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Tribes, IRS Making Progress on Tax Issues

Dave Palermo is an award-winning metropolitan newspaper reporter. He has written about American Indian governments for more than 20 years, working as an advocate for several tribes and tribal associations. He also has co-authored books on gambling and gambling law. He can be reached at

(Blog) Dave Palermo: Tribes, IRS Making Progress on Tax Issues

It was during a September hearing of the House Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs that Rep. Don Young, D-Alaska, grew a bit impatient with witness Christy Jacobs, director of the Internal Revenue Service’s Office of Indian Tribal Governments,

At issue was an April letter from the IRS Portland office that stated per capita payments from tribal trust resources to citizens of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs could be subject to taxation, reversing several decades of federal policy that per capita payments are tax exempt. A similar letter was sent to the Yakama Nation.

“Christy, I’m a little confused,” Young said. “Where did this idea come from? Which brainchild and what area of the moon did they come from?

“Did we have some little energetic individual that thinks, ‘I’ll go get those Indian tribes [and] they have to pay their money?’”

Jacobs acknowledged the letter was a massive mistake.

“I do not believe that per capita payments made to tribal members pursuant to the Per Capita Act from trust resources are taxable,” she said.

The very notion Treasury and the IRS would consider taxing per capita payments from tribal resources, exempt under the Per Capita Act of 1983, struck Young as a gross injustice.

“Per capita payments are not government handouts,” Young said. “They are benefits that belong to Indians secure in terms of negotiated treaties and statutes whereby tribes ceded tens of millions of acres of land to the United States.

“It would be a grave injustice to tax revenues originated from lands” held in tribal trusts, he said.

American Indian tribes have for several years been monitoring and at times fending off efforts by Treasury and the IRS to revise or reinterpret the tax status of tribal governments.

Fortunately for indigenous communities, recent moves to alter the taxability of per capita payments from tribal trust resources and re-examine the tax exempt status of health care and social welfare programs funded by casino revenues have been resolved to the benefit of tribes.

A December Treasury guidance document states that per capital payments to citizens of some 40 tribes arising out of the recent federal trust settlement lawsuit will not be included in the individual’s gross income for tax purposes.

Another threat was averted Dec. 5, when Treasury and the IRS unveiled a revised draft of the General Welfare Exclusion (GWE) doctrine that, in effect, recognizes that most tribal government services are to remain tax exempt, even those funded with gambling revenues.

The draft GWE doctrine was the result of months of consultations between Treasury, the IRS and the Intertribal Organization Tax Initiative (IOTI), a coalition comprised of the National Congress of American Indians, Native American Finance Officers Association (NAFOA), United South and Eastern Tribes (USET) and the California Association of Tribal Governments.

The GWE doctrine generally calls for the IRS to continue to exempt from taxation most social service programs provided by state, municipal, county and tribal governments.

Comments on the draft doctrine are open till June 3.

To their credit, Treasury and IRS officials were willing to work with IOTI in settling the long simmering dispute over the tax status of social programs for this country’s indigenous citizens, many of whom remain locked in cyclical poverty and unemployment.

“[IRS and Treasury] were very interested in what the tribes had to say,” said Lynn Malerba, chief of the Mohegan Tribe of Connecticut and USET’s representative to IOTI.

“This wasn’t adversarial at all. It was a very cordial effort and the IRS and Treasury … incorporated a lot of their comments into their guidance.”

“Treasury and the IRS are now publicly committed to issuing new written guidelines on this subject,” Aaron Klein, Treasury’s deputy assistant secretary for economic policy coordination, said of the agency’s doctrine on the tax exempt status of social service programs offered by state, local and tribal governments.

 “In doing so we will remain mindful of the comments and position thoughtfully articulated by tribes and tribal leaders.”

The progress made in tribal consultations with the IRS and Treasury should be applauded.

“The consultations with the IRS have worked,” said NAFOA Executive Director Dante Desidario. “The agency is taking the tribal concerns seriously.”

But what remains disconcerting is the apparently ignorance of tribal self-governance and the economic state of tribal communities that planted the seeds of IRS and Treasury suspicions and, eventually, the assault of auditors on tribal lands.

Much of the misconceptions are fueled by tribal government gambling.

There is a looming perception among the public and too many elected officials and federal bureaucrats that indigenous communities are less culturally rich, sovereign governments than they are prospering casino operators.

