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Is Virtual Reality The Strip's Next Savior?

Is virtual reality the next big thing for the Las Vegas Strip? As casinos try to court millennials, MGM thinks it could be. The company has put a virtual reality operation in at MGM Grand at the Level Up bar and gaming center, and is considering adding the technology to the famed New York-New York roller coaster.


Virtual & Augmented Reality


article VR technology is a new trend in casinos
(Worldwide) -- Virtual Reality is a new kind of technology that immerses the user into an alternate world, which appears like the real world. This technology uses still...


article How New Technologies Are Changing the Online Gaming World
(The Internet) -- Gambling is one of the very few entertainment sources which isn’t completely eroded by time. It also serves as a great source of a hobby for some...


article This Is How Voter ID Laws Disenfranchise Minority Groups
(USA) -- Tuesday marks the end of Alabama's special election between Doug Jones and Roy Moore — but some people may not have been able to participate. That...


article Lancaster firm showcasing VR gaming prototype
(Michigan) -- Looking to escape reality for a few minutes after a long week at work? A Lancaster-based company that specializes in video games and virtual-reality...


article Rush Street sets virtual sports betting first in US
(Atlantic City) -- Rush Street Interactive has become the first company to launch an online virtual sports betting service in the US regulated market. The company behind...
article Virtual Sports Betting Comes To NJ Online Casinos: Here’s What Players Need To Know
(Atlantic City) -- It may not be legalized sports betting, but for those who fancy a wager on the ponies or soccer, virtual sports may be the next best thing. The format...


article New Jersey online market welcomes virtual sports betting
(New Jersey) -- Online virtual betting is the latest product to debut in New Jersey’s regulated online gambling market, although what kind of reception the product...


article Swing and a miss: Why virtual reality is striking out with sports fans
(Worldwide) -- People of the world, we have been deceived. The sky isn’t filled with flying cars, we can’t plug into the Matrix (unless I’m already in...


article This Is What It's Like To Experience Zero Latency's VR Arena At The MGM Grand, Las Vegas
(Las Vegas) -- Three growling zombies approach me, heads askew, and arms outstretched. I take aim, raise my gun and bang, bang, bang — three headshots, three down...
article 3D virtual reality SlotsMillion now available in the UK
(UK) -- SlotsMillion, the first ever 3D virtual reality online casino, has reportedly made its debut in the United Kingdom after parent company Alea Gaming Ltd. recently...


article Real Madrid adds luster to China's wannabe 'Orlando' tourist hub
(Macau) -- Just a stone's throw across a narrow waterway from the world's largest gambling hub Macau, a former oyster farming island is being transformed into...


article Is Virtual Reality The Strip's Next Savior?
(Nevada) -- Is virtual reality the next big thing for the Las Vegas Strip? As casinos try to court millennials, MGM thinks it could be. The company has put a virtual...


article MGM Grand to offer new casino VR experience
(Las Vegas) -- The MGM Grand is bringing to Las Vegas a virtual reality experience that will put participants inside the type of apocalyptical and fantastical video...


article Scottsdale is home to unique free-roam virtual reality gaming arena
(Arizona) -- The only free-roam multi-player virtual reality gaming arena in the Western U.S. has a new game. “We have the release of our brand new virtual reality...


article Virtual reality and augmented reality is the future of online casinos
(USA) -- There was a stir in online gambling industry a couple of years back which talks about Virtual Reality games. With advancements in technology, the Virtual and...


article John Legend's New Project Is A Virtual Reality Fairytale
(New York) -- In early May, Unity CEO John Riccitiello made a comparison between the rapidly evolving virtual reality space and the early days of the internet. Speaking...


article MIT accelerator Play Labs announces class of 13 AR/VR startups
(Massachusetts) -- Play Labs, a summer accelerator at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), announced its first batch of 13 startups that are developing...
article Ready or Not, Augmented Reality Is Coming to Fantasy Sports and Dating Apps
(Internet) -- It seems that mobile app developers are constantly coming up with new ideas to apply augmented reality, with Apple's ARKit promising to increase adoption...


article Game players face their demons in virtual reality
(California) -- Zombies from the television series "The Walking Dead" and other demons are coming to life for video game players in virtual worlds. With new...


article Virtual Reality Is Curing Gambling Addiction
(USA) -- Virtual reality is experiencing a period of rejuvenation as advances in technology have allowed developers to maximise its potential. This has seen it being...


article iGaming is betting that the odds are for VR
(USA) -- It is now recognized that VR technology has moved from the realms of science fiction towards casino gaming and household use, but in order for VR to move...


article Virtual Horizon
(USA) -- Ever since Star Trek: The Next Generation imagined the “Holodeck” two decades ago, fascination has grown with the idea of virtual reality.


article Gaming beat the Supreme Court — now it’s time to defend AR and VR
(California) -- he gaming industry has successfully fought off critics and their moral panics for decades, and now it’s time to look ahead to the next battle. Two...


article Are VR and e-sports really a match made in nerd heaven?
(Internet) -- Continuum and eRa Eternity are tied. It's the Rainbow Six Siege PC grand final, at the Rainbow Six Invitational held by Ubisoft. If Continuum wins this...


article Casinos are Making a Bet on Virtual Reality
(Czech Republic) -- Human brains are already wired to enjoy gambling, and there’s evidence that virtual reality is addictive too. What happens when these two...


article The virtual reality of mobile gambling
(Internet) -- Virtual Reality is quickly becoming the norm, and it is all down to mobile smartphones. For those who aren’t up-to-date with the latest technology,...


article Leading Experts Discuss Future of Virtual Reality at the First VR/AR Gambling Conference in Prague
(Czech Republic) -- On April 3, Prague hosted the first-ever VR/AR gambling conference, gathering leading industry experts and many interested visitors.


article Why virtual reality might not become reality for online casinos
(Worldwide) -- The online casino industry is no stranger to innovation. Every year, gambling industry conferences are wowed with demonstrations of new technologies, and...


article Is gambling ready for VR?
(Worldwide) -- Whether the gamers like it or not; their conventional consoles and PC’s now face stiff competition from the emerging giant that is Augmented and...

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