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OP/ED: Government Census Numbers on Indian Population Way Off Target

The United States Census recently assessed that the Native population in America has grown a staggering 39 percent in the past decade.




article Governor blasts feds over census citizenship question
(Montana) -- Gov. Steve Bullock sent a letter Monday to two congressmen objecting to a citizenship question that is to be included on the 2020 Census, saying such a...


article Uncounted: Census far underestimated Ottawa's Inuit population, study says
(Ottawa) -- Statistics Canada’s most recent census has seriously underestimated the numbers of Inuit in Ottawa, a new study has concluded. In October, Statistics Canada...


article Largest Native American Population in Every State
(USA) -- Thousands of years before Leif Erikson and Christopher Columbus landed in America, a different group of people discovered the continent. While there are...


article 'Woefully inaccurate' Inuit population data overwhelming local agencies
(Ottawa) -- Inaccurate census data about the size of Ottawa's Inuit community is leading to inadequate funding for the health and social services designed to help it...


article N.M. hardest to count for census
(New Mexico) -- It is hard to put a number on much of what makes New Mexico unique, from the beauty of its desert sunsets to the taste of its chile. Turns out, it is...


article U.S. Census Bureau Releases New Detailed Statistics on Tribal Groups
(Washington D.C.) -- On Thursday, the U.S. Census Bureau released detailed statistics of social, economic, housing and demographic characteristics for American Indian...


article Newly Released Census Numbers Show American Indian & Alaska Native Population Growing
(Washington D.C.) -- On Friday, the U.S. Census Bureau released new estimates on the population in the United States. Estimates released Friday, indicate the American...


article Census Bureau Launches My Tribal Area for Indian Country
(Washington D.C.) -- Did you know that the Navajo Nation has a blossom of elementary school-aged youngsters with 23,946 first- through eighth-graders making up almost...


article Federal Indian Reservation Census Canceled In Dakotas
(North Dakota) -- The U.S. Census Bureau has canceled a planned field operations test next year on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in the Dakotas due to funding...


article Standing Rock Census Test set for 2017 postponed
(North Dakota) -- A Census test planned for 2017 on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation has been postponed due to funding concerns by the U.S. Census Bureau. Instead,...


article Unzipped: Native American heritage in 77504
(Texas) -- In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. In 1934, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared Oct. 12 a federal holiday honoring the Italian sailor who stumbled...


article Colville Reservation in Washington tapped for Census test
(Washington) -- Two Native American reservations — one in Washington state and another in the Dakotas — have been selected as test sites ahead of the 2020...
article Reservations in Dakotas, Washington selected for census test
(South Dakota) -- Two Native American reservations — one in the Dakotas and another in Washington state — have been selected as test sites ahead of the 2020...


article Census Bureau to conduct test counts on two reservations in 2017
(Washington D.C.) -- The U.S. Census Bureau will conduct test counts on two reservations next year. The counts will reach about 3,500 housing units on the Colville...


press release American Indian Areas Named as Test Sites in Preparation for the 2020 Census
(Washington D.C.) -- The U.S. Census Bureau announced today that it plans to conduct the 2017 Census Test in selected tribal areas in Washington, North Dakota and South...


article Ho-Chunk Nation launching comprehensive census
(Wisconsin) -- The Ho-Chunk Nation is launching its first comprehensive census to glean reliable information on tribal members and best develop programs and services....


press release U.S. Census Bureau Daily Feature for November 30: Native-Owned Businesses
(Washington D.C.) -- As National American Indian Heritage Month winds down, attention is drawn to the increasing role American Indians and Alaska Natives play in the...


article Census Bureau aims for better count of Native Americans
(New Mexico) -- Native American tribal lands often contain vast areas of unpaved roads and scattered households that may lack electrical and phone service, much less an...


article Census weighs changes to counting American Indians in 2020
(New Mexico) -- The U.S. Census Bureau is testing new questions on tribal enrollment to try to get a more accurate count of American Indians in 2020. Director John...


