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National Indian Gaming Association Joins American Sports Betting Coalition

The American Sports Betting Coalition (ASBC) is proud to announce that the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) has joined the campaign to end the 25-year-old failing federal ban known as the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). PASPA prohibits sports betting outside Nevada.

“We are pleased to announce that the National Indian Gaming Association will be joining the AGA’s Coalition on Sports Betting, which will enable us to coordinate with and provide feedback to the AGA with regard to tribal gaming concerns as the Coalition advances its policy objectives,” said Ernie Stevens, Jr., Chairman of NIGA. “Of chief concern to NIGA is to ensure that tribal interests are protected, particularly avoidance of any negative impacts on existing compacts and exclusivity clauses. As one of the key stakeholders in these discussions we want to ensure that if legalized, our members have the opportunity to offer this activity as part of their overall entertainment package and as an additional source of revenue for Tribal Government Gaming to promote tribal economic development, tribal self-sufficiency and strong tribal government.” 

“We have a window of opportunity to get this done and the National Indian Gaming Association is critical to making it happen,” said Geoff Freeman, president and CEO of AGA. “Tribal engagement will help to move the needle forward and as the industry further unites, we will be able to end the failing ban on sports betting and allow our industry to grow.”

A recent AGA-commissioned national survey by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner (GQR) found strong support for legal sports betting. Nearly six in ten Americans – and 72 percent of avid sports fans – are in favor of ending the federal ban.  

In addition, the GQR results show that Americans are much more likely to watch, engage with and talk about sports when they bet on games. Further, the research concluded that a majority of Americans, regardless of education, income level, political party affiliation and geographical region, want to end the federal ban on sports betting.

To date, thirteen states have introduced sports betting bills despite the federal prohibition: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and West Virginia. More will likely join in the coming months as more state’s rights advocates and elected officials demand the end of PASPA.

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American Gaming Association
The American Gaming Association is the premier national trade group representing the $240 billion U.S. casino industry, which supports 1.7 million jobs in 40 states. AGA members include commercial and tribal casino operators, suppliers and other entities affiliated with the gaming industry. It is the mission of the AGA to be the single most effective champion of the industry, relentlessly protecting against harmful and often misinformed public policies, and paving a path for growth, innovation and reinvestment.

The National Indian Gaming Association
Incorporated in 1985, National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) is an inter-tribal association of 184 federally recognized Indian Tribes united with the mission of protecting and preserving tribal sovereignty and the ability of Tribes to attain economic self-sufficiency through gaming and other forms of economic development. The common commitment and purpose of NIGA is to advance the lives of Indian peoples economically, socially, and politically. NIGA operates as an educational, legislative, and public policy resource for tribal policy makers as well as the public, on issues related to Indian gaming and tribal community development.



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