That is, of course, far from the truth.

While it was congressional intent of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act to strengthen tribal governments and build strong, diversified tribal economies, the results have been mixed.

Of the 421 casinos audited by the National Indian Gaming Commission in 2011, 78 of them (18.6 percent) generated $19.4bn, or 71.8 percent of the gross revenues from tribal gambling nationwide.

Many of the more lucrative casinos are operated by small tribes in urban areas, leaving the larger, more remote tribes in the Southwest and Great Plaines with marginal casino operations, providing jobs but little in the way of economic progress.

Yet tribal leaders have in the last decade complained that IRS auditors were descending on often impoverished reservations, requesting documents on such government aid as school clothes, burial rituals, elder care and even minor housing repairs.

“Self-governance tribes dedicate their own resources to supplement federal funding for programs intended to benefit tribes and their members,” Malerba said.

“Yet, in recent years, the IRS has increasingly sought to tax what were previously understood as non-taxable benefits provided by tribes to their members.”

“Our weather gets quite cold in South Dakota and some of our homes only have wood heat,” said President John Yellow Bird/Steele of the Oglala Sioux Tribe on the poverty-ridden Pine Ridge Reservation, home to the Prairie Ridge Hotel & Casino.

“It’s imperative the tribe help out with energy assistance: buying a pickup load of wood; helping to pay a light bill; buying some propane,” Steele told a recent Senate Indian Affairs committee hearing.

“Do we give a 1099 [tax form] to all of these people?”

Tribal leaders as early as 2006 began noticing an increase in IRS audits of tribal programs, a trend they believe was prompted by economic growth on tribal land and the fact about 70 of 246 tribes with casinos in 28 states issue per capita payments to members.

Ironically, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA), which provides a regulatory framework for the nation’s $27.2bn tribal gambling industry, states that that casino revenues be used for the general welfare of tribal citizens.

Gambling revenues have been used by tribal governments to subsidize housing, education, health care, cultural and religious activities and other notoriously underfunded federal programs promised to tribes in treaty agreements.

But IGRA also requires that the tribe deduct and withhold income taxes from gambling revenues paid directly to tribal members.

“The IRS has frequently initiated its audits on the presumption that tribal general welfare benefits are actually disguised per capita payments from tribal gaming revenues” subject to taxation, Malerba said.

“IRS field auditors began examinations with a bias and presumption of guilt until proven innocence.”

“One IRS agent ruled that tribal citizens who benefited from a tribal government program should be taxed on the part of the revenue generated from gaming proceeds,” said Bill Lomax, president of the Native American Finance Officers Association, a member of the tribal coalition.

“The same benefit from other revenues was considered exempt.”

Lomax said tribes had been singled out for GWE audits.

Treasury in a 2007 work plan said it had in the previous two years conducted 139 examinations on tribal governments “that focused specifically on the use of net gaming revenues,” Lomax said.

The results of the investigations are not known.

“The taxability of [GWE] benefits from state and local governments was not even mentioned,” he said.

The IRS in 2006 began auditing casino tribes purchasing health insurance for its members, threatening to tax the benefits as income.

Mark Macarro, chairman of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, led an effort to amend the Affordable Health Care Act to keep the benefits tax exempt.

The landmark draft GWE doctrine was unveiled Dec. 5, when more than 500 tribal leaders attended the fourth White House Tribal Nations Summit in Washington.

The draft GWE guidance sets down what aspects of tribal government education, housing, cultural and elder care assistant programs can be tax exempt. It requires that tax exempt assistance to tribal citizens be made through a government program, promote general welfare based on community and family needs and does not constitute payments for services.

The landmark GWE doctrine and largely conciliatory consultations between federal and tribal officials is expected to help resolve the complex issue of taxing Indian tribes and Alaska Native villages, many experiencing economic progress through government gambling.

“A key challenge for tribal nations is economic development,” Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin told leaders at the summit. “Many of your communities face poverty, high unemployment and lack of good paying jobs.

“Effective immediately, tribes can rely on this guidance and have comfort that programs that meet these guidelines will be respected by IRS."

The proposed guidance generally exempts from taxation assistance from a government program that is not compensation for services.

Treasury said exclusions from taxation are housing payments to help individuals and families acquire modest homes or apartments, aid for disaster victims, education expenses, medical or dental assistance and services of a shaman or medicine men or women for health and spiritual and cultural reasons.