article US census challenge: Counting every Native American and Alaska Native
(California) -- There are 566 federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) tribes in the U.S. and 80 more recognized by the states.


article Mexican-American Indians now make up the fourth largest tribal group in the United States
(USA) -- Mexican-American Indians now make up the fourth largest tribal group in the United States, following the Cherokee, Navajo, and Choctaw, according to the US...


article 1 in 5 Manitobans will be aboriginal by 2036: StatsCan
(Manitoba) -- The indigenous population in Canada is growing and projected to swell to as many as 2.6 million people by 2036, a new report by Statistics Canada says. The...


article Census Bureau Seeks Input from Tribal Leaders for 2020 Census
(Washington D.C.) -- The U.S. Census Bureau announced Wednesday plans to conduct eight tribal consultation meetings and one national webinar with 566 federally...


article American Indian and white, but not ‘multiracial’
(Washington D.C.) -- America’s multiracial population encompasses a multitude of racial combinations. But the largest share of multiracial adults by far –...
article How Pew Research conducted its survey of multiracial Americans
(Washington D.C.) -- Today, Pew Research Center released its first report on American multiracial adults, a group that comprises an estimated 6.9% of the adult...
article Pew: Largest U.S. Multiracial Group More Likely To Lean Republican
(Washington D.C.) -- Non-Hispanic whites with American Indian ancestry make up a full half of the current population of mixed-race Americans but are among the least...


article Pew: Multiracial population changing the face of the U.S.
(Washington D.C.) -- The number of people who identify themselves as multiracial is growing three times faster than the population as a whole, according to a new report...
article Pew: White-Native American adults largest multiracial group
(Washington D.C.) -- Non-Hispanic whites with American Indian ancestry make up a full half of the current population of mixed-race Americans but are among the least...


article US Census Predicts Future Of Race In America: By 2044, Whites To Become A Minority
(USA) -- A recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau predicted that by as early as 2044 America will become a “majority-minority” nation, where no one racial...


article Census Bureau Releases Native Facts during Native American Heritage Month
(Washington D.C.) -- In recognition of November being National Native American Heritage Month, the U.S. Census released the following information on Wednesday:


article US Census Bureau releases industry series report on accommodation
(Washington D.C.) -- Traveler accommodation (NAICS 7211, which includes hotels, motels, casino hotels and bed-and-breakfast inns) accounted for 96.9 percent ($189.3...


article Census: Number of Arizonans living in 'poverty areas' jumped in 2010
(Arizona) -- The number of Arizona residents living in concentrated "poverty areas" grew significantly in the first decade of the century, according to a new...


article Databook of the US Censuses and the American Community Survey 1990 – 2010
(California) -- Randall K.Q. Akee & Jonathan B. Taylor have published “Social and Economic Change on American Indian Reservations: A Databook of the US...


article Reservations push for new census data
(Oklahoma) -- Seeking to gain a more accurate reflection of population numbers, North Dakota’s reservations are asking the U.S. Census Bureau to add a question to...


article Pew: Millions Changed Race in Census, Spike in 'American Indians'
(Washington D.C.) -- More than 10 million Americans changed their race on their census forms since 2000, and more people identified themselves as "American Indian...


article Accuracy Is Victory: NAIHC and Census Bureau to Improve Tribal Data
(Washington D.C.) -- A memorandum of understanding was signed February 26 by National American Indian Housing Council (NAIHC) Chairwoman Cheryl Causley and Census Bureau...


press release Census Bureau and National American Indian Housing Council to Sign Memorandum of Understanding
(Washington D.C.) -- The U.S. Census Bureau and the National American Indian Housing Council will sign a memorandum of understanding on Feb. 26 to help increase the...


article California has nation's largest Native American population
(California) -- They may comprise less than 1 percent of California's 38 million residents, but the state — perhaps surprisingly to many — has the nation...


article TRAHANT: No Accounting: Lies, Damn Lies and Indian Country's Census Numbers
(Washington D.C.) -- Quick questions: What’s the unemployment rate in Indian country? What’s the total number of high-school age American Indians and Alaska...


