article Kehl favors Brady-I-80 location for Davenport casino
(Iowa) -- The developer of a proposed land-based casino in Davenport tipped his hand on a potential location Wednesday, saying the best place for it is close to the...


article Casino Developer Who Runs Grand Falls Casino Chosen To Develop Davenport Land-Based Casino
(Iowa) -- The non-profit that holds the gambling license for the Davenport, Iowa riverboat casino has chosen the same casino developer who built and now runs the Grand...


article Davenport mayor raises concern over casino competition
(Iowa) -- The Mayor of Davenport raised some concerns to the Racing and Gaming Commission Thursday about the developer chosen by the no-profit group to purchase the...


article Davenport casino will use local investors
(Iowa) -- A land-based Davenport casino likely will have local investors provide at least $15 million in funding, Dan Kehl, CEO of Kehl Development Corp., said.
article OP/ED: Kehl proposal moves Davenport forward
(Iowa) -- Over the past few years, there has been great public debate about the future of our casino license in Davenport. As the holder of that casino license, we...


article Davenport Could Sue over Casino Situation
(Iowa) -- The Riverboat Development Authority could release who it wants to build a new casino in Davenport Friday.
article RDA chooses Riverside owner for land-based development
(Iowa) -- The Riverboat Development Authority spurned a Davenport-supported casino developer and instead backed the ownership group of Riverside Casino and Golf Resort...


article Group will make casino recommendation to board
(Iowa) -- A task force will offer its recommendation to the Riverboat Development Authority Board for a land-based casino in Davenport.


article Davenport dithers on casino decisions
(Iowa) -- First, the city chose Steve Edelson to bring the casino to downtown Davenport and then paid him $99,000 to go away with six weeks left on his two-year contract.


article Davenport Releases Revised Plan For I-80 Casino
(Iowa) -- The latest plan from Davenport leaders to build a casino and hotel along Interstate 80 calls for the development to be owned privately, not by the city.


article Davenport drops city owned casino proposal
(Iowa) -- A major turn in the quest to build a new land based casino in Davenport. After years of planning, Tuesday city officials announced they will no longer take...
article Davenport has new casino plan: go private
(Iowa) -- The latest plan for Davenport's gambling future has taxpayers on the hook for $33 million in building costs but adds millions of dollars annually to...
article New plan for private Davenport casino
(Iowa) -- Under a proposed agreement between the city of Davenport and Quad-City developer Rodney Blackwell, a privately owned casino would be built on Interstate 80...


article Davenport aldermen receive Deloitte bill breakdown
(Iowa) -- Davenport's $387,500 bill from Deloitte and Touche on casino acquisition work breaks down to $569 per hour, according to a one-page statement emailed to...


article Interstate casinos were not legislature's intent
(Iowa) -- It appears from various news accounts it is inevitable Davenport’s Riverboat Casino will eventually be moved to a location along Interstates 80 and 280....


article Gaming board can help here, too
(Iowa) -- First, Davenport aldermen took on the Riverboat Development Authority to force new, more profitable results for the city’s gaming license.


article Council tables bill for casino work
(Iowa) -- What does a city get for $387,500? Davenport aldermen want to know what the city got from accounting giant Deloitte and Touche for $387,500, a bill that was...


article LETTER: Casino belongs downtown
(Iowa) -- Certainly there has been enough to read about the Davenport gambling casino. There was a maverick from the RDA who tried to torpedo the process the city...


article New casino proposals go to RDA
(Iowa) -- Since the Riverboat Development Authority took over the search for a land-based casino developer, Davenport has received two casino proposals and an updated...


article Davenport casino bills will total close to $600,000
(Iowa) -- Davenport’s due diligence costs from its attempted acquisition of the Rhythm City casino are expected to total near $600,000.


article City casino bills will total close to $600,000
(Iowa) -- Davenport’s due diligence costs from its attempted acquisition of the Rhythm City casino are expected to total near $600,000.