NAFOA Executive Director Dante Desiderio said tribes are pleased with the proposed GWE doctrine, in part because it is not based on the economic need of the individual,

 “The idea is that we as tribes don't base our benefits and services on financial need,” he said. “It's the need of the community.”

Malerba said the draft doctrine also recognizes that unlike non-Indian governments, tribal reservations “are also communities of familial relations who hold property and resources communally.

“Their leaders have been charged with the responsibility to maintain and foster culture and traditions and revitalize languages,” she said, programs that should not be subject to taxation.

“The difficulty has been each application is fact specific,” Jacobs said. “And the historical and cultural context within the tribal government environment adds a layer of complexity.”

Part of the consultations involved educating Treasury and IRS officials about the unique needs of indigenous communities.

 “[Tribes] are very different from other governments,” Klein said. “We need to respect and understand [cultural programs and language revitalization] are purposes of the tribe.”

There will be an effort to train IRS agents about the cultural distinctions of tribal communities in doing future GWE audits.

“Tribes should be able to determine what services are offered to their communities and what criteria should be developed to administer those programs,” Malerba said.

“Even if tribes have had success with their gaming, they’re rebuilding their communities, their nations. And they’re using [gambling] funds to supplement federal trust and treaty programs and responsibilities that have been chronically underfunded. It’s important that we put gaming in that context.

“The state of Virginia decides what programs it will provide for its citizens. We are sovereigns as well. We will determine what is right and appropriate for our communities.” 



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article Shawnee, Tribes Spar War With One Another
(Oklahoma) -- Shawnee city officials and area tribal leaders butted heads this week over sovereignty and what right a city has to compel Indian nations to collect...


article Face-to-face: City of Shawnee, tribal officials discuss sales tax issue
(Oklahoma) -- After exchanging numerous letters, City of Shawnee officials and leaders from the four area Tribes met face-to-face Monday to discuss sales tax issues,...
article Shawnee, tribes fail to agree on sales tax
(Oklahoma) -- In a closed meeting at the Citizen Potawatomi National Cultural Heritage Center on Monday, Shawnee officials and representatives from four area tribes...
article Tribes, Shawnee officials meet about sales tax dispute
(Oklahoma) -- Representatives of four tribes have met with city of Shawnee officials — but reached no agreement on the city's request for sales taxes.


article City Of Shawnee, Potawatomi Nation Battle Over Sales Tax
(Oklahoma) -- The battle is brewing between the City Shawnee and a local tribe over sales tax. The City says the Citizen Potawatomi Nation owes them millions of dollars...
article Shawnee mayor, Citizen Potawatomi leader spar over sales tax
(Oklahoma) -- Mayor Wes Mainord says Shawnee has lost out on $4 million because a massive grocery store run by an American Indian tribe has failed to send the city any...


article Barrett Blasts Shawnee Over Tax Issue
(Oklahoma) -- Citizen Potawatomi Nation Chairman John A. “Rocky” Barrett blasted the City of Shawnee this week, suggesting that the only way the city might...
article Sales tax trouble: Shawnee city officials, tribal leaders swap another round of letters
(Oklahoma) -- Another round of letters was exchanged between Shawnee city officials and tribal leaders. While a meeting date and location have been confirmed, more pre-...


article Treasury Issues Tax Guidance On Per Capita Tribal Payments
(Washington D.C.) -- Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued interim guidance regarding per capita distributions made to...


article IRS Says Certain Tribal Trust Money Is Income Tax-Free
(Washington D.C.) -- Per capita distributions made to Native American tribe members from funds held in trust by the U.S. secretary of the interior are exempt from...


article City of Shawnee, tribes battle over sales-tax collection issue
(Oklahoma) -- City of Shawnee officials and leaders of several local Native American tribes will meet next month in an effort to resolve a dispute over sales taxes.
article City sends new letter to tribes
(Oklahoma) -- Shawnee city officials sent a new letter Monday to tribal leaders in response to a letter they received earlier this month. Mayor Wes Mainord wrote,...
article Tribes, city of Shawnee in dispute over sales tax
(Oklahoma) -- A meeting has been scheduled next month between city of Shawnee officials and leaders of several local Native American tribes over a dispute over sales tax.


article Navajo Junk Food Tax Still on the Table
(Arizona) -- Denisa Livingston knows what progress looks like and she’s seeing it at home on the Navajo Nation. Livingston has been an active supporter of the...