article Project looking at Native Americans in Bismarck
(North Dakota) -- A Bismarck woman has set out to learn more about Bismarck-Mandan’s native population. Cheryl Kary said she saw a need for hard data on the...


article 21 Statistics From the Census Bureau for Heritage Month
(Washington D.C.) -- To celebrate Native American Heritage Month, the U.S. Census Bureau released the following statistics for American Indians and Alaska Natives: 5.2...


article Free census records help find Penobscots, Mi’kmaqs
(Maine) -- Eight years ago, I started off a column about Native American genealogy by recalling the time I took four young boys to Indian Island to see the gravestone of...


article Mexican-American Indians now make up the fourth largest tribal group in the United States
(Texas) -- Mexican-American Indians now make up the fourth largest tribal group in the United States, following the Cherokee, Navajo, and Choctaw, according to the US...


article Northern Cheyenne Making the US Census Work for Tribes
(Washington D.C.) -- Desi Small-Rodriguez, Northern Cheyenne, was one of two American Indians and 10 new members selected to serve on the US Census Bureau’s...


article BOOK REVIEW: 'Native Americans': More Americans are Dropping Census Bureau Ethnic Designations in Favor of Just Plain 'American'
(West Virginia) -- Encounter Books has published two books that attempt to define what makes Americans American. I'm reviewing the shorter one first, "Native...
article Ex-Census Director Kenneth Prewitt Tears Racial Categories Apart
(New York) -- The debate over how to classify Latinos and other ethnic groups for Census purposes has wandered into nonsensical territory, former Census Director Kenneth...


article Citizen Potawatomi Nation conducting census
(Oklahoma) -- An Oklahoma-based American Indian tribe is conducting a census of its members to help in emergency response efforts. The Citizen Potawatomi Nation is...


article OP/ED: Fix the Census’ Archaic Racial Categories
(New York) -- STARTING in 1790, and every 10 years since, the census has sorted the American population into distinct racial groups. Remarkably, a discredited relic of...


article OK-based tribe conducting census of members
(Oklahoma) -- An Oklahoma-based American Indian tribe is conducting a census of its members to help in emergency response efforts.


article Meeting to discuss American Indian population
(North Dakota) -- An initial meeting is being held Thursday to discuss a research project regarding the American Indian population in the Bismarck-Mandan community.


article Two American Indians Named to US Census National Advisory Committee
(Washington D.C.) -- The US Census Bureau Wednesday announced 10 new members of its National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic and Other Populations. Among the ten...


article If only American Indians made the NSA heat map
(USA) -- The 21st century is a world where data — bits of information about what we do, what we say and how we spend money — has become as important as the...


article Manitoba's aboriginal population continues to grow
(Manitoba) -- Manitoba continues to have the highest percentage of aboriginal people among Canada's provinces, and it's a growing and youthful segment of the...
article The Aboriginal population: younger and more troubled
(Ottawa) -- The dry data of the National Household Survey paints a grim picture of the challenges facing Canada’s First Nations youth. But what, if anything, can...


article Three Affiliated Tribes to hold census
(North Dakota) -- The Three Affiliated Tribes will conduct a census of Fort Berthold Reservation beginning this month and lasting through March 30.


article American Indian farmers increase on Census
(Washington D.C.) -- American Indian farmers and ranchers now have an opportunity to participate in the Census of Agriculture, which is conducted by the National...


article USDA: American Indian Farmers and Ranchers Need to Stand Up and Be Counted
(Montana) -- The United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Agricultural Statistics Service released the following notice urging Native farmers and...


press release Census Bureau News -- Census Bureau Releases 2010 Census American Indian and Alaska Native Summary File
(Washington D.C.) -- Today the U.S. Census Bureau released the 2010 Census American Indian and Alaska Native Summary File. This summary file provides statistics for the...


article Native Sun News: Crow Creek Sioux man gets on Census panel
(South Dakota) -- On Oct. 12, Donald Loudner, an enrolled member of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, was once again named to the U.S. Census Bureau’s National Advisory...


