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Temporary injunction against Caddo leader remains in place

A temporary emergency injunction against a claimant leader of the Caddo Nation will remain in place for at least a few more days.


Caddo Nation


article Caddo Mounds Tribal members return to Alto for the first time to participate in workshops and discuss ways to move forward
(Texas) -- For the first time and on the three-month anniversary since the devastating tornadoes hit in Alto, Caddo tribal members traveled from Oklahoma this weekend to...


article Pool: Building and rebuilding at Caddo Mounds
(Texas) -- Last week the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris burned, and there was a disaster overtaking a cultural monument about the same time here in East Texas. A...


article Tornado Devastates Caddo Mounds Historic Site, Leaving The Mounds Undamaged.
(Texas) -- Spend enough time in the woods that blanket deep east Texas, and eventually you’ll run across earthen mounds. They look natural but they’re...


article Tribal members unite to heal, celebrate
(Oklahoma) -- Members of the Caddo Nation gathered at the Sam Noble museum Saturday for the annual Caddo Festival, a celebration of their history, art, dances, songs and...


article Survivor Of Texas Tornado Describes Escape From Grass House
(Texas) -- A survivor of a deadly Texas tornado says he managed to crawl out of a grass house at a Native American historic site before the twister hurled it into the...


article Estimated cost to rebuild Caddo Mounds State Historic site $2.5 million
(Texas) -- The executive director of the Texas Historical Commission shared a letter on the Caddo Mounds State Historic Site Facebook page detailing the cost to rebuild...


article One person reported dead as tornado strikes Caddo Mounds State Historic Site
(Texas) -- Authorities in Texas have shut down the Caddo Mounds State Historic Site after a tornado struck during a Native festival on Saturday, resulting in the death...


article Caesars expected to reject Fertitta deal
(Las Vegas) -- The board at Caesars Entertainment is expected to firmly reject the buyout overture from Tilmann Fertitta, according to New York Post. The proposed...


article "The Caddo's and their Ancestors" a new book by Jeffery Girard
(Louisiana) -- There's an opportunity to learn about the history of American Indians that lived right here in the ArkLaTex. Author Jeffrey Girard joins us this...


article New device helps anthropologist study Caddo Indian culture
(Arkansas) -- George Sabo, professor of anthropology and director of the Arkansas Archeological Survey, is one of five principal investigators for the MicroCT Imaging...


article Caddo Mounds grass hut receives top architecture award
(Texas) -- Two summers ago, a group of volunteers led by Caddo tribe members created an authentic tribal grass house at Caddo Mounds State Historic Site outside Alto....


article 10th Circ. Won't Sanction Caddo Tribe In History Center Suit (sub req.)
(Oklahoma) -- A Tenth Circuit panel on Tuesday refused to sanction the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma for allegedly making factual misstatements in an earlier filing in a...


article Remembering the impact and influence of the Caddo
(Louisiana) -- When children see the Window Chute Village diorama at the Bossier Parish Historical Center they're surprised, curious and excited. Marisa Richardson,...


article Court to Caddo Nation: Start over
(Oklahoma) -- In a handwritten order issued late Monday morning, Judge Ronald McGee with the Southern Plains’ Court of Indian Offenses declared all elected...


article Feds staying out of Caddo leadership dispute for now
(Oklahoma) -- A federal judge granted a motion to dismiss from the Southern Plains’ Court of Indian Offenses, thus allowing the lower court to maintain its role in...


article Caddo leader resigns
(Oklahoma) -- Citing fiscal issues and clashes with the tribal council, one of the two claimant leaders of the Caddo Nation has resigned.


article Judge places Caddo Nation programs under independent administrator
(Oklahoma) -- Until further notice, neither of the two claimant Caddo governments will have signatory authority for the tribe’s self-governance programs.


article Federal judge denies restraining order in Caddo dispute, hearing scheduled to continue April 30
(Oklahoma) -- A federal judge denied a claimant tribal leader’s request for an emergency restraining order against a BIA court Tuesday.


article Temporary injunction against Caddo leader remains in place
(Oklahoma) -- A temporary emergency injunction against a claimant leader of the Caddo Nation will remain in place for at least a few more days.


article Caddo Nation, The NCAI And The Festival Of The Four Winds On Indian Times
(Oklahoma) -- The Native American Times newspaper reports that the Caddo Nation has sworn in a new chairman, Anthony Cotter, despite the claim from Brenda Edwards, via...


article Turmoil continues in Caddo Tribe
(Oklahoma) -- An internal dispute has torn the Caddo Nation into factions and the Bureau of Indian Affairs is hoping the 5,000-plus member tribe can sort things out for...


article Infighting at Caddo Nation hurts tribe's designation with Bureau of Indian Affairs
(Oklahoma) -- An Oklahoma tribe has been designated "high risk" following intertribal fighting over who is the rightful chair of the tribe.
article Rival Caddo leaders exchange accusations in office break-in
(Oklahoma) -- The plot thickens as two sides battle for leadership of the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma. Interim Chairman Phillip Smith alleged that around 5 a.m. Monday...
article Thieves target Caddo Nation complex; inflame leadership dispute
(Oklahoma) -- Caddo Nation citizens are searching for answers and cleaning up the debris after their complex was broken into twice in two days.
article Turmoil continues in Oklahoma's Caddo tribe
(Oklahoma) -- Two break-ins at an Oklahoma Indian tribe’s complex have both sides in an intratribal dispute blaming each other. Around 4:45 a.m. Monday and again...

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