article 4 tribes counter on city sales tax meeting
(Oklahoma) -- City officials want to collect sales tax on purchases made by non-Natives at businesses owned by four area tribes and located on trust land after claiming...
article State tax commission powerless to audit tribes, enforce sales tax collections
(Oklahoma) -- Indian tribes that operate retail businesses on trust lands in Oklahoma are required to collect sales tax from non-Indian shoppers, but state officials...


article Tribes answer: Leaders respond to city's request for sales tax dollars
(Oklahoma) -- Tribal leaders from the Absentee-Shawnee Tribe, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma and the Sac and Fox Nation sent a letter to...


article Tribal Leaders Respond To City Sales Tax Demand
(Oklahoma) -- The four Indian tribes that operate businesses in Shawnee have replied to a demand that they collect Shawnee sales taxes by saying that a letter sent by...


article City moving to collect sales tax from tribally owned retailers
(Oklahoma) -- An Oklahoma town is asking its local tribal businesses to start making mandatory contributions to its sales tax coffers.
article City of Shawnee's 'aggressive' behavior could force Oklahoma tribe's hand, chairman says
(Oklahoma) -- Deeply disappointed by a sales tax dispute, leaders of one of Oklahoma's most powerful Indian tribes are considering separating from the city it calls...
article Omaha Tribe wins round in Pender booze tax fight
(Nebraska) -- A federal judge has said the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska can collect a liquor tax on business owners in the northeast Nebraska city of Pender.
article Omaha Tribe wins round in struggle with retailers over reservation boundaries, alcohol tax
(Nebraska) -- A federal judge ruled that the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska can collect a liquor tax on business owners in the northeast Nebraska city of Pender.


article Judge rules Omaha Tribe liquor tax applies to Pender
(Nebraska) -- A federal judge has ruled that the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska can enforce a liquor tax on business owners in Pender, Neb.


article Measure clarifies sales taxes for Utes
(Colorado) -- Members of Colorado’s Ute Indian tribes should not have to pay sales taxes on cars they register on the reservation, legislators agreed Thursday.
article Shawnee To Tribes: Collect Our Taxes!
(Oklahoma) -- The City of Shawnee this week asked the four Indian tribes that do business within its boundaries to voluntarily impose a three percent city sales tax on...


article City of Shawnee asks tribes to pay 3 percent sales tax for non-member sales
(Oklahoma) -- The city of Shawnee is pursuing the leaders of the four area Tribal Nations with retail sales outlets in the city limits to enter into an agreement to...


article Junk food tax clears Navajo Nation Council
(New Mexico) -- An additional sales tax on junk food bought on the Navajo Nation has received the green light from the tribal council.
article Navajo Nation Council Approves Junk Food Tax to Fight Obesity
(Arizona) -- The Navajo Nation Council on Thursday approved a 2-percent increase in sales tax for junk food sold on the 27,000-square-mile reservation, becoming the...


article County Treasurer: Vehicle sales tax exemption for tribal members now only applies if the sale occurs on the reservation
(Wyoming) -- At the direction of the Wyoming Department of Revenue, the Fremont County Treasurer’s office is altering the sales tax rules for tribal members...


article Tribe plans meeting with Coachella Valley officials on tax issue
(California) -- Coachella Valley officials are gathering Friday for a private meeting with the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians to hear about the tribe’s...


article Top 10 Indian Tribal Tax Developments In 2013 And Priorities For 2014
(USA) -- In 2013, courts were active in issues relating to Indian tribes, including ruling on state tax matters and the federal income tax aspects of Section 17...


article Tribe Files Lawsuit to End Illegal County Taxation in California
(California) -- The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians are taking the fight to Riverside County, arguing that the County’s possessory interest tax imposed on...


article Agua Caliente tribe sues Riverside County over tax
(California) -- The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians has filed a new lawsuit, asking a federal judge to stop Riverside County from collecting a tax the tribe has...
article Tax dispute prompts Agua Caliente lawsuit
(California) -- An Inland Indian tribe is taking Riverside County to court over what tribal officials say is an illegal tax that doesn’t benefit their reservation.


article Tribe ordered to pay up taxes
(Nova Scotia) -- Halifax County Commissioners informed the Haliwa-Saponi Tribe on Monday it’s time to pay the taxes.