article Alderman drops plan to halt casino action for city employees
(Iowa) -- A resolution sought by a Davenport alderman that would have curtailed action by city staff on casino acquisition activities didn’t have enough support to...


article RDA is botching Davenport casino planning
(Iowa) -- From the Iowa Gaming Commission website. In 2004 Davenport’s River City Casino’s (RCC) adjusted gross gaming revenue was $74.8 million and RCC paid...


article LETTER: Hooray for the RDA!
(Iowa) -- Hooray for the Riverboat Development Authority! Does the city of Davenport really need to buy, much less run, a casino?


article Casino focus shifts to RDA
(Iowa) -- Like the city aldermen who created it, the Davenport Community Improvement Corp. now has a sideline seat as the Riverboat Development Authority seeks an...
article Davenport casino plans are on hold
(Iowa) -- The Riverboat Development Authority thought the city of Davenport was taking too big a gamble, so they jumped in last week to see if there was a better way to...


article EDITORIAL: Drop casino plan now: Rampant conflicts make this wager too risky
(Iowa) -- Davenport’s exploration of casino ownership must come to an end now. Perhaps it can be resurrected under new leadership, with a broader-based exploratory...


article Davenport land-based casino plan faces 2 paths
(Iowa) -- THIS MORNING: The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission votes to renew Riverboat Development Authority gaming license without comment.
article Gaming commission remains too silent on Davenport casino license
(Iowa) -- Iowa’s Racing and Gaming Commission members put on blinders Thursday and left the Isle of Capri in charge of Davenport’s dwindling casino fortunes...
article Iowa gaming commission votes to renew RDA's casino license
(Iowa) -- Despite the public and at times contentious effort by Davenport to acquire the Rhythm City casino, the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission approved a renewal of...


article Davenport aldermen welcome RDA's casino plans
(Iowa) -- Davenport aldermen offered a belated welcome Tuesday to the Riverboat Development Authority’s interest in attracting an operator for a land-based casino.


article No Davenport-Owned Casino?
(Iowa) -- The Davenport-owned casino plan could be off the table. This after a meeting last night about Davenport's future casino plans ends with a surprising twist.


article Casino board seeks other developers
(Iowa) -- The Riverboat Development Authority wants to play the field. The authority’s board members agreed Monday that they want to see if any other casino...


article Davenport casino meeting could signal deeper rift
(Iowa) -- A meeting this week of opponents of a proposed Davenport-owned casino that ended with shouted accusations could be the first open sign of a jagged rift between...


article Aldermen Respond To Heated Davenport Casino Meeting
(Iowa) -- An informal meeting on Wednesday to discuss Davenport's plan to buy Rhythm City Casino spiraled out of control. The Mayor and residents had a heated...


article John Gardner's top 10 reasons against Davenport's casino purchase plan
(Iowa) -- John Gardner served a decade as president and CEO of the Quad-City Development Group, overseeing business development and recruitment for our region.
article What’s next on Davenport casino
(Iowa) -- TODAY: A Riverboat Development Authority board member has called an “informal” board meeting to hear comments from members of the business...


article Top 10 reasons for, against davenport casino purchase
(Iowa) -- PRO: Alderman Nathan Brown represents Davenport’s First Ward.


article Editorial: Choose a casino design
(Iowa) -- The nationwide explosion of casino gambling seems a boon to U.S. architects. Search the Web and you’ll find casinos behind towering rock waterfalls,...


article Davenport casino purchase includes many moving parts
(Iowa) -- Buying and developing a casino has proved to be a complicated process for the city of Davenport, with three groups performing different tasks toward one goal.
article Davenport considers private financing to fund casino project
(Iowa) -- In the four months since the city of Davenport announced it would pursue purchase of the Rhythm City casino, Mayor Bill Gluba and several aldermen have shifted...
article Scott County Board of Health endorses a casino smoking ban
(Iowa) -- Scott County Board of Health members have issued two unrelated calls for action, one that smoking be prohibited in any new casino built in Davenport and...


