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Some concerns about Métis-led housing project in Saskatoon reflect 'antiquated view' on inclusion: developer

A Métis-led non-profit planning a large affordable housing project in Saskatoon's Blairmore suburban centre is reacting to concerns it's moving too fast with the development — as well complaints it believes reflect an "antiquated view" on race and inclusion.




article By blending jigging and hip-hop, dancer hopes to bring new audiences to Métis dance
(Manitoba) -- Mikey Harris has spent most of his life dancing with his family, but these days he is mixing hip-hop dance with old school Métis jigging and is hoping...


article Some concerns about Métis-led housing project in Saskatoon reflect 'antiquated view' on inclusion: developer
(Saskatoon) -- A Métis-led non-profit planning a large affordable housing project in Saskatoon's Blairmore suburban centre is reacting to concerns it's moving...


article Métis Nation-Saskatchewan covers cancer treatment travel costs
(Saskatchewan) -- Terri Hansen-Gardiner fought for this moment. When she heard last week that Métis Nation-Saskatchewan (MN-S) will cover travel costs for its citizens...


article Métis Nation Sask. citizens receive free access to Sask. national parks
(Saskatchewan) -- Parks Canada and Métis Nation - Saskatchewan signed a memorandum of understanding yesterday that states Métis citizens in the province will receive...


article 'Almost like a miracle': McMurray Métis discover elder interviews thought lost in fire
(Canada) -- A summer student working for the McMurray Métis has uncovered a valuable cache of interviews with elders, their stories and memories preserved on computer...


article Métis leader says children in care left out of Manitoba's pandemic response
(Canada) -- The Manitoba Metis Federation's president says the province has left vulnerable foster children out of pandemic response plans. "When this pandemic...


article Métis doctor tapped to help analyze data gaps in counting Indigenous COVID-19 cases
(Canada) -- Dr. Janet Smylie has dedicated much of her over two-decade career as a Métis physician and leader in the field of Indigenous health to shedding light on the...


article Historic Portage and Main BMO building to become future home of Métis Nation Heritage Centre
(Manitoba) -- The Manitoba Métis Federation has struck a deal to buy the historic Bank of Montreal building in downtown Winnipeg to ring in the province's 150th...


article Métis Nation-Sask. declares state of emergency in response to COVID-19 pandemic
(Saskatchewan) -- The Métis Nation-Saskatchewan has declared a state of emergency in response to the spread of COVID-19. A news release issued on Saturday afternoon said...


article Putting a Métis twist on a social media trend
(Canada) -- Since all of their upcoming dances and rehearsals were cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, members of the D-Town Steppers in Dauphin made the best of a...


article Métis dancers keep connected by putting a spin on a social media trend
(Manitoba) -- A group of Métis jiggers from Manitoba are keeping connected by putting their own spin on a new social media trend. The trend, which is often found in...


article Metis Hunters' Killings Not Racially Motivated, Say Alberta RCMP. Locals Aren't So Sure.
(Alberta) -- The killings of two Metis hunters in northeastern Alberta have shaken Indigenous people in an area with a long history of tensions over race and hunting...


article N.W.T. Métis Nation president praises 'groundbreaking' on the land funding
(Northwest Territories) -- The federal government is providing $2.6 million to N.W.T. First Nations in order to help get their residents out on the land during the COVID...


article Sask. Métis group says future elections only open to 'registered citizens'
(Saskatchewan) -- The Métis Nation - Saskatchewan (MN-S) has changed the requirements for both voting and running in the organization's future elections. From now on...


article Metis activist and Conservative MP speak out about poor Metis identification standards
(Canada) -- The recent uproar over the recipient of an Indigenous scholarship has yet to die down, and for good reason, seeing as much of this happened around Metis week...


article Métis Nation-Saskatchewan terminates agreement on business loan fund
(Saskatoon) -- Administrators of a fund that provides loans to budding Métis entrepreneurs say they're concerned about the fund's future, after the organization...


article McMurray Métis want council to publicly apologize for eviction in 1970s
(Edmonton) -- The McMurray Métis want a public apology from the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo for the relocation and eviction of at least 14 Indigenous families...


article Métis land claim could spark 'reset' in relations between Indigenous people and government, says prof
(Saskatchewan) -- University of Saskatchewan professor Ken Coates hopes this week's massive Métis land claim will spark a change in the relationship between...


article Mé​​​​​​​tis launch land claim for 120,000 square kilometres in northern Saskatchewan, Alberta
(Saskatchewan) -- Métis in Saskatchewan and Alberta are launching a massive land claim involving 120,000 square kilometres in a parcel that spans both provinces.


article 'Totally shocked and surprised': Windsor Métis veteran presented with $20,000 cheque
(Windsor) -- The Rochon family was shocked when 93-year-old father Wilfred was presented with a $20,000 cheque last Sunday, commemorating Wilfred's service to Canada...


article Edmonton Mé​​​​​​​tis filmmaker off to Sesame Street workshop in New York
(New York) -- How do you get to Sesame Street? An Edmonton-based Métis filmmaker is on the iconic children's show's radar and he's hoping a summit in New...


article Alberta Métis celebrate historical self-government recognition
(Canada) -- Métis people in Alberta are celebrating the signing of a historical self-government agreement between the Métis Nation of Alberta and Ottawa on Thursday...
article Ottawa signs self-government agreements with Métis Nation in Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan
(Ottawa) -- The federal Liberal government signed self-government agreements with the Métis Nation of Ontario, Métis Nation of Alberta and Métis Nation-Saskatchewan on...


article Mining framework promises improved First Nations negotiations, but Metis Federation says it wasn't consulted
(Manitoba) -- The Manitoba government is touting a new framework for negotiating mining rights with First Nations communities, while fielding complaints that the...


article 'We are stronger together:' Advocate urges end to lateral violence against eastern Métis
(Canada) -- As an Indigenous woman and a lawyer, most of my work is with marginalized people and communities in the area of Aboriginal rights and identity. I would like...


article Supreme Court will not hear Quebec community's case seeking Métis rights
(Ottawa) -- The Supreme Court of Canada will not hear the appeal of a Quebec group seeking recognition of Métis rights to occupy hunting camps on public lands. Brought...


article Quebec community looks to the Supreme Court of Canada for recognition of Métis rights
(Quebec) -- It's been over a decade since Ghislain Corneau first brought his fight to the Quebec courts seeking recognition of constitutional rights-bearing Métis to...

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