article Yakama Nation and state reach sensible accord on fuel taxes
(Washington) -- The state of Washington and the Yakama Nation have agreed on a new and improved way to collect fuel taxes at gas stations on the reservation.


article State and Yakama Nation reach agreement on fuel taxes
(Washington) -- The Department of Licensing and the Yakama Nation recently settled a long-standing dispute about how to collect fuel taxes on fuel sold at gas stations...


article Tribal Gas Station Files For Tax Exemption, Bloomfield Businesses Outraged
(Nebraska) -- A law passed over 2 decades ago in Congress allows the Ponca tribe of Nebraska to be exempt from paying taxes on up to 1,500 acres of land. So the tribe...
article Tribe waiting for tax exemption decision from Halifax County commissioners
(Nova Scotia) -- The Haliwa-Saponi Tribe will have to wait a little longer for a decision on a property tax exemption from the Halifax County Board of Commissioners.


article Navajo Nation could place additional tax on junk food
(New Mexico) -- Buying chips and a soda on the Navajo Nation could get more expensive if a proposal to increase the sales tax on junk food is enacted. As the number of...


article Governor will support appeal of Ponca’s actions
(Nebraska) -- Gov. Dave Heineman has indicated he will support efforts to appeal action taken by the Ponca tribe to have The White Eagle Express in Bloomfield exempt...


article Tribal Parcels Not Subject to Village Tax, Federal Appeals Court Rules
(Wisconsin) -- A Wisconsin village with tribal parcels held in trust by the U.S. government cannot assess municipal taxes against the Indian tribe, a federal appeals...


article 7th Circuit blocks village from imposing fees on Oneida Nation
(New York) -- The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has sided with the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin in a dispute over fees imposed on trust land. The court ruled that the...


article New tribal land tax law causing alarm in Palm Springs
(California) -- A change to a federal regulation governing surface rights on tribal land could dramatically alter local taxing authority, especially in Palm Springs...


article Other gaming tribes support Mashantuckets' review request in tax ruling
(Connecticut) -- Five Indian tribes, including Florida's Seminoles, are backing the Mashantucket Pequots' request that a federal appellate court revisit a ruling...


article Tribal leaseholders seek tax refunds / Desert Water Agency filed suit to change new federal tax rule
(California) -- Leaseholders on tribal land are asking for property tax refunds because of a change in federal regulations that also prompted a local water authority to...


article Tribal Sovereignty Supported in Latest Tax Reform Bill
(Washington D.C.) -- A California congressman has introduced a far-reaching tax reform bill clarifying that sovereign tribal nations are as tax exempt as states and...


article Connecticut casino towns expect windfall from slot leasing tax
(Connecticut) -- Montville's finance director says that town is expecting a $129,000 windfall as a result of this summer's federal court ruling that allows...


article Federal judge rejects Mohawk tribe's land suit
(New York) -- A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe aimed at blocking local municipal laws and taxes on land called the Hogansburg...


article Ledyard owed thousands after slot tax ruling
(Connecticut) -- The Ledyard town government has received about $100,000 in tax payments from slot machine leasing companies since a July 15 court ruling, Mayor John...


article Ruling On Leased Slots Opens Door To On-Reservation Personal Property Taxes
(Connecticut) -- In Mashantucket Pequot Tribe v. Town of Ledyard, an opinion certain to echo throughout Indian Country, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals recently...


article Repay Illegally Taxed Native American Veterans! Says NCAI
(Washington D.C.) --  The National Congress of American Indians passed a resolution recently urging Congress to recompense eligible Native American service members...


article Court of appeals: Thurston County can't tax Great Wolf Lodge
(Washington) -- Thurston County won’t be able to assess a property tax on the south county resort known as Great Wolf Lodge after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the...
article Washington's Thurston County Loses Effort to Tax The Chehalis Indian Tribe's New Casino
(Washington) -- A casino that was built on land held in trust for the Chehalis Indian tribe, off its reservation, should not be taxed by state and local governments, the...


article Ruling On Leased Slots Opens Door To On-Reservation Personal Property Taxes
(Connecticut) -- In Mashantucket Pequot Tribe v. Town of Ledyard, an opinion certain to echo throughout Indian Country, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals recently...