article RDA member seeks more casino input
(Iowa) -- A member of the Riverboat Development Authority critical of Davenport’s plan to buy the Rhythm City casino wants to hold an informal meeting of the board...


article Davenoprt on schedule to buy casino
(Iowa) -- As Davenport aldermen heard that the “substantive” portion of the work toward a land-based casino agreement would be done by early March, one...
article Davenport Casino Update: Questions Being Answered
(Iowa) -- Davenport moves forward in its quest to buy the Rhythm City casino. The city administrator says the casino negotiating committee has done a lot in three weeks.
article Is the Davenport casino worth it?
(Iowa) -- Is a new land based casino in Davenport worth the cost? That's the question some folks want city leaders to answer.


article City charter, state laws block Davenport casino vote
(Iowa) -- A referendum on Davenport’s proposed purchase of the Rhythm City casino doesn’t fit Iowa code, complicated by a 19th-century charter and state...
article Davenport needs to vote on casino
(Iowa) -- More letters are being written to the editor from Davenport residents against the city’s purchase of the Rhythm City casino. They want to be able to vote...


article Davenport sets target date to submit a casino license application
(Iowa) -- Davenport is now targeting the April 18 meeting of the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission to submit a license application for the city’s proposed takeover...


article Casino developer paid off $500K in late taxes
(Iowa) -- The developer of a proposed Davenport casino paid nearly $500,000 in property taxes after landing on Rock Island County’s delinquent list in December.
article Guest Editorial: Former chamber exec: Let voters decide
(Iowa) -- In response to the Quad-City Times editorial this past weekend, I am increasingly concerned about the city of Davenport purchasing and owning a casino.
article LETTER: Why bypass voters?
(Iowa) -- As a resident of Davenport, I read and listen to the information regarding the city purchase of a casino. It seems that residents of our city have no voice in...


article Editorial: Take longer view on casino plan
(Iowa) -- Forgive our skepticism over the mish-mash of conflicting plans in Davenport’s plunge into the gambling business. Intentions in this business count for...
article OP/ED: Casino income can help Putnam and others
(Iowa) -- A reader asked how the city could consider purchasing the Rhythm City casino without providing $350,000 to the Putnam Museum. (Thursday letter, “A...
article LETTER: Casino will bring in well-paying jobs
(Iowa) -- During the recent debates about whether Linn County should vote yes or no for a casino in our area, one comment has been thrown around by the opponents of the...
article LETTER: Casino will not improve quality of life
(Iowa) -- Why is the idea of a casino being sold to us? Is it jobs that will pay less than living wage? What happens to the existing jobs at five casinos already in the...


article LETTER: Interstate casino is best for Davenport
(Iowa) -- We have already taken care of northeast Davenport and downtown Davenport. It is time for northwest Davenport. The numbers are in, and the professionals have...


article Davenport picks Ingenus’ interstate casino plan
(Iowa) -- A month after receiving a trio of casino proposals, the Davenport City Council narrowed its focus to one Wednesday night, with its primary site on the city...


article Interstate casino supported by DCIC
(Iowa) -- The Davenport Community Improvement Corp. showed its growing pains Monday at a meeting of the recently expanded board, narrowly supporting a casino proposal...
article One Step Closer to Davenport Casino
(Iowa) -- The Davenport Community Improvement Corporation recommended Ingenus Management to be the developer of the future casino. The DCIC is just one of three branches...


article RDA to hear consultant’s casino ideas
(Iowa) -- The Riverboat Development Authority will hold a meeting at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday to hear a casino consultant’s ideas and figures on Davenport’s...


article Developer criticizes casino report
(Iowa) -- Amrit Gill of Restoration St. Louis was critical Thursday of a consultant’s report that appears to have kicked the Davenport City Council’s favor...
article Gambling industry's new secret to success: multi-line slot machines
(Iowa) -- As the city of Davenport lusts after becoming a casino owner/operator to pump more money into city coffers, city leaders (and state legislators) should learn...


article Editorial: Casino? Just ask the voters
(Iowa) -- Davenport aldermen shouldn’t need a scientific survey to convince them a referendum is essential to guage voter support before putting taxpayers in the...