press release Census Bureau Releases Estimates of Undercount and Overcount in the 2010 Census
(Washington D.C.) -- The U.S. Census Bureau released today results from its post-enumeration survey, providing a measure of the accuracy of the 2010 Census. The results...
article Government: 2010 census was mostly accurate but still disproportionately missed minorities
(Washington D.C.) -- The 2010 census missed more than 1.5 million minorities after struggling to count black Americans, Hispanics, renters and young men, but was mostly...


article Oklahoma Native American Population Grows in 2011
(Oklahoma) -- U.S. Census Bureau estimates show the Native American population in Oklahoma increased from 8.6 percent in 2010 to 8.9 percent in 2011, reported the...


article American Indian population grows to 6.3M
(USA) -- There were over 6.3 million American Indian/Alaska Natives in the United States in 2011 according to a U.S. Census report released on Thursday, May 17. That...


article Whites Account for Under Half of Births in U.S.
(Washington D.C.) -- After years of speculation, estimates and projections, the Census Bureau has made it official: White births are no longer a majority in the United...


article Tribal citizenship number skewed
(Oklahoma) -- As of April 10, there were 315,698 citizens enrolled in the Cherokee Nation, making it the largest American Indian tribe in the country.


article Indian life expectancy rises significantly, census data shows
(South Dakota) -- Newly released census data shows male life expectancy in Shannon County is now more than 71 years, compared to five years ago when life expectancy for...


article SD Indian population younger than other groups
(South Dakota) -- South Dakota's American Indian population is younger than the state's overall population, a trend that has implications for the provision of...


article Census shows increase in Cherokee respondents
(Oklahoma) -- According to a Jan. 25 U.S. Census release, people claiming Cherokee lineage on their Census forms increased by more than 89,000 to 819,105 since the 2000...


article Forest fires blocked census on First Nations
(Ontario) -- The latest census results for northwestern Ontario are incomplete. Statistics Canada said 13 remote First Nations aren't represented in its report...
article Reserve population grew 16%, census says
(Saskatchewan) -- Saskatchewan's First Nations reserves saw a big population jump over the last five years, according to the 2011 federal census.


article OP/ED: Government Census Numbers on Indian Population Way Off Target
(USA) -- The United States Census recently assessed that the Native population in America has grown a staggering 39 percent in the past decade.


article Growth of Northwest Tribes Outpaces General Population
(Washington) -- Membership in Northwest tribes has grown faster than the general population, reports Northwest News Network. This growth has strained some tribes and...


article Census: Few among Arizona's tribes claimed to be multiracial
(Washington D.C.) -- The number of American Indians who claimed to be multiracial jumped sharply over the last decade, but not so much in Arizona, the Census Bureau...


article American Indian population grows in US
(Michigan) -- When filling out her next census form, Jessica Rivard would fill in the bubble to identify herself as an American Indian in the race category.


press release 2010 Census Shows Nearly Half of American Indians and Alaska Natives Report Multiple Races
(Washington D.C.) -- The U.S. Census Bureau today released a 2010 Census brief, The American Indian and Alaska Native Population: 2010, [PDF] that shows almost half (44...
article BLOG: Complicating the 2010 US Census Native Data
(Massachusetts) -- Back in 2010 when the census came in the mail, I remember sitting with my roommate at the kitchen table filling out our forms together, laughing and...
article Census Finds Claims Of Tribal Heritage Jump Dramatically
(Washington) -- The number of people claiming tribal heritage increased dramatically in the Northwest over the past decade. The number of residents who identify as...


article Census: Native count jumps by 27 percent
(Arizona) -- America's Native population climbed by nearly a third between 2000 and 2010, surprising U.S. Census Bureau data analysts and delighting managers of...


article Census data shows more American Indians, Alaska Natives identifying with multiple races
(Arizona) -- Almost half of American Indians and Alaska Natives identify with multiple races, representing a group that grew by 39 percent over a decade, according to U....

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