article LEGAL BLOG: In Ledyard, 2nd Circuit Says Local Governments May Tax Non-Indian Personal Property Located On Indian Reservations
(Connecticut) -- Reversing a district court order that would have preempted the imposition of local taxes on personal property located on Indian reservations and...
article Tax refund unconstitutional
(Arizona) -- The Arizona attorney general ruled that a state statute dealing with a land dispute involving the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe is unconstitutional.


article State aims to increase tribe’s tobacco sales tax
(Oklahoma) -- The Cherokee Nation Attorney General’s Office is still negotiating with Oklahoma officials on a new tobacco compact, but a sticking point seems to be...
article Attacking Sovereignty: 2nd Circuit Rules to Tax Slots at Tribal Casino
(Connecticut) -- A federal appeals court has ruled that the slot machines leased by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe from non-tribal businesses can be taxed.


article Leased Slot Machines For Tribes Can Be Taxed [sub req'd]
(Connecticut) -- In a decision that could have ramifications for other Native American casinos, a federal appeals court this week ruled that slot machines leased by the...
article NY court rejects Conn. Indian casino tax lawsuit
(New York) -- An Indian tribe in Connecticut has lost its bid in a New York court to prove it does not owe local and state taxes on slot machines at its Foxwoods Resort...


article Ka-Ching! Ledyard Can Tax Mashantuckets' Leased Slot Machines
(Connecticut) -- A federal court has ruled that Ledyard can tax slot machines leased by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe and used in the tribe's casino.


article Court ruling worth thousands in taxes to Ledyard
(Connecticut) -- Ledyard Mayor John Rodolico figures the town is entitled to more than a half-million dollars in unpaid back taxes, interest and fees in the wake of an...


press release Indian Tribal Settlement Taxes Phone Forum
(Washington D.C.) -- The office of Indian Tribal Governments will host a 60 minute phone forum on June 26, 2013at 2 p.m. (EST) to discuss federal income taxation of:...


article Editorial: Andrew Cuomo shrewdly pushes tribes on casino taxes
(New York) -- Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's plan to expand casino gambling is starting to look particularly cunning: Even if he doesn't get full table games at non-...
press release Indian Country Tax Strategy Meeting
(Washington D.C.) -- On Tuesday, June 4, the National Indian Gaming Association and the Lummi Nation hosted tribal leaders in the Nation's Capitol for an Indian...


article Bill would require state to reimburse Cayuga, other counties that don't receive property tax payments from Indian nations
(New York) -- Legislation sponsored by several central New York representatives would require the state to reimburse counties affected by the failure of Indian nations...
article County board denies tribe appeal
(Oklahoma) -- The Comanche County Board of Equalization on Wednesday denied an appeal from the Comanche Nation of a property tax bill for a building that houses tribal...


article Online Collection Gives U.S. Indians Ways to Get Revenue: Taxes
(Washington D.C.) -- Indian reservations are close to being put on a more equal tax footing with states. The Senate added language to the Internet sales tax bill that...
article BC committee debates paying for transit by taxing First Nations
(Vancouver) -- A Metro Vancouver regional district committee is floating the idea of imposing a levy on the area's aboriginals to add millions to its cash-strapped...


article Experts: Tribal tax rule change a big deal
(California) -- Legal experts say a new federal regulation at the center of a lawsuit brought by Desert Water Agency could lead to dramatic changes to what money state...


article Comanche Nation protests property tax
(Oklahoma) -- A Comanche County board heard tax protests from the Comanche Nation and the owners of a Lawton apartment complex during a meeting Wednesday.


article Senate OKs tribal land tax exemption bill
(Idaho) -- The Senate approved a bill forbidding counties from taxing tribal government land on the state's reservations. The 33-2 decision came after brief debate...
article The end of tribal taxes / Only governor's approval needed for tribal property tax exemption
(Idaho) -- Coeur d'Alene Tribe officials were celebrating on Tuesday afternoon, when the state Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill forbidding counties from taxing...
article Tribal property tax exemption bill passes Senate 33-2, heads to gov
(Idaho) -- HB 140, the bill brought by the Coeur d’Alene Tribe on behalf of all of Idaho’s Indian tribes to clarify that reservation property owned by tribal...


article Tribal tax clarification bill wins backing of Senate committee, despite last-minute objections from Benewah County
(Idaho) -- The Senate Local Government & Taxation Committee has unanimously approved HB 140, the bill to clarify that land owned by tribal governments is exempt from...


