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Kaw Gaming Incorporated: $25K Donation

Kaw Gaming, Inc (KGI), an Enterprise of the Kaw Nation, is pleased to release the following information:

On Wednesday, November 7, 2018, the Kaw Gaming Board of Directors gave a donation in the amount of $25,000 to the Newkirk Fire Department and City of Newkirk to help bring the Fire Department's equipment up to date.
On hand for the event was Kaw Nation Chairwoman Lynn Dunson, CEO of KGI Pam Shaw; and KGI Gaming Board President Gena Warren, KGI Vice-Chair Terry Pepper, KGI Secretary Terri Humble, and KGI Board Members Jim Lessert, Erin Kekahbah, Bill Schutte, and Ken Bellmard. 
SouthWind Casino Newkirk celebrates its 34 year anniversary this month.
KGI Board President Warren stated that, "KGI is pleased to be able to make this donation to Newkirk Fire/EMS because it is our responsibility to help protect the health, safety, and welfare of Kaw Nation Citizens, as well as being a good neighbor in the community. The Kaw Nation/KGI has previously donated to Kildare Volunteer FD, Braman Volunteer FD, Kaw City Volunteer FD, and Newkirk FD. This donation helps our Kaw Nation Citizens as well as the surrounding communities and visitors to our locations.  Newkirk Fire/EMS are the first responders for our Newkirk location."

Newkirk has one of the largest EMS service areas in Kay County at 400 square miles. There are 724 tribal members that live in the Kay County area, with 191 residing in the City of Newkirk  as well as multiple businesses such as the Kanza Health Clinic, Kanza Child Care/TYP, Kanza Wellness Center, and Johnny Ray McCauley Gymnasium.

Those present to accept the donation were NFD Chief Adam Longcrier, NFD Firefighter Jim Warren, NFD Firefighter Richard Hinthorn, and Newkirk City Manager Jane Thomas.  Chief Longcrier stated, "Newkirk Fire/EMS was grateful for the donation and  it will be put toward the purchase of 18 new Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and other needed equipment.  This will help to reduce exposure to carcinogens and other cancer causing elements that remain in old and outdated equipment."

For further information, contact NFD Chief Adam Longcrier at (580) 362-3606


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