article Davenport City Council tilts toward interstate option for casino
(Iowa) -- Davenport aldermen appeared to favor an interstate casino and requested a special meeting next week to advance negotiations after hearing a presentation...
article Down to Two in the race of who will build a Davenport Casino
(Iowa) -- Looks like it's down to two, in the bid for who will build a new casino in Davenport. After crunching the numbers, the City's Consultant Gary Buettner...


article Isle of Capri objects to RDA casino contacts
(Iowa) -- The Isle of Capri has raised concerns over Riverboat Development Authority board members having contact with parties other than Davenport officials about the $...
article OP/ED: Downtown is best place for casino
(Iowa) -- As representatives of the downtown business community, the Downtown Davenport Partnership Board of Directors is strongly encouraged that all three private...


article Survey: 92 percent want to vote on casino plan
(Iowa) -- A survey of Davenport residents that was done this month and paid for by a group of area business leaders showed 92 percent of the population in favor of...


article Davenport casino board faces February deadline
(Iowa) -- The Davenport Community Improvement Corp. is starting to face deadlines in the acquisition of the Rhythm City casino.
article Davenport casino consultant: Casino opponents’ data flawed
(Iowa) -- Data used by two vocal opponents of Davenport’s acquisition of the Rhythm City casino is flawed, a casino consultant for the city has determined.
article Davenport Residents laid their cards down about the new casino
(Iowa) -- It was residents turn to weigh in Thursday night on plans for a new Davenport casino. Residents laid all their cards on the table, talking openly about their...


article City to expand casino corporation board
(Iowa) -- The Davenport City Council will vote next week to amend the bylaws of the the corporation that will oversee the city-owned casino operation, allowing its board...


article LETTER: Davenport can’t manage casino
(Iowa) -- In a city that demonstrates bad fiscal responsibility already, one questions Davenport’s motives as well as the return on investment the taxpayer dollar...
article Panel tries to unravel casino numbers
(Iowa) -- Presentations last week by casino developers trying to catch the eye of Davenport’s appointed interview panel were helpful but still left many on the...


article Davenport Casino Plans Moving Forward with a Trip to Dubuque
(Iowa) -- Davenport city leaders continue working out the details of their casino purchase plan by taking a trip to Dubuque's city owned casino and spending hours...
article Davenport Leaders Update Frenzy Of Casino Plans
(Iowa) -- Davenport's casino plans have seen a whirlwind of activity in recent weeks. The bus trip to Dubuque, hours of hearings from developers, decisions being...


article Davenport officials tour Dubuque casino
(Iowa) -- Davenport elected officials and community members got a primer on what a city-owned casino can do for a community on Tuesday with a bus trip to this northeast...


article Panels interview casino developers
(Iowa) -- The three potential land-based casino developers have completed their interviews. Three aldermen were part of the interview panel, but other aldermen were...
article Developers pitch casino ideas
(Iowa) -- Talks are heating up today as Davenport inches closer to bringing in a city–owned casino. Later this morning, Davenport leaders will begin interviewing...
article Developers Place Bets on Land Based Davenport Casino
(Iowa) -- The City of Davenport heard in-depth presentations from developers interested in building a land based casino. The city is working on buying Rhythm City for $...
article Finding the perfect pitch: Three developers vie to build Davenport’s land-based casino
(Iowa) -- The three entities vying to develop for a land-based casino development in Davenport each tried Monday to convince an interview panel their plan was best, with...
article Three Casino Proposals
(Iowa) -- It was a public interview in front of community leaders, and anyone else who wanted to listen. They were three companies with three very different proposals.


article Editorial: Let Davenport voters decide casino purchase
(Iowa) -- The list of concerns about Davenport’s casino-takeover plan gets longer each day. Last week, we learned that sewer service for a proposed Interstate 80...
article How Casino could help out Davenport
(Iowa) -- Slots, craps and poker will soon be a big part of downtown Davenport and the community owned casino could be a jackpot for the city.

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