article County sets sights on taxing tribal businesses
(Oklahoma) -- Indian tribes, billboards and wind turbines may soon be providing new sources of property tax revenue if Comanche County Assessor Richard Strickland gets...


article House approves tribal lands tax exemption bill
(Idaho) -- The House has approved a bill that would forbid counties from taxing tribal government land on the state's reservations.


article Yakama tribal tobacco manufacturer loses round in federal court
(Washington) -- A Yakima tribal cigarette manufacturer could be on the hook for some $30 million in federal tobacco taxes under a recent federal court ruling.
article Tax dispute moves to U.S. District Court
(Nebraska) -- The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska has convinced a tribal court judge that it has the authority to tax alcohol sales in the village of Pender.


article Judge: Yakama Nation tobacco company subject to federal taxes
(Washington) -- A ruling by a federal judge in Spokane could open a Yakama Nation tobacco company to tens of millions of dollars in tax liability.
article Omaha Tribe wins round in Pender booze tax fight
(Nebraska) -- The Omaha Tribe has won a round in its struggle with the village of Pender and alcohol retailers regarding the reservation boundaries and the tribe's...


article House panel agrees: Bad idea to tax Indian land
(Idaho) -- The House Revenue and Taxation Committee unanimously passed a bill that would forbid counties from taxing tribal government land on the state's...
article Idaho House committee passes bill to forbid counties from taxing tribal government land
(Idaho) -- The Idaho House Revenue and Taxation Committee unanimously passed a bill that would forbid counties from taxing tribal government land on the state's...
article Rev & Tax unanimously backs bill to clarify that counties can’t tax tribal lands on reservations
(Idaho) -- There was no opposition, and the House Revenue & Taxation Committee was unanimous this morning in backing HB 140, the bill to clarify that tribe-owned...


article Commissioners cancel tribe's property taxes
(Idaho) -- Kootenai County commissioners in northern Idaho have voted to cancel all property taxes on Coeur d'Alene Tribe reservation land for the last four years.


article Coeur d'Alene Tribe's property taxes canceled
(Idaho) -- After a meeting with Coeur d'Alene Tribe officials on Friday, Kootenai County commissioners voted unanimously to cancel all property taxes on reservation...


article Judge rules against Yakamas again in state fuel tax fight
(Washington) -- A federal judge has delivered the Yakama Nation a second blow in its fight against the state over fuel taxes on the reservation.


article Idaho tribes: Tell counties not to tax Indian land
(Idaho) -- Idaho tribes want the Legislature to tell counties to quit taxing tribal government land on the state's reservations.
article Tribes vs. property tax / House Bill would make reservation land exempt from property taxes
(Idaho) -- Seeking equality for tribal governments, a lobbyist from the Coeur d'Alene Tribe encouraged the Legislature on Monday to halt counties' taxation of...


article Tribal Help—Without Tax
(USA) -- Housing and education assistance, elder care and cultural programs for American Indians funded by tribal government casinos will remain tax-exempt under a draft...


article Yakama gas tax dispute now in federal court
(Washington) -- A dispute between the state of Washington and the Yakama Nation over the fuel tax is headed for federal court. A federal judge last week tossed out a...


article Another Round Aginst Puyallup Tobacco Taxing
(Washington) -- A cigarette seller can renew its challenge to a tax contract between the Puyallup Indian Tribe and the state of Washington, the 9th Circuit said Monday.


article Senator Max Baucus: Fighting for tax fairness in Indian Country
(Washington D.C.) -- As Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, which has jurisdiction over taxes, health care, trade, and Social Security, I’m in a unique...


blog Dave Palermo: Tribes, IRS Making Progress on Tax Issues
(Washington D.C.) -- It was during a September hearing of the House Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs that Rep. Don Young, D-Alaska, grew a bit impatient...


article State takes fight over Yakama fuel tax to federal court
(Washington) -- A fight between the Yakama Nation and the state over a scrapped agreement that allowed tribal gas station owners to buy bulk fuel mostly free of state...
article Yakamas' feud with Wash. over fuel taxes in court
(Washington) -- Washington state has filed suit in federal court against the Yakama Nation over a disagreement about state fuel taxes.


article Some Indians, Not Many, Earned Above $200,000
(USA) -- How many American Indians will see their tax rates go up at the beginning of 2013? It is impossible to tell, but here’s an interesting stat